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Greetings folks. The second wave of calls have been received. Those attending the meeting will be congregating at an undisclosed location in just a few hours time.

Rumors on the street level are that a prominent U.S. musician may somehow be affiliated with the meeting tonight -- whether he is attending or simply has a hand in its organization is unclear, but one thing is clear: We Are Not Alone.

For those attending -- Best of luck. Watch your backs, be sure you're not followed, and report back as soon as possible.

It's never too late to decide to use your voice.


10:47pm update: Early reports are coming in. Approximately 50 individuals were participating in the first organized Resistance meeting in Los Angeles tonight. OSR founder Neil Czerno spoke briefly about everyone's lapdog blind following of the directions given to them. The message? If the Powers That Be were attempting to track down anyone at the meeting tonight, they all would be either dead or in prison right now.

Be vigilant. Stay aware. Trust no one.

Additionally, a set by Nine Inch Nails, who apparently are either tied with Czerno or support the cause, was begun, but after six songs was cut short when riot police stormed into the venue. Though most made it back out to their bus transports safely, some participants were detained -- we have no word as to their status at this time.

If anybody can confirm the safe escape of all participants, please contact us immediately.

We will update with further information on this site as it becomes available. Do not let the fact that tonight's meeting was stopped weaken your resolve. Yes, it does mean They are watching.

It also means They are afraid.

11:30pm update: OSR with video of tonight's meeting. Wake up and give a shit.

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Well, any Secret Resistance meeting worth shit had better offer punch and pie.

Posted by: maise | Apr 18, 2007 1:39:49 PM

KROQ mentioned a possibility that NIN is shooting a video today in LA. I wonder if that's what this cell phone thing is about?

Lucky fucks!

Posted by: Tessah | Apr 18, 2007 5:39:28 PM

Those motherfuckers got a goddamned show!

From ETS:
We got a phone call telling us to go to a parking lot. We got to sign a release form saying that we didn't know where we were going or what were doing and that we were over 18 and ok with being filmed. We were searched (all electronics were put back in the car) and then loaded on a rickety bus, in which all of the windows and doors had been blacked out. We pulled up to an abandoned warehouse looking place; there were random people standing on the roof and around the entrance. We were led inside; there were more people and more cameras (there was a hand held camera on the bus, high quality ones inside). Neil Czarno (or whoever is playing him) gave a talk about how we should give a shit and change the world, and how we were stupid for allowing them to herd us like cattle onto a bus to who knows where with no form of communication (and for carrying around cellphones like tracking devices) and that we'd be dead if they were really after us. After his talk, we were led over the river and through the woods (the warehouse complex was really, really big). We were stopped briefly before we entered a room with lots of light and equipment. Next thing I knew, the opening notes of TBOTE were playing, and I was 3 feet away from Jeordie White on the far end of the line (and 10ft away from Trent Reznor, that's the closest that I'll ever get to NIN). There were about 50 people there, so it was a very small, intimate show. They then played Survivalism, Last (it was marvelous), MOTP, WITT (it was marvelous as well), and then The Frail. I knew that something was going to happen because you could see flashing lights outside. Policemen in riot gear entered the building and pushed us all out (they also had a few flash grenade thingies). There seemed to be a few people detained, but I'm not quite sure how they were detained; I was right where the police entered and made it out (and I was wearing a bright red sweater, so I wasn't hard to miss in the sea of black). I should have known that something was going to happen after I saw the 20 song set list that included The Perfect Drug . We were herded back on the bus after a run through the complex and driven back to our cars. People still have their cellphones, so they should be in contact with them. There weren't any clues (and I saw the porta potty, there wasn't anything interesting in there).

Posted by: Muskles | Apr 18, 2007 10:25:14 PM

There is detailed post over on my blog but I wanted to report back from the meeting tonight. It was amazing and so fucking cool. The concert was really good (and so close, I now know that Trent has freckles) No one ever broke character, in fact I can’t always tell you what was game and what wasn’t. It was perfect. (though I would love to know how that ets person got a look at the set list!)

Posted by: Adrienne | Apr 19, 2007 2:33:17 AM

Adrienne, thanks so much for getting back to us! You rock!

Wow, that sounds really fucking cool. Almost makes me sad that I don't live in L.A...oh yeah, I like to drive 5 miles in less than three hours. ;)

Posted by: maise | Apr 19, 2007 3:37:15 AM

Adrienne, you're so cool...

And there has been many a conversation on here about Trent's freckliness. :)

Posted by: Muskles | Apr 19, 2007 3:40:47 AM

After reading your blog post, Adrienne, it sounds even better! I started to feel the claustrophobic tightening in my chest when you talked about the cops busting in and everyone running around. Excellent report!

Posted by: maise | Apr 19, 2007 3:42:57 AM

Okay, can I just say? The mural in the background of the meeting kind of freaked me out, what with the creepy-looking mime in the middle.

Posted by: maise | Apr 19, 2007 10:40:44 AM

Maise...you and I share a common bond. We're both incredibly claustrophobic. I've had many chance to go to a NIN concert only to find myself incredibly freak out at the prospect of a Mosh Pit (if they still do those).

God I so wanted to be there last night. Only cuz I would have been one of 50 not one of 15,000. My claustrophobia would have been null. Damn I am so jealous. I love the video though. I can at least live vicariously through those lucky peeps.

I wonder if this will be turned into a music video. I can totally see it happening. Even though they didn't play many songs from YZ it would still work.

Posted by: Tessah | Apr 19, 2007 2:50:28 PM

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