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[Inside_Dierdre: Heart_Palpitations_&_Euphoria]

Do you guys have a sec? Because I need to splutter incoherently, here... Have you SEEN THE NEW VIDEOS on nin.com?!

Do you think Trent is trying to kill me?

Seriously, the part where he tickles the ivories on Iggy Pop's Niteclubbing, just for example, fucking SLAYS me. I love the close-up on Trent's fucking HOTT hands cam, and gentle readers? I love that man so much it makes me mortally ill. I totally don't want to die, though, dudes, because I know there will be more of these absolutely delicious little slices of PURE HEAVEN to come, and if I expire now, I'm going to miss them! I guess I need to fucking cling to life just a little bit longer. I'm a fighter; I think I can hold on.

I have to say, people, I'm pretty disappointed in the general lack of enthusiasm everyone around here is showing for these absolutely magnificent little collaborations. These new videos show Trent Reznor, the world's hottest man, in a room with a bunch of total studs (ok... maybe not Jeordie White), doing exactly that thing that makes him such a fucking force of nature: playing bee-yooot-iful music. There are millions of little details to enjoy and enumerate in rapturous terms, like Trent's hands, the way Trent looks when he's concentrating on shit, the way he's playing nice with others, how fucking awesome "Warm Leatherette" is, how Peter Murphy completely shreds on "Reptile"... I could go on and fucking on, but I seem to have a whole internet community of Nine Inch Nails devotees who can't SAY A WORD ABOUT IT.

Seriously, can someone please pipe up with some actual discussion of how motherfucking awesome this is? HELLO? IS ANYONE WATCHING THIS SHIT?

Because, to me? It looks like the most miraculously beautiful magic trick ever. I am beside myself with happiness. There are TWO OF ME typing right now.

Also, Trent? I LOVE YOU.

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i'll confess and say my silence is not from lack of appreciation of the earth shattering beauty that is those videos, but rather a need to protect my sanity. b/c seriously, sometimes i just need to take a break from that man. he is too fucking much and it makes me sick to my stomach that he is not in my motherfucking bed.

Posted by: | Jul 1, 2006 3:47:56 PM

Ok. Lookit: I, Dierdre Keating, am ALL ABOUT THE LOVE. I am TOTALLY ON BOARD that Trent is the hottest, and I would be as delighted as any red-blooded girl who can see a church by daylight to TEAR THAT ASS TO PIECES, but that is just NO GOOD, Miss Mystery poster.

Why are we even looking at Trent's hot ass? HIS MUSIC. This is the first time we are getting new music from our favorite ARTIST in nearly two years. What he is doing right now is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.

I mean, YEAH, he's hot, but if he was just a guy you saw walking down the street, who wasn't the mastermind behind the fearsome beauty of the Nine Inch Nails catalogue; a guy who is able to sit down in a room with his peers and fucking MAKE IT HAPPEN like he is in these videos, he would just be SOME GUY.

Let's get some fucking perspective, shall we?

Posted by: Dierdre | Jul 1, 2006 4:00:48 PM

dude no. sometimes perspective is lost when you don't take a break. maybe in a month, when touring is done, when my eyeballs and ears are not bleeding from the beauty that is trent reznor, i can say, with perspective, "oh yes, that is beautiful and i love it." right now i have no persepective b/c of the onslaught of nuclear grade hotness and genius and having not been decently laid in longer than i care to admit.

Posted by: | Jul 1, 2006 4:05:52 PM

Dude, YES. Not getting laid is NO EXCUSE.

Anyway, I can't really think of ANYTHING I would rather have seen that these little snippets of artists at work together. It makes me feel like, despite all the fucking hell there is in the world, human beings and the things they sometimes do, are fucking beautiful.

You know what's nice about Trent in these new videos? He looks so ordinary. He's humble, and playing a backing role. He knows he can't sing like that, so he's ceding the spotlight to Peter Murphy. Also, he is cooking up beautiful shit with his machines, and being creative BEFORE OUR VERY EYES.

Goddammit, it's HEAVENLY. And, I know I never scold, and I know I like to say that we should all feel free to want to fuck Trent senseless, but there are times when I just can't listen to another retarded word. People, WE LOVE TRENT FOR HIS MUSIC. Hot asses are a dime a dozen; Trent Reznor's glorious work is rare and gorgeous.

Someone say something clever and attentive to this work of art, STAT.


Posted by: Dierdre | Jul 1, 2006 4:15:57 PM

Plus, PUT A FUCKING NAME ON YOUR POST. If you want to be anonymous, fucking put "Anonymous", or make something up, or I will do it for you.

Oh yeah, bitches. The shit is going to hit the fan.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jul 1, 2006 4:18:27 PM

I agree the work is rare and gorgeous.. sometimes painful.. But do you sometimes find yourself in a crazy stew of frustration sadness and desire, and have nothing more 'intelligent' to share other than, "I can't take anymore?" Come on, I know you do, I've been to this website more than once to witness it. Anyway, I don't want to be the one that makes the shit hit the fan, so I'll just go back to my anonymous corner of the planet being in a foul mood...

Posted by: ANONYMOUS | Jul 1, 2006 4:41:09 PM

Girl, I don't know how many times I have said that I don't fucking SUFFER from loving the shit out of Trent. I am never sad or frustrated by it, and am always happy that the pure flame of my admiration for that man burns in my heart. It reminds me of who I fucking am, and just what it is that I love. Trent stands for something in my heart, and I consider myself lucky to be able to see it in him...

Especially when he RULES ASS like he's doing right fucking now.

And also, THIS RULES!!!!!!

You don't have to go sulk, Anonymous, we are happy to have you, but seriously, I am sick and tired of savoring the glory ALONE. We can discuss Trent's fuckability ANY DAY. Today, though, we got something better we can talk about.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jul 1, 2006 4:48:13 PM

I'm so excited to watch the newest selection of videos but I almost want to wait until some bleak Trent-less time to enjoy them (I just saw him ten feet from me last weekend *shudder* when he was rocking the T Dot really, really hard). Could these videos possibly show anything as wonderful as that part midway through "Dreams" when TRez grips the mic and sings the verse- "And maybe I'm the fool but I think we'd find/That we could all be so so kind"? Although the part at the beginning of the video when he bends over is pretty good too.....Alright, obviously I'll have to watch them immediately.
PS: I haven't really posted here much but I am a prolific lurker and these videos make me so giddy I just had to get on with the posting already.

Posted by: Margo | Jul 1, 2006 6:01:38 PM

You aren't alone, Diedre. I think these radio performances are absolutely brilliant! Kinda sad that we only have one more to look forward to.

In case ya'll haven't seen, the set and pics from today's Chicago performance is up on nin.com. No audio or video yet, and after seeing the set I think I might die from anticipation!

Posted by: glitterella | Jul 1, 2006 6:53:01 PM

Postscript: A couple morsels of the Chicago performance have surfaced on ETS and the NIN LJ community. I present to you the cryptic but interesting interview and Atmosphere. Enjoy!

Now that I've had a little fix, maybe I can actually get away from this computer for a bit... ;)

Posted by: glitterella | Jul 1, 2006 7:13:11 PM

Whoa! I just watched a couple of these videos, and I must say, nothing is hotter than seeing Trent in his element with the piano in front of him. These videos are the best stuff i've seen on the nin site in a while! I love how intense he looks while playing and after watching "niteclubbing" with the way he tickles those ivories...I had to keep myself from licking my computer screen! Damn Trent, will you just kill me already?

Posted by: Kimberly | Jul 1, 2006 9:05:41 PM

Margo, Kimberly, and Glitterella, Thank you for posting to stem the fucking tide. I was seriously about to get VERY un-Dierdre, man.

Margo, that part in "Dreams" is THE BEST. I love when he sings "...leave your treadmill power trip behind..." and I positively can't comprehen how much I love the part where he really rocks "You know your heart can't grieve..." That is a beautiful fucking song.

And, Kimberly? Trent at the piano with an expression of concentration is totally pornography for girls. That is some beautiful shit, and I can't be more stoked on it.

Now, that new setlist and the picture of Trent with the tambourine from last night's performance? That is just... ARE YOU KIDDING?

I am GIDDY with anticipation!

Posted by: Dierdre | Jul 1, 2006 10:25:40 PM

Ooh, Glitterella! I loves me that cryptic interview, and uh... "Atmosphere" FUCKING KILLS.

Amen to Trent, in saying that Bauhaus amazingly sounds better than 90% of all the shit that's out there. Personally, as a full-on Bauhaus devotee from back in my own black-clad day, and when Bauhaus was already a thing of the past in the late 80's, I am astounded by how much they don't sound AT ALL dated or nostalia-y. Also, can someone stop Peter Murphy from being the coolest man ever?

And, Trent honey? You are not old, you're HOTT as fuck, and you're music is better than ever.

"As long as people are interested..." PFFT!! I'll be interested until the day I fucking DROP DEAD.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jul 1, 2006 11:09:32 PM

Is is me, or does Aaron North actually look retarded in today's photograpic update to nin.com [7_1_06]? Also, I agree that those vids are yet more evidence that Trent is the shit, but what I just said about Aaron North just now? Let's throw Jeordie into that mix, too. Those two guys just don't look like the lights are on.

Posted by: Jane | Jul 2, 2006 12:57:24 AM

Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy in the same room making super fantastic music - what more could a girl ask for! As a long time Bauhaus and NIN devotee this is a dream come true and as for Trent being old???? Well I'm the same age as him and it's definately not old!

Dierdre, gotta agree with you, both Trent and his musicial output - hot as fuck!

Posted by: Tigs | Jul 2, 2006 2:50:55 AM

Completely random of me, but in the 7_01 pic with Aaron... Has he been married all this time and I just didn't know it? Or am I seeing things and assuming too much? Cause I'm pretty sure that's a gold band I'm seeing on his left hand, and on the appropriate finger.

Posted by: Kim | Jul 2, 2006 6:55:07 AM

Kim, it's not a gold band, it's the guitar fret that you're seeing.

Posted by: Tigs | Jul 2, 2006 8:41:22 AM

Are you sure? Cause I swear it looks like it's something on one of his fingers. I probably need more sleep or something. Urgh.

Posted by: Kim | Jul 2, 2006 3:09:39 PM

High five to Tigs ( i am 39 and she is 41) for being a mature fan of Trents. Honestly, though at times just listening to Trent sing makes me feel kind of well "randy". (Is that the appriate word) I don't know it just sounded good to me.


Posted by: Clara | Jul 2, 2006 4:04:06 PM

i am working up the words as we speak. they'll be at my place though.

Posted by: beth | Jul 2, 2006 6:57:36 PM

Wow...where to even begin? I just got caught up on all the reading after getting home from the Chicago show. There will be a review soon. Right now I’m feeling pretty sore, beat up, extremely dehydrated, and still hung over. We were 3 people from the rail (and if I was sure people wouldn’t be offended with a little creative reaching, I probably could have touched the rail). Stayed there the whole time. Took lots of pictures but most, as you could guess, were blurry. But I’m still super psyched that they are MY blurry pictures and I refuse to delete them. Also got a little bit of video. I’ll let you guys determine the panty soaking quality of it (which again I’m biased cause it’s MINE). Soon, soon, soon.

LOVED watching the new uploaded vids on nin.com. Those will be on repeat for quite awhile after this. But the only annoying thing I’m going to complain about right now is the fucking fly that buzzed around for the entire set. Couldn’t someone find a fucking fly swatter or a rolled up newspaper? More (hopefully coherent) thoughts to come on the actual collaborations.

In your giddy state there may be two of you typing side by side Dierdre, but right now there is only half of me still going. My brain is on shut down mode. FUCK WORK TOMORROW! Tuesday’s a fucking holiday, you’d think they could have AT LEAST given us Monday off too! Pricks!

Oh…and Maise, you’re cool as shit! Even if the non-Chicagoan had to give you directions! Hahaha. Sam I Am, it was a pleasure meeting you too! FANTABULOUS WEEKEND! More to come…

Posted by: Iris | Jul 2, 2006 10:39:24 PM

Hey Clara, Trent has the same effect on me too - makes me have lots of naughty thoughts - just shows we're definately not too old! LOL

Posted by: Tigs | Jul 2, 2006 11:27:44 PM

Hey Clara, Trent has the same effect on me too - makes me have lots of naughty thoughts - just shows we're definately not too old! LOL

Lol I really don't think many of the younger listeners can truly understand many of his songs. You remember when you were little you listened to a song when you were little and when you were older it took on a different meaning. I mean that kind of thing.

Posted by: Clara | Jul 3, 2006 12:49:09 AM

Beth, at least post a link to them here, because we are simply DYING for a little ACTUAL RESPONSE TO IT.

It's a sad day when I, DIERDRE KEATING, am actually getting bored with WTC. I'm doing my best for you people, but Jesus H. Christ.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jul 3, 2006 6:39:01 AM

I wonder if all these collaborations with Peter Murphy are going to spill over onto this new album Trent is working on (that's supposedly almost finished). I know you have to overcome concert boredom and so that’s why they’ve been doing the radio things, but they seem to be quite chummy and really into each other’s work which is evident in the vids they’ve been releasing. Then there have been these little surprise guest appearances from Peter during the NIN sets, which was AWESOME! They really compliment each other nicely. If they don’t do something together “officially” I won’t be mad just disappointed. But then we still have to listen up for Saul Williams influence on this next record. High hopes and anticipations for next year!

I still say that, on its own, Bauhaus’s work is a little campy for my immediate taste but I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface on exploring what all they have done. These vid clips are actually a nice way to kind of break into Peter Murphy’s style. The more I watch them the more eager I am to hear the rest of their stuff. His vocal range absolutely kills me. It’s just so all over the place but he’s so in control of it. And watching him work it in those clips…look at the concentration he has. I think it was “Reptile” where he’s working both those mics and twiddling knobs on that little voice machine. Brilliant! It’s obvious (if not suggested in sound but in work/performance ethics) that this man was and is an important influence on Trent. And the fact that Peter also seems to have the same respect for Trent’s work…well that’s just got to be a great feeling for Trent.

Sorry you’re bored as hell D. Still coming out of my self imposed fog.

Posted by: Iris | Jul 3, 2006 8:31:38 AM

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