[physical: insertion]

Okay you sweet motherfuckers... you begged for it like the hungry little piggies you are... and now it's time to suckle up and taste from the teat. L'orangerie Stank has returned.

The first emission from Stank Studios in Los Angeles, California is a pontification on the last few weeks of my life... on the caring intention I developed for a certain reader who is no longer here, and of my desire for a place of higher spritual and emotional clarity. A panacea of redemption... a xanadu, if you will.

Try your best to keep your hands out of your pants ladies, and suck it all the way down. And don't let your bosses hear you listening if you're at work.

physical (insertion)
click to feel the magic

barks & holes by maise

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[Dear_Meathead: I'm_Sorry]

Meathead: I'm_Sorry

I have no words, so I've spent these meandering darkened hours of night crafting for you this last parting gift. It is all that I am, and all that I can feel myself to be. I hope you will know it for its truth. From my hands, to the keys, to your ears, and your heart...

that's what i get (absolution)

Godspeed, sir Meat, Godspeed. Your spirit of yore shall be missed most dearly...

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[hurt: schadenfreude]

The apartment continues to be a very strange place without my former friend here anymore, a refuge not of pithy retorts but of somber reflection:

now that we're done
and it's over
the fun
is all gone

all the fun is gone

and you can have it all
my empire of Chains
i will let you down
i'll hurt you... again

l'orangerie stank presents:

hurt (schadenfreude)

hurt (schadenfreude) [192kbs]

Dierdre, for you.

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[Soundscapes_of_Pain: Something_I_Can_Never_Have]

Well it's been about 10 hours straight of computer time logged mixing today, fueled only by Taco Bell and the bottle of absinthe I smuggled back from Spain when I went abroad during my undergrad collegiate years... but I'm happy to say that the end to your tormented wait has come: Wearing These Chains is happy to present: something i can never have (origin).

As some of our fans already know, this track represent a departure from the nine inch nails covers that L'orangerie Stank has done thus far, in that it features a new mouth consuming the Chalice of Reznor: my roommate Dierdre herself felt compelled to sing on this track (given her teethal obsession with M.T. Reznor as of late, I'm not suprised she felt the need to lend her talents here). And thus we find ourselves, with Dierdre on lead vocals, Gabriel -- mine own self -- on backing vocals and rhythm guitar, and as always, Rory Gabler on lead. We hope you enjoy; in my estimation, lending a female voice to the erotic draw of M.T. Reznor's lyrics makes the song EVEN MORE powerful!

As with gave up (persistence), I've also added a higher quality version of the track for your listening pleasure. Dierdre and I look forward to hearing your comments.

(Oh, and with regards to the members of ETS that, for some strange reason, thought Dierdre and I were the same person, I hope this puts your feverish minds to rest. Because seriously; we're friends and we live together and all, but that chick is crazy.)


EDIT: Dierdre wants to feel special, apparently, and wants a picture of her singing a song with my band into my microphone that M.T. Reznor personally gave to fucking me up on the site. Given that I'm a low drama guy and don't want to deal with the histrionics of ignoring her, here's Dierdre doing what both she and her mom do best.

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Well it's been a glorious week thus far; last night nine inch nails announced their fall U.S. tour dates. As you may notice, there's something rather poetic about the first date on the list:
from nin.com

Yes, that's right -- the arena tour kicks off right here in San Diego. So to all those haters who said Trent did really give me his microphone, and doesn't like Dierdre and I... well I guess the the truth is finally out there, isn't it?

Speaking of the Chalice of Reznor, the joy I found in crafting L'orangerie Stank's cover of "terrible lie" was short-lived; over the weekend I had a dream, where an image of M.T. Reznor himself visited me, like a shadowy Obi-Wan to Luke, and instructed me as to my next step: i must record "gave up" with his microphone.

Rory and I have since spent the days and nights working on this one... we became very inspired by some of the b-sides from the fragile, particularly those on the "we're in this together" singles, where Trent really took the opportunity to experiment with different styles and different directions. Now, obviously L'orangerie Stank doesn't have the resources that our leader does, but we tried a few things here within our means, and I'm excited to hear what you think of them.

As always, thanks for listening. Enjoy gave up (persistence) (in addition, I've also included a higher quality mp3 for you purists out there!)


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So first off, welcome to the new site -- I hope everybody's enjoying the new direction D and I are taking.

More importantly, tonight is the introduction of a new feature here at WTC. As most of you already know, something special happened at the 5.30.05 NIN concert in San Diego.

I received Trent's microphone.

Now some of you have been yelling theif, saying I stole the microphone... well I know that's not the case, and even more importantly -- Trent knows. He was there. He could have wrestled the microphone away. He could have sicced his security guard legions on me. But no; he saw me, Gabriel, and gave it to me. As a gift.

The Gift of Music.

It didn't take long for me to understand what Trent wanted -- he wanted me to use my voice; to share my gifts in singing and guitar playing with the world. What better tool to use than his very microphone; the Chalice of Reznor itself?

What better tool indeed.

And what better place to share these newly recorded works than right here at Wearing These Chains. And what better song to begin with, than one of Trent's very own compositions.

So without further adieu, Wearing These Chains is pleased to announce the first in the Soundscapes of Pain series. A song that's always been near and dear to my heart. Featuring Rory Gabler on guitar, and myself, Gabriel, on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, l'orangerie stank's foray into nine inch nails cover territory: terrible lie (organism).

Enjoy the madness. I know I do.


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