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Go at it, fuckfaces.


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Dear Trent,

I can only imagine how awesome it must be to attempt to present your work to an abjectly retarded throng of teeming rabble who throw shit at you, night after night for the better part of two years, but experiences on the NINternet have taught me that more than, say, 85% of your fans are as dumb as bags of hair, and can't even string together a coherent sentence. In light of the facts, I guess it's not that big a surprise that one of the chowderheads in the audience would say, "Uh... YEAH! NINE INCH FUCKING NAILS! WHOOOOOO!" and then decide that the best way to express his (or her) love would be to THROW SHIT AT YOUR FACE, but yeah... fuck those stupid motherfuckers.

All I can say, Trent, is that not only would I have returned your glittering gift of glistening amplitude (or, "microphone," whatever) that one time when Gabriel snagged it and shoved it into his underpants, but I think I can speak for all of us here at WTC when I say that we would never throw anything at you, EVER. I might blow you kisses or something, and yeah, I know I write this website, but really, not all of us are that fucking retarded.

I don't know what else to say, except that we love you, Sparklepants. Thank you for everything you do. I can't wait until it's over either.



Dear Cocksmack Idiot In Grand Rapids Who Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Throw A Lighter At Trent's Face In The Middle Of His Performance,

Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Seriously.

Totally Reviling You,

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[My_Name_Is_Trent_ And_I'm_Out_Of_New_Ideas]

So I'm sure by now everybody has heard the news that Nine Inch Nails has elected to have Saul Williams open up for them on the latter half of their upcoming [Milking_the_Teat: 2006] tour.

A far cry from the usual alt/industrial crap one one expect from a NIN opening band, Saul William's unique blend of hip-hop and spoken word is truly revolutionary, and this new exposure continues Reznor's tradition of exposing his fans to new and exciting music.

Oh, except for the fact that he fucking already did that already.

What the fuck, Reznor? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Seeing The Dresdon Dolls and Autolux were a fucking revelation -- I never really would have given either band the time of day, and was utterly floored by them both. Thank you; now I have two new bands I like. And I've checked out Saul Williams since you toured with him in Europe.


Do you really mean to tell me that there are no other bands left on Planet Earth that need the exposure you can provide? That after the first leg of the tour, when you've utilized the mystical power of whatever mysterio opening act you're going to announce, that the well has utterly run dry? That going back to a previous opener is the best utilization of the spot, and best entertainment for the fan dollar?

For some reason, I don't think so. Let's face the truth pal -- you're LAZY. I'm not suprised; with all the working out you do, you probably just want to recline with a nice beet shake, your pre-release copy of HALO 3 and get crazy with the rest of the guys on the NINtranet you have installed at your house. But cut us some friggin slack, boss.

"Oh, I would love to do something new instead of serving the audience," you say. "I'd really like to do a solo piano tour, and I so respect Bowie's ability to do what he wants," you posit. And then just like George Fucking Lucas, you go ahead and take the easy way out instead of working your brain. Can you really not take the 15 minutes necessary to pick a new band? I mean hell; we all know that you don't even bothering going to see the bands anymore (anybody want to point me in the direction of that diary entry/interview with Amanda Palmer where she mention T-Rez was sick and never saw them before they played on the NIN tour). It can't take THAT MUCH TIME, Trank.

And yes, I know some folks would say "Oh, but those of us in America didn't get to see Saul Williams!" To which I say "all Reznor's fans know who Saul Williams is already so mission fucking accomplished."

Come on dude, pick somebody cool to open up for you. Like Poison. Or Def Leppard. The Axl Rose Experience.

Or even Filter. Come on, dude. Do something unexpected for once... please?

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So, yeah, even though my "cuntrag bitch" ass got booted out of ETS ages and ages ago for daring to admit that I love Trent, sometimes I still read a few posts -- you know, to find out things like what the fuck happened when some douchebag in Argentina jumped onstage to wrassle my man. All I'm sayin' is, lucky for that guy I wasn't there, because NOBODY messes with my baby...

But, back to ETS: it seems that those absolute Einsteins over there have taken a break from photographing their totally awesome NIN CD collections and offering Trent advice on how to make his next record not suck as bad as With Teeth to discuss the always riveting topic of whether or not it's possible to love NIN and be a Christian at the same time.

The following are ACTUAL COPIED AND PASTED QUOTES from this thread:

E-Quillizer: Sometimes philosophy and art intertwine. Personally, when this happens, I NEVER take it seriously. Music is an artform. I like NIN musically. Hence, I enjoy and listen to the music. I may not agree with some of the subject matter involved in the music but that doesn't make me not like it. If I'm a hypocrite, so be it. I think god can forgive me for liking a certain type of music.

MikeM_OrangeCore: I seriously can't listen to the song heresy. that's the only song I can't really listen to. I feel like I'm a bad person if I do. I'm not kidding either.

Guitar Girl: I know this is a big stretch, but we are all on a journey. Life is a progressive journey. I think Trent's music has been a progressive journey. Like a pilgrimage. There are "mad a God" themes in the older music. That didn't shock me. There are times when I have heard Christians say in private that they are "mad at God" for one thing or another. It's like "hey God, why are you doing this to me?" Those questions arise when bad things happen. My view on "Head Like a Hole" is that it's about Satan, but not in a worship way: Head like a hole, black as your soul, I would rather die than give you control. Two songs on WT that are user-friendly for me are: Beside You In Time Right Where It Belongs peace out.

I_like_NIN: I think in a lot of ways Trent was trying to piss people off - the closer video, with the naked chick and the cruxafix over her forehead? Not to mention the cruxified monkey... This was all a part of shock rock - a genre that Trent moved away from and his prodigal son MM took over. And now Trent rules and MM sucks. So there's that. TR is not Satanist - and neither is NIN. 

...And there is so much more! At this posting, there are THREE PAGES of posts exactly this clever, offering us all a vertiable FEAST of mental retardation.

I mean, to re-cap just these four posts: first, we got this guy who NEVER takes the intertwining of Art and Philosophy seriously, because, yeah: that stuff is totally stupid and unworthy of serious consideration, especially when "intertwined." THEN, we got someone who feels like a bad person for listening to a song which, if you ask me, is actually a backhanded endorsement of a God that isn't befouled by the false constructs that turn the very notion of Christianity into televangelized filth. After that, we're off on a journey! GOOD LORD, I love it when people talk about how life is a journey. That shit is so fucking deep. Peace out, man.

Finally, we have a guy who has no clue how to spell "crucifix" and thinks the video for "Closer" amounts to nothing more than "shock rock," but thank Jesus Fucking Christ, he does clue us in on something that, for me personally, is a HUGE RELIEF:

People, Trent Reznor is NOT A SATANIST.


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[Things_I_Hate: Our_Readers]

Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you. You glib fuckers, that sit back on your high holy beach chairs of untouchable elitism, talking smack about my art, my words, and even my motherfucking face. You think you're so goddamned clever, with your anonymous faceless posts, you motherfucking cowards?

And then you spend a week bitching about how much you miss your supposed "friend" Dierdre -- "OH NO DIERDRE, DON'T LEAVE US, THE SITE WILL BLOW WITHOUT YOU" -- and not a single motherfucking one of you leaves. Sure, maybe you SAY you leave, and make a dramatic farewell post, but you don't really leave, you just keep reading and post under incredibly unclever names like motherfucking "GLAAD" and "anonymous".

Then, when this person you claimed you loved so much DOES fucking post, because she's about to make the biggest mistake of her fucked up dysfunctional crazy bitch of a life, what to you fucking ASSHOLES do?

You post about your cunting concert reviews.


You make me sick. You wouldn't know a friend if they pulled your hair out of your face while you puked up your pathetic fucking lying lie of a life. FUCK YOU.

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Some folks have been bitching in the comments lately, about the hate brought(en) by some of Trent's fans, and some have expressed confusion as to how this could happen.

Well let me school you all.

Trent's fans are a bunch of ignorant fucking jackyls. They'll clap along like a bunch of fucking douchebags, then snidely quip against anybody that doesn't fit into their definition of "freak". Nothing is worse than the clique of the anti-cliques, and NIN fans I'm beginning to realize are the worst.

I thought perhaps it was just ETS at first, but I think it's all of them across the board. Of course, I guess that's what you get when your fans are fucking fat 13-year-olds who can't get laid and hate themselves (which is SO FUCKING SPECIAL AND UNIQUE; yeah, none of us were in that exact same boat). I mean for the sweet love of Christ, how can fans of a man who's basically said how awful it was for him to feel like an outsider suddenly turn around and start excising other folks from the "fan" community?

Oh, that's right. I guess it's pretty easy when your fearless fucking leader starts acting like a frat boy on steroids. You don't need to think when he's ignoring the dangerous and the subtle, and instead acting like a fucking Mack Truck of consumerism -- bashing the Bush adminstration with the most obvious film montage ever (you gotta take the shit on that one, sheridan -- the rest of your work is cool, but sorry -- that one sucks) whilst selling $65 sweatshirts to The Kids, and luring your $30/$60 in for The Spiral, with the promise of messageboard chats, only to let the place be run like a fucking band camp on retard day.




And when your best friend suddenly decides to give up all she is and all she's ever thought because of some desperate need to belong, it doesn't really suprise I guess. Because that's what the whole fucking Team of Lemming Retardation has been up to lately.

the leapers
words by Gabriel

lining up
march right along
don't question
don't think
don't you dare, little precious

just take off your shirt
and give me your neck
so i can feed
like a vampyre
and suck it all down

and passion
the fever
it's yesterday's fashion
to care
and to hold yourself up
and to try
why perserve
when you can buy your way into
happiness with a hoodie

don't fool yourself, previous
your denial daugerotype
just because you throw everything away
doesn't make your emptiness the truth

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[Inside_Dierdre/Things_I_Hate: The_Ninternet]

Dear readers, it's me: Dierdre.

Yeah, I know this is Gabriel's column, and that here at WTC, it's his job to bring the hate, but I did a bad thing yesterday: I visited The Spiral messageboard, and now there are a few things I need to get off my fucking chest. And people? No other heading would do.

Now, I'm not actually a member of The Spiral, because I can't justifiably spare the 60 bones to be a card-carrying Nine Inch Nails fan, and really, I think I can accurately say that as far as loving me some Nine Inch Nails goes, I have WAY more extensive credentials than any fucking card could possibly confer. At this point, if I'm forking over $60, I want my benefits to include a front row seat to the part of the evening where Trent peels his sparkly pants off his tight, sweaty little ass and takes a nice, hot, slippery shower in a facility with a glass door, and I want to be eligible to win a contest that would allow me to hand him a towel when he's gets out, and his skin is all steamy and wet. Short of that, I'm out.

Still, I know they have the little videos, concert photos, and reportedly, direct communication with "notre amour" himself over there, and I am a little bummed that my impoverished student's budget doesn't allow me to read every word that springs from His Imperial Highness's typing fingers, and address my love to him directly, via PM or some shit, like I could if I just forked over, but whatevs. Lucky for me, I have kind readers here at WTC, and one of them lent me her login so that I could just peek in, have a look at the amenties, and see what I'm missing.


I know we've totally covered the topic of Rob Sheridan's repeated presentations of the fucking relentless idiocy of the average Nine Inch Nails fan. As I've said before, I have no idea why he, or anyone else on TeamNails™ -- and yeah, I'm talking to you, Trent -- thinks we want to see a bunch of dickslap idiots with NIN logo tattoos, offering up their devil horns and going "WHOOOOOOOOOOOO" after being asked by flunkie extraordinaire, Mr. Sheridan, official(ly shitty) NIN documentarian, to "give the camera some rock."


I thought THAT sucked, but that was before I read The Spiral's message board, which, get this: is just like ETS only FAR STUPIDER. "What?" you say, you can't imagine how that can be possible? Well, let me put it to you like this (and bear in mind that I am saying this despite the fact that ETS unjustly banned my "desperate cuntrag" ass a long time ago for daring to publicly admit that Trent Reznor is hot, and that I think the core group over there are a gaggle of humorless, fascistic, puritanical, asslicking losers): ETS offers BETTER MODERATION, and generates MORE INTELLIGENT discussion of actual topics related to Nine Inch Nails than could possibly be found at The Spiral. Can you believe that shit? Personally, I thought ETS was pretty much the most stultifyingly moronic nightmare on planet earth before I visited The Spiral, and I found out that I was absolutely fucking wrong.

Every single thread on the spiral messageboard is a steaming, pungent pantsload of diarrhea; and if you thought ETS was cliquey, The Spiral is so much fucking worse. I mean, I can understand that when Trent posts a message to that board, everyone wants to answer, because, dude, for better or worse, WE ALL LOVE THAT GUY, and yeah, we're dying to talk to him. But ROB SHERIDAN? This guy has fucking ARMIES of asskissers vying for his attention, and seriously: WHO CARES?

Ooooh! He hangs with Trent! Again, I say: UGH.

And, people, have you seen Mr. Sheridan's crass, stupid, mean-spirited, self-aggrandizing, "look how cool and hip I am", frat boy blog? Oh yeah! go on over! Read all about Japanese toilets, and how he fucked a latex pussy in a plastic beer can, or how he'd "go Roman" all over Brad Pitt's chiseled Achilles ass despite how lame an actor he is, and despite how Rob is (mostly) straight! Read his detailed and graphic description of an old lady's poop he saw on a plane once! Great stuff.

Geez of Nazareth. No wonder The Spiral sucks ass! And, I haven't even gotten to the part where Meathead is a moderator!

Meathead, it seems, reigns resplendently supreme over a roiling cesspool subregion of The Spiral's messageboard called "We Have The Power", in which anyone with moderator privileges can post as anyone else, and edit posts at will, and which mostly consists of pictures of fat chicks' asses, poop, and the ritual humiliation of girls who love Trent. Now, I cringed when Gabriel tore Meathead a new one for being unfunny, and I've always loved Meathead's column, but you know what? Gabriel was right: Meathead is clearly a pencil-dicked geek who probably didn't get laid until he was 25, and is afraid of women. He is routinely pissy, defensive, petty, humorless, and exists only to point out how much cooler he is than anyone who expresses any kind of sincerity.

And, Meathead? Everyone on fucking earth thinks about someone hot when they masturbate, you self-righteous fuckwit, even you. My .02? Straight (?) guys who are obsessed with Trent Reznor for years on end are a lot creepier than girls who can see a fucking church by daylight and know how to make themselves come.

You know what bugs me most about all this, though? TRENT'S NAME IS ON IT.

If Trent's work spawns the mind-boggling stupidity of ETS, but he can't help it, OK. What can you do? This is different. This is a Nine Inch Nails sanctioned haven of cretinism, moderated (?!) by Trent, himself, and it just makes me fucking ill. How an artist like Trent, who does work that is so clearly marked with sharp intelligence, subtlety, seriousness, and genuine emotion can generate a fanbase that spectacularly moronic astounds me -- it's a subject that's totally ripe for anthropological study -- but for Trent to be involved in actively pandering to a fanbase that is so totally devoid of any fucking brains whatsoever is really just depressing.

I think you all know how much it hurts me to say this -- I am literally CRYING as I type it -- but FUCK: maybe Gabriel has been right about Trent all along. Maybe his big mission, is just to rake in the big bucks and retire fat and happy, so it's all about the KISS principle nowadays.

I'm sad.

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[Things_I_Hate: Meathead]

I know everybody's still got their Saltines in a bind after my Christly good Understanding Teeth of Sunday night, but I've got to interrupt the roundabout rhetoric here for a moment and discuss something important.


Now I know what you're all saying: "No shit, Gabriel. It's been obvious for months. Thanks for finally buying a cup of coffee, douchebag". And you may be right.

But things weren't always this way.

I remember a day when the guy was actually funny. Yes, that's right, FUNNY. Where you would read the words posted on his website, and they would make your diaphragm spasm invountarily while a repeated "ha-ha-ha" sound emanated from your smiling mouth. And not just, "Oh, some fucking half-breed dim-wit on ETS thinks it's funny" funny, but "I'm a person who reads The Onion and even I'm laughing" funny.

The dark long years between nine inch nails albums were filled with random missives from some nerd somewhere with a pocket full of sarcasm, an appreciation for how silly Trent Reznor's goofy "darkness" could be at times, and a very strong self-awareness for his own retardation as an obsessed fan; to still be in love with the whole NIN shebang while still possessing the self-awareness to know how stupid it kinda was/is.

That's why The Head was great. The intelligent among us know that it's just a teeny bit wonky to be as into this band as we all are -- and Meathead was the outlet for that. He let us laugh at Trent, while we laughed at ourselves for loving Trent in the first place.

Remember "Trent Is Probably Not Dead"? What about the many redonkulous Birthday Cards to Trent over the years? And let's not forget the genius of The Faux Web Cam.

I mean, come on -- great stuff. Made you proud to be a fan. But then something happened.

I first noticed the change after 'Head went to the first new NIN shows. It was quite dramatic, actually -- from funny and biting, openly mocking Herr Reznor like a fang-toothed viper, to taking weak-ass pot shots that were about as threatening as an Evanescence concert.

It's been said in the rumon-mongering corners of the Ninternet that actually become peripherally friendly with the band -- hell, even meeting Leo and Rob -- may have softened Meathead. Maybe he decided to suck because he didn't want to offend Trent. Maybe he just started masturbating more, and that took his attention away from the Perspective. Or maybe he just finally realized what a beanpole blondie fuckwit he actually is, and that the MS Paint joke ran dry years ago, and this soul-crushing realization destroyed his creative drive.

I don't know. All I know is that he fucking sucks. How much does he suck?

Well let's talk about it. What does he write about now? His latest entry, oh-so-stingingly titled "The Dorkwad Spiral" (get it -- it's not the DOWNWARD Spiral -- it's DORKWAD instead! LOLOL, he RULES!!!!!), takes on the messageboard and chat app on The Spiral.

Truth be told, there's much to mock here, but what does he do? He sarcastically ribs it for being "Totally fresh and new and unlike any other Nine Inch Nails-related message board" (hint: this is "funny" because The Spiral really isn't! MAN, HE'S AWESOME! GOT ME AGAIN!). Basically, he's trying to shit all over The Spiral messageboard because it's existence means a huge traffic decline for his faggot friend Leviathant's gay ass Echoing The Sound board, and NIN Hotline site. GEE, that's Totally Fresh and Original meathead! Rip on other people's work so you can save your friend's ass! What are, fucking George Bush, you assface fuck? Is it The Haliburton Hotline or what?

You folks think I'm wrong? Take a look at the latest skin revisions of ETS, and the latest "upgrades" to The NIN Hotline. Gee whiz doohickey, they're all happening right as The Spiral opens! Because Meathead, Saturnine, Levi, and his bitchy wife Cuntolyke are in for a big loss of their Ninternet fame, and they know it.

Guess what? You all have earned it. So SUCK IT, BITCHES.

Let's look at another recent Meathead feature, where he tries to be biting by ripping on the readers of Echoing the Sound. OHH, that's really "Fresh and original", MEATFUCK, considering WE'VE BEEN DOING THE SAME THING, only BETTER, and WITH SOME BALLS, for months now, you pigfuck mutant.

And let's not forget Meatfuck's recent failed attempt at "returning to form" with the oh-so-tongue-in-cheek "Damn It, Jerome" post, where he pretends to be edgy by flaccidly flirting with the notion of Jerome actually dying with his opening graphic, only to reveal his complete lack of commitment, balls, or humor by turning the entire post into a fucking set list riff (that features such zingers as "Not So Pretty Now (whatever the fuck that is)".

Seriously, Meathead, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart: STOP. You're not fucking funny anymore, we all know it, I think you're smart enough to know that YOU know it, and when Levi is talking in the "suggestions" thread at ETS about how it's amazing that you've turned out so much quality material over the years, it sounds like a eulogy -- that's because it IS.


This poem is for you.

things i hate: meatfuck
words by gabriel

you suck
you fucking dork

hang with the lamers
and the adoring homo flamers
you still know you suck

your fraternity of shit
ms paint this, bitch
can you do a flash movie
of me kicking your ass
all over the ninternet?

trent's not your friend
and when the sycophantic suck off ends
and meatfuck is dead
you'll just be the fuckhole
fuck the meatfuckhole

you're a smart guy
you must know you're shitty now

must suck to be you

fuck off.

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[Things_I_Hate: The_Collector]

I know it's one of D's faves, but I am on Team Suck when it comes to this particular tune? Why, you ask? Can a newly reborn son of Christ still hate a song, and if so, why?

Answer #1 is: Yes.

This is Answer #2.

I pick things up I am a collector

The song opens with a study in the blatant and obvious. The song is named "The Collector", and the first line confirms to us that -- yep, this mysterious Collector is him. It also first introduces Trent's new "brilliant" penchant for restating the same thing... but with just DIFFERENT WORDS! Wowzers! He picks things up! He Collects! Bitchin!

And things, well things, they tend to accumulate

Man, I'm riveted. Nothing's better than a song about Trent's OCD tendecies -- but with nothing specific or intriguing about it. It's so vague to allow you to read anything into it, but so bland to not draw the listener in the slightest bit. (What happened to the next couple lines, "They fill up my closet, it's overflowing, I can't shut the door, my girlfriend tells me to clean out the garage"?)

I have this net, it drags behind me
It picks up feelings for me to feed upon

Okay, I don't know when Trent became a fisherman, but the imagery is ludicrous, I'm sorry. And using a net to pick up "feelings" -- which themselves are ephemeral, non-material "objects" -- is about as goofy and Saturnine as you can get.

And even if he wasn't going for fisherman imagery, it's so clearly there that it's just poor word selection and shitty writing, unfortuantely. I bet he was eating some Fish Stix when he banged this one out.

There are times, plenty of times I wish I could let it go
But it's time to breed and it's time to grow inside me
There are times, plenty of times I wish I could let it go
But it's time to make me think, things I don't want to know

Well we've never heard this from Trent before. He wishes he could let "it" (his net of feelings) go. Wow. But he's conflicted about it his internal growth he feels going on. Certainly a fine enough concept -- for a couplet. But for these four lines? Sorry, but if you have such a basic concept, that you've reiterated in your work innumerable times, do we really need you to repeat words just to fill up the length of the stanza in question? Come on, Trent -- "Closer's" chorus could have just been, "I wanna fuck you, I wanna fuck you, I wanna fuck you, you get me closer to god", but you used some different words in there, didn't you?

The repeated "plenty of times" blows.

I'm trying to fit it all inside
I'm trying to open my mouth wide
I'm trying not to choke
and swallow it all
swallow it all
swallow it all
swallow it all

Yes, he's using cock-gobbling imagery. Yes, it's a metaphor. Yes, he's been doing it for years. Yes, it's fucking boring. *YAWN*

I am the plague, I am the swarm
All your hurt sticks on me, and I keep it warm
And they'll make me stay they won't let me leave
There are so goddamn many of them it gets hard to breathe

Now we're jumping from the sea, to the sticky jungles of Africa, and locusts apparently. Why the change in venue? Why, because Trent knows from his Downward Spiral days that us kids LOVE the insect imagery!

Does it make sense in the context of the song thus far? No! Does it feel like an out-of-left-field retread? Yes! Does following it up with more conflicted crisis-mode blathering about not being able to leave and/or breathe just knock us out of the song even further, as we've all heard this before?

You betcha.

I'm trying to fit it all inside
I'm trying to open my mouth wide
I'm trying not to choke inside
I am a good boy
and I will swallow it all
swallow it all
swallow it all
swallow it all

And I thought it was boring the first time.

every last one every last one every last one every last one
every last one every last one every last one every last one
every last one every last one every last one every last one
every last one every last one every last one every last one
every last one every last one every last one every last one

This is what I like to call the Repetition Fist Fuck section of the song. Where he just repeats the same three words over... and over... and over... and over. Now, he's done this sort of thing to decent effect before ("Suck" is my favorite example, with the "i am so dirty on the inside" mantra), and we all know he's not a lyrical genius, but this is just offensive. It's the song equivalent of George Lucas ending Episode III: Revenge of the Sith with a 20 minute loop of Natalie Portman saying "Hold me like you did by the lake in Naboo."

Guess what, Trentums? We've already checked out of the song AGES ago! This isn't creepy, because the song sounds like a Foo Fighters b-side. It's not emotionally arresting, because I don't dig songs about insect fishermen. And it's not even aurally interesting -- listen to it: "every last one". It's fuckin boring! At least in the "Suck" example, the phrase had some meaning behind it, some sleeziness that fit into the song.

Then again, maybe he was going for the most boring thing possible, to end his most boring song ever. In that sense, he may be a genius. In fact, I think that's it. "Every last one" is every last one of the fans who think this song is great, just because he made it. I guarantee you even Trent knows this one blows. In fact, it has now topped "Starfuckers, Inc." in my book as Shittiest NIN song ever, because at least "Starfuckers" had a point.

"The Collector"? Fuck you.

I'm Gabriel Miller, and I love everyone.

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[Things_I_Hate: YOU]

Some people say four beers, two vodka tonics, and some numbers of scotch-on-the-rocks-that-I-can't-remember are bad.

I say those people are PUSSIES.

But you'd probably like that, you sycophantic Reznor Suckers. Cause TRENT'S A PUSSY TOO.

Yeah, call me angry, all you want, bitches. Get in line behind my mom. You're all the same. At least my mom wasn't FAT.

You bunch of angry Saturninebe's.

I never was a part of you burnfatties.

I never was a part of you burnfatties.

I never was a part of you burnfatties.

You all are the reason Amie Johnson never liked me in 3rd grade. You all are the reason Marcia Muneses went as my date to Junior Prom and smoked a joint and fucked Roger Syzmanski in the bathroom while I was getting her punch.

All of you are the THINGS I CAN NEVER HAVE. All of you are the evil protaganist of "Ringfinger".

All of you are the Great White Hate Trent speaks of when he screams Wish there was something real in this world full of you [bitches].

Stroke my hate, and feel it's length:

words by Gabriel

You all fucking suck
Dripping stupidity ruled by your orificity
Orestes may have been right.

Fuck you, Trent. I always hated G.I. Joe anyway.

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