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[Okay,_Motherfucker. You_Got_Me,_Already.]


I mean, SHIT SANDWHICH folks. New record is coming out in first quarter of next year.

I can find a way to hate on that.

Stupid live DVD, featuring the wannabe-dangerous-but-not-really clap-along live show regurgitation we all saw 4-40 times, on hi-def video formats.

Plenty for me to scorn.

And the surreptitous release of "Closure", on DVD, via the torrent networks. In two different formats no less, so I've even got to collect the different versions of the unofficially/officially illegally/legally leaked NIN releases.

A serious pain in the ass. (Except for the fact that Trent's retardation was totally revealed with that DUMB ASS "March of the Pigs" original video concept -- one that was SO SHIT-TASTIC he felt the need to can it... and then re-fucking-use it for "Into the Void". I mean, what gives, piggy bitch, is the idea crappy, or is it good? Or do you just have a thing for shitty looking red room sets?)


He fucking put out the "broken" movie.

Goddammit, Trent. Why are you doing this to me?

I think I owe you a great big apology.

You may be fat-necked and a whiney old man, but DAMN if you didn't just make my 2007, Michael Trant Ratznor.


You go, girl.

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Hi everyone! As of December 23, I have a million presents left to wrap, a filthy house to clean, and four kinds of cookies to bake. In the frenzy, I have not forgotten about our readers, however, so I commissioned our resident GENIUS Iris to create some Christmas fan art for us. Enjoy!

(P.S. Kaja, I totally have not forgotten about your artwork...look for your exhibition soon!)





No matter what you celebrate, ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE!!! Have a very happy new year as well! I know that I've been kind of a lazy ghost bitch lately, but one of my resolutions is to write more, and that includes more for WTC, so look for all kinds of Trent-related silliness in the new year.

Oh, and Trent? You've been a VERY good boy this year, so I hope you get everything you want for Christmas...a PS3, Guitar Hero 2, a Wii system (be careful!), some fancy soundboard thing with a gazillion buttons, a Red Ryder bb gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time, and a pony.

Love to all,

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[Check_Me_Out, Bitches: I'm_Famous]

My world domination has begun.

Gabriel In The News

Now stroke me.

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And I apologize, ladies and Gabes, honestly. I'll spare you all the legitimate sob stories...let's just say that my absence lately should be marked "excused."

But I'm happy to be back and obsessively commenting on all things Trent. To my delight, he's been blogging lately...but you have to pay for it. Shit, I can't get myself a paid creative writing gig, but I'm not Trent Reznor, am I?

Fortunately, a kind reader has provided me with a Spiral hookup (as a ghost dog, I get turned down on credit card applications again and again), and I now have access to the written record of Trent's thoughts and hopes and dreams and philosophies. Here's an example:

11/03/06 : rough mix madness
Working, working, working. We are currently doing rough mixes to assess the situation of what needs what. I pretty much know what I'll be doing every day from now until next summer. We're up to some cool shit here - looking forward to the day when you get to experience it. By FAR this is the most ambitious multi-faceted project I've ever undertaken.
Details soon...

Current Mood: Excited
Currently Listening to: the new NIN record!

Okay, so pretty much all of the entries are similar in style and content, although the latest entry has some pretty pictures of Trent's workspace (much better view than can be found in my office, that's for sure). Trent assures us that he is working on the new album, that it will be coming out next year, and that he's pretty stoked.

It's not quite what I would ghost-write for him, but it's nice of him to connect with us fans and to let us in on his progress thus far. After all, now that I'm a NIN addict in withdrawal, I need to know when I'm getting my next fix.

But there's something I feel I have to address. Current mood?????? You're tracking your current mood on your blog????? Trent, you know--you KNOW--I love you, but this is the most dorked-out development in the Empire of Dirt since you called Peaches "the SHIT." And Trent, if you're going to give us a glimpse of your mood, surely you're feeling more than mere "excitement" or "sleepiness" (although it warms my heart to hear you're happy). I suggest you employ the following, when appropriate:

in a fit of pique

Like any good NIN fan, I'm never satisfied. I want more, Trent! More blog entries. And maybe throw some candy to the kids without much pocket change, okay?

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