Everyone, I know I promised you a review of the March 30th Vienna show this week, but something has come up, and I'm sorry but I can't meet that demand.

I have been given the opportunity to attend a secret underground art/performance/resistance gathering this weekend -- it will require that I leave Los Angeles for several days, where I will then meet with like-minded individuals at a secret location in the California desert, where we will then meet and congregate to embarace our common views and way of thinking, and perhaps even begin to fan the burning embers of the coming Revolution.

My only hope is that I have the pleasure of meeting Neil Czerno while there, and that I make it out alive. I've heard word of these expeditions before. It's not always pretty, and not everyone has the stamina to make it through. But goddamit, sometimes a cause is more important than an individual person, and their safety.

I kindly ask Maise or Iris to post a review of the show in my absence. I will not return until Monday, and I suspect any outside communication -- to the internet or otherwise -- will be difficult, if not downright impossible.

However, I will not leave you alone. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the first of what will be an ongoing series of Protest Poems here at Wearing These Chains. Words of power, strength, and passion, crying out for change in this dark world we live in.

You have a voice. Wake up and use it. Art is resistance. Wake up and give a shit.

this sheen of truth
a protest poem by gabriel miller

beauty reborn
feed the machine with little boys and guns
and watch them burn

we don't need your empathy
we don't want your sympathy
we don't need your fields of green
just fill up my oil machine

the red and the white
and the youtube
videoscreen of the dying dream
you always said
so bad
too sad
but you never got mad
(i remember when we all had a choice)
you just let it go by

you want to have it all
watch the pawns fall like a shakespeare
the shame of america
like the navajo, one with the land
we must make a stand

oil fields
gush like tears
but you're only crying

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Gabriel Miller here. We heard about the meeting getting busted up last night. Thank you for quickly updating everyone with footage of the event; we can only assume by this that you made it out okay. Things may have gone south, but at least OSR will live to fight another day.

Some of the things you mentioned last night in the video... well let's just say some of them we knew, some of them we didn't. Most of us have seen the scrambled websites that have been appearing lately, which seem to have been sent to us from the future -- 2022, to be exact -- but honestly, I think many of us thought we were alone. A bunch of crackpot kids and dreamers pretending that this was all "a game", something innocent and harmless.

Well shit ain't like that. The fact that other people, people like you, are out there seeing the same things we're seeing -- well it makes this all the more real. The fact that these transmissions contain audio -- music -- that when received hadn't even been recorded yet; well that's some serious fucking business, now isn't it?

What was it you said last night? "Wake up and give a shit." Damn straight. What else did you say? "What the hell were you thinking? I just want to start by saying, you’re all dead! You were seen gathering around a piece of protest art. A shady guy in a van gave you resistance themed material, and you took it, in public, without knowledge of who they were. What if they were if FBI, NSA?"

Damn straight to this as well, Neil; but this goes for you too. A lot of us were congregating at that billboard for a long time, and the next time, they'll do the same unless you tell them different. And it's not like the OSR site is any secret now. With the Early Bird button entry system OSR used to hand out those cell phones for the meeting, it wouldn't have been too hard for any of the agencies you mentioned to infiltrate the gathering; shit man, maybe that's exactly what did happen. Or maybe you just wanted to scare everybody and the shutdown was staged; I dunno.

Either way, you're telling us we need to work harder and smarter, about keeping our shit secret; our voices alive long enough to make a difference -- and you're fucking A right. But so do you. We've seen what the future holds, how much we need to change -- but we also know you make a difference in that future. You're too important to lose.

Be safe,

Gabriel Miller

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Greetings folks. The second wave of calls have been received. Those attending the meeting will be congregating at an undisclosed location in just a few hours time.

Rumors on the street level are that a prominent U.S. musician may somehow be affiliated with the meeting tonight -- whether he is attending or simply has a hand in its organization is unclear, but one thing is clear: We Are Not Alone.

For those attending -- Best of luck. Watch your backs, be sure you're not followed, and report back as soon as possible.

It's never too late to decide to use your voice.


10:47pm update: Early reports are coming in. Approximately 50 individuals were participating in the first organized Resistance meeting in Los Angeles tonight. OSR founder Neil Czerno spoke briefly about everyone's lapdog blind following of the directions given to them. The message? If the Powers That Be were attempting to track down anyone at the meeting tonight, they all would be either dead or in prison right now.

Be vigilant. Stay aware. Trust no one.

Additionally, a set by Nine Inch Nails, who apparently are either tied with Czerno or support the cause, was begun, but after six songs was cut short when riot police stormed into the venue. Though most made it back out to their bus transports safely, some participants were detained -- we have no word as to their status at this time.

If anybody can confirm the safe escape of all participants, please contact us immediately.

We will update with further information on this site as it becomes available. Do not let the fact that tonight's meeting was stopped weaken your resolve. Yes, it does mean They are watching.

It also means They are afraid.

11:30pm update: OSR with video of tonight's meeting. Wake up and give a shit.

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So through the recent Karrang! article we learn that Trent goes to Torture Museums.  As it just so happens on our little outting to Europe...so did we.  Oh Trent, we have SO much in common.  I hear you dear readers rolling your eyes, mumbling "yeah right, you can make up whatever you want, say you've been anywhere but how are we supposed to know it's true?"  Well to that I say "DUH...we got proof." 


Art is Resistance people and we were getting our tag on in Prague.  Gothemo style.  And of course this wasn't our only act of spreading the resistance word.  Look for more soon...

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