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[WTC_Field_Report: Houston,_06_04_06]

By Melissa

Just so you know where I'm coming from, my first-ever NIN concert was on 3_20_06, in Pensacola, FL.  Houston was my second. There were some significant differences between these 2 shows, so I can't help making comparisons.

I had reserved seats on the left side of the stage, about 3 rows behind the pit in Houston.  The seats were great for a close-up view of Trent, but I had a big stack of amps blocking my view every once in a while.

TV on the Radio came out promptly at 7:00.  I thought their performance was good, but the crowd wasn't really into them.  Their set lasted about 30 minutes. Bauhaus came out shortly after that.  They were really fucking great, and "older, British, and better looking" (according to Peter Murphy himself).  Peter even came over to our side of the stage, and looked me straight in the eyes... which totally made me a bigger Bauhaus fan.

Thirty minutes after the Bauhaus set, this big metal grate was lowered. It was like a curtain of metal bars divided into 5 or 6 free-standing segments. I didn't realize until later in the show that these bars lit up.

Nine Inch Nails entered the stage from behind the metal bars on the right side while the house lights were still on, so we could watch them walking on - very fucking cool.  They opened with "Somewhat Damaged".  My viewpoint was at an angle, so I couldn't see Trent very clearly through the bars (I mean, I could see him, but not as clearly as if I had a straight-forward view).  But, then he started shoving his big arms in between the bars and grabbing on to them, screaming "too fucked up to care anymore!"  It was INCREDIBLY hot. It just tapped into some little, tiny bondage-type relation in my mind.  Plus, it totally reminded me of the Wish video. The other guys were pushing and knocking against the bars too, so each segment would swing out, and I could catch brief views of Trent completely unobstructed by the metal.

Near the beginning of the show... I know it's hard to see
but that's Trent, screaming into the mic!

Later on during the performance (I don't remember which song), only the middle segment of bars was lowered behind Trent.  For the first time, the bars light up - little red lights running all over the bars in a pattern that looked like rain right over Trent's head.

Trent was wearing the black t-shirt with the red military stripes on the sleeves, black shorts, & boots.  His hair has grown out a bit; it's not completely shaved anymore, thank god.  Josh started out the show with a bushy white mustache and eyebrows, but they were gone by the second or third song.

Overall this performance seemed more aggressive, compared to Pensacola.  Trent didn't say much to us that night, just "Thank you" and "Goodnight."  He also had very little interaction (i.e. touching) with the crowd.  Last time I saw him, he was making speeches between songs and getting down into the crowd during Piggy (which they didn't play in Houston). I'm not really complaining; he looked and sounded fucking incredible, so I was happy.

Another very clear picture of trent!

They ended the show with "Head Like a Hole", waved goodbye, and exited the stage. No encore, of course. 

The highlight of the night for me was hearing "Get Down Make Love" and "The Big Come Down", especially "Get Down Make Love".  Not only does that song sound about 100 times better live, but I really wasn't expecting to hear it. I hadn't read any setlists from previous shows, and had no idea there was a chance he would be performing it.  It was incredible, and there was something so satisfying about hearing the words "make love" coming out of Trent's mouth while he is only a few feet away.  It sounded so nice inside my head.

Also, (and this is just the sexual obsession showing itself here) Trent did that water bottle thing.  You know, how he puts a bottle of water between his thighs and squeezes it? That image has stayed with me for several days now, because I just LOVE it when he does that.  Like I said, his performance seemed very aggressive that night - there was no chit chat, no audience hand-holding, no bullshitting around - just pure aggression.  Sex and aggression - good stuff.

At the very end of the show, the full curtain of bars was lowered again with "NIN" in lights (see my last camera phone pic). The complete set lasted about 1 1/2 hours and every minute of it fucking rocked.  I need to see them again!


I really hope everyone has a chance to see this - it's hard to describe, and extremely cool. I've been to tons of concerts and I always leave the show with a feeling of satisfaction mixed with sadness, because it's over so fast.  That feeling was magnified about 10 times after seeing Nine Inch Nails.  My ears were pulsating from being so close to the amps.  I was most excited about hearing so many songs from The Fragile -- "The Big Comedown"! -- and my head was buzzing with everything I had just heard. Plus, I had that image of Trent with his water bottle burned into my brain.

Walking back to my car, the first thing my friend said was, "God, he's perfect,"  and the conversation pretty much continued along that topic for a while.  We made a lot of comparisons between the Houston & Pensacola shows - Trent really was much sweeter in Florida, and angrier and more aggressive in Houston.

Of course, angry and sexy isn't a bad thing...

Here's the complete setlist:

Somewhat Damaged
Know What You Are?
Terrible Lie
March Of The Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Help Me I Am I Hell
La Mer
Into The Void
The Big Come Down
Get Down Make Love
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

I have to see them again!

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Thanks so much for the detailed review and pics! It's definitely getting me excited for my show...the one motivator that's keeping me going through current trials and tribulations.

You know, I never noticed that water bottle-thighmaster move of his. Dirty!

Posted by: maise | Jun 12, 2006 10:51:17 AM

you lucky thing!!
i got to see them live for the first time last year just before with teeth came out in the UK and it was FUCKING AMAZING.

only trouble is, they come over here so little that it's like gold dust when they do.

i would LOVE to be able to go to loads of different shows and be able to notice the little things like the way he sings 'whore' in reptile (that had me in a puddle on the floor live) and the water bottle thing.

at least i can experience it vicariously through your fab reviews. :)

Posted by: Giftedsbytch | Jun 12, 2006 10:55:21 AM

Dude, with Trent's "we're fucking you" metaphor, and this water bottle business, which I have witnesses EVERY SINGLE TIME I have see Nine Inch Nails, if any one ever gives me another single word of shit about how much that bitch is asking for it, I will seriously SCOFF IN THEIR FACE.

Oh, and Sparklepants, honey? Work it.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 12, 2006 10:58:34 AM

Thanks so much for the report Melissa! My excitement so far has been pretty slow in building for my upcoming show. I think it’s a mix between it being my third NIN concert in a row and the fact that this may be it from them for awhile. It was hard enough to convince hubby to go to this one next month which has been a major excitement killer (and is also why, D, you need to move a little closer so I won’t have to put up with this crap of finding someone to go with me. I mean it’s NIN we’re talking about people! I’ve even offered to buy their damn ticket to no avail!). But this report has definitely gotten my blood pumping in anticipation!

Being in a pit for the first time a few months ago (Christ was that just Feb that happened?) my overall opinion of being in one vs. not being in one may be a bit underdeveloped but I loved every fucking sweaty minute of it. Trent belting out the tunes with all the unambiguous sexual intensity and anger that little bitch can muster, all while being pressed against strangers who are also so lost in the performance that, for the most part, they don’t notice you pressing against them either (except for that poor gal who was in front of me for a bit who told me I had nice tits, I think she might have noticed how squished we were **shrug**). It was just so consuming to every sense I have. No, I don’t think I can go back to a seated section, or at least not for this band.

New Marketing Spin for Bottled Water? a haiku by Iris

Hmm…An Evian
bottle thigh master. Soon seen
logo-ed in merch booths?

Posted by: Iris | Jun 12, 2006 12:25:37 PM

"When Trent Reznor simulates ejaculation onstage, he chooses Fiji bottled water...

Oh my beautiful Fiji,
bottled at the source.
With Fiji between my thighs,
I feel less impure."

And why am I not a highly paid advertising executive? I have no idea.

Posted by: maise | Jun 12, 2006 12:44:21 PM

Nice review, Melissa.

And now...

By Way of a Vague Reference to a Mighty Potency
A Haiku by Jane

Trent, I sure do hope
more than just water issues
from between your thighs.

Posted by: Jane | Jun 12, 2006 12:51:35 PM

Oh and Maise, don't forget Trent's approving little blurb. I'd try to come up with one but you're much better at those!

"Fiji water...when you've just got to get your squirt on."

God that sucks!

Posted by: Iris | Jun 12, 2006 1:12:55 PM

Well, Trent's very good about not telling us what to think, so perhaps he would just have a cryptic blog entry:


You may want to look into Fiji water.


Or maybe a link to Fiji's home page...under "Population Paste" or something.

Posted by: maise | Jun 12, 2006 1:33:23 PM

And then someone will talk Trent into issuing some special NIN-decoder ring that Spiral members will eagerly await. Then when they finally get it in the mail, they'll sit in the bathrooom, furiously decoding, oblivious to the pleas of their brothers and sisters, and will eventually read, "Drink more Fiji water." Then they will emerge from the bathroom, older and wiser...

Posted by: maise | Jun 12, 2006 2:10:03 PM

That’s all good and well Maise but I see a different scene once they step out of that bathroom. I see them being completely pissed that Trent could have possibly outsourced his fan club to a bottled water company. They’ll throw their decoder rings in frustration (but not too hard and not too far because they really wouldn’t want to damage it for when the come back to adoring everything Trent says or does in about five minutes). Then they’ll go to their computers and start ranting about why, when, and how NIN can suck balls. They’ll start a hundred threads on The Spiral, not paying attention that there are already many discussing the very same topic of disgust.

Oh yes I can see it now. There are the 150 people who bitch about the sellout, all of which say the same thing almost word for word. Three hundred people who vehemently defend Trent for his decision as though he personally hired them for his defense (even though they also just as vehemently disclose “I don’t really know the man BUT…”). Ten people who post over and over again that they are indifferent and don’t see what the fuss is about. Then the few who will just toss in for kicks admissions that they love Aaron, Jeordie, Alessandro, Josh, lamp, foot, or any other inanimate object. And finally the other 6000 or so that will be furious that, even though they’ve heard that the ring sucks total ass, they still haven’t received it in the mail. Those same 6000 will later be told by the distributor that they didn’t properly choose their ring size and will not be receiving anything ‘til such information is disclosed. All of which will prompt a Spiral poll from Rob_Sheridan about the quality of service of their distributor.

“My oh my. How do you know all this information Iris?” you ask. ‘Cause the same shit has apparently been going on since they started up The Spiral and their promised web packages (well all except for the outsourcing to a bottled water company). Pffftt...but I ain't mad, I just go there for the tickets and pictures anyways. =)

Posted by: Iris | Jun 12, 2006 3:08:12 PM

Today is National Cynicism Day here at WTC...

Posted by: maise | Jun 12, 2006 3:12:40 PM

nin.com photo from 6/12:

Er, Trent? Where's your other hand?

What was that we were just saying about him asking for it all the damn time?

Posted by: maise | Jun 12, 2006 10:18:47 PM

Uggg...you know this will be about the only time I don't want to see pictures of Trent or of the band for that matter. I don't want to even hear about anything they did yesterday. Virginia Beach was my stomping grounds for a good while and I'm just absolutely beside myself that I wasn't able to see them while I lived there.

Just had to wait 'til I moved back out in the sticks, didn't you Trent!

Although, I am seriously digging the black and white pic and the yellow profile one over on frcphotos.com.

Posted by: Iris | Jun 12, 2006 10:53:11 PM

Oh, Trent.

Ok, all I want to add, bitches, is that when I make a post as grammatically off kilter as the one I made above, could someone please tear me a new one, Jane-style?

Seriously, people. Now that Gabriel is shunning us, you've all gone soft. We're NINE INCH NAILS FANS! Let's see some bitchery.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 12, 2006 10:55:34 PM

Funny you should mention the way he says "whore" in "Reptile," Giftedsbytch. He does have a way with epithets, doesn't he? The boyfriend and I were just talking about that--he's in a little indie movie, and he has a line where he has to drop a particularly loaded F-bomb. I suggested that he should deliver it like he's from the "Trent Reznor School of Cussing."

I'm so glad you posted this. I'm in the middle of a rough period myself, and my show is pretty much keeping me going as well. The Reznor/Murphy radio specials help, too. Thanks in particular for the detailed description of the metal bar thing. I was wondering how that worked.

And why would Trent use Fiji? The bottles are square-shaped, which in conjunction with simulated ejaculation makes for a less-than-ideal mental picture.

And, to end my little late-night stream-of-consciousness rant, can I just say that I love the "we're fucking you" metaphors? I've been thinking along those lines ever since Maise's review a couple months ago. It's very apt.

Posted by: emerald527 | Jun 12, 2006 11:01:04 PM

D., I would tear you a new one, as copy editing (according to Associated Press style) is one of my specialties, but I lack Jane's vitriol. Your errors are minor compared to some I've seen. You'll have to do better than that to inspire some righteous, grammatical anger in me.

Posted by: emerald527 | Jun 12, 2006 11:08:22 PM

Well, we all know how I feel about "Reptile." If Trent wants to call me his whore, fine. But I get to point in his face and say "He-whore, he-whore, he-whore!"

One tip to your boyfriend...although it may be a very loaded f-bomb, I do encourage him to underplay the enunciation of it. I remember writing a dreadful little screenplay back in college that a game young filmmaker in my dorm wanted to film, and all of our actors were from Indianapolis, which means that they couldn't cuss for shit. Seriously. You could tell that these wholesome all-American young men and women had never really cursed in their entire lives, so every time it came up in the script (which was a lot, as it was a normal part of the vernacular where I came from and because I was going through a little Tarantino phase, dialogue-wise), they would totally overdo it every time. ex. "What the FUCK is going on? DAMN it. Oh SHIT, I'm late for my godDAMN class...etc." I hated the way they cursed. I'm sure your boyfriend won't have that problem, though.

I picked Fiji just because I needed a two-syllable water brand for my mini-commercial above. I do like it, though. And if Trent could do the Thighmaster move on one of those bottles, I'd be really impressed. Their shape is admittedly not very conducive to that sort of thing.

I'm loving the fucking metaphors as well, but he had better be figuratively fucking Chicago as well as other cities. I don't want him singing to us and thinking of North Carolina or wherever.

Posted by: maise | Jun 12, 2006 11:20:43 PM

"he-whore, he-whore, he-whore"

Reading that fast makes me think of a braying jackass ...

Posted by: Iris | Jun 13, 2006 12:08:23 AM

Poor Trent. City after city-full of people to fuck. I mean, yeah, he leaves 'em all sweaty, knackered, and begging for more, but can you imagine the cost for him? No wonder he has to resort to "water sports"... a man can only generate so much spunk, you know?

Unless he's Gabriel.

Wait. Did I just suggest that Gabriel's potency is greater than Trents?


Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 13, 2006 1:47:21 AM

DIERDRE FOR SHAME! Comparing those two! It was bad enough when Gabe
did it himself. And besides, Trent’s much healthier these days so who knows (and please, let’s not elaborate any further) what his “capabilities” are in that department. As for Gabe, well that poor boy is going to give himself a deficiency of some sort. Which is probably why we haven’t seen him around lately. He’s probably laying on the floor of his apartment in some sort of spunk-deficient coma or something. Matter of fact, do you know someone you could call to check in on him D?

In other news...and web searches...Work that ass Trent!

Posted by: Iris | Jun 13, 2006 5:50:10 AM

The latest update from The Big Giant Head:

The next live radio performance - this Tuesday, June 13th in Washington DC (DC101) - will feature not only Peter Murphy and myself but also TV on the Radio. 5PM EST.
Every one of these will be different.


Posted by: Jane | Jun 13, 2006 5:59:24 AM

Oh, and Iris, in response to that pic:

Just an Observation
A Haiku by Jane

There are some pictures
wherein notre amour looks
about three feet tall.

Posted by: Jane | Jun 13, 2006 6:01:46 AM

Here's a little something that some of us may find FUCKING DELICIOUS.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 13, 2006 6:19:26 AM

In Response to Iris's Pic, a haiku by maise

Oddly curving spine.
Trent's chiropractor would not
approve of that pic.

Ode to YouTube: A Workplace Lament, a haiku by maise

Seeing "Dead Souls" would
be just the thing for today,
but it won't work here.

Posted by: maise | Jun 13, 2006 6:51:51 AM

"You know, how he puts a bottle [or three] of water between his thighs and squeezes it?"

Fuck yes, fuck yes, FUCK. YES. My friend Cody and I were screaming like complete idiots when he did that. I kept screaming, "DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU SEE THAT? YOU SAW THAT RIGHT? OH. GOD." I'm such a fangirl.

OMG DIERDRE THAT'S FROM MY SHOW. I LOVE YOU. That's not too far from where I was... I think I just heard myself scream. HAHA.

Posted by: Kim | Jun 13, 2006 6:52:36 AM

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