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I'm not entirely sure if this warrants its own post, but it may take a while for me to put my grandiose WTC ideas into motion, especially with my move coming up, and I do want to keep things moving along.

Ladies and Gabes, Trent has finally updated his blog. And he's got a terse movie review. Or a cryptic piece of advice. I'm not sure which, but I'll be happy to flesh it out here.

If you have a chance, I suggest you check out the film "An Inconvenient Truth".


As you may know, "An Inconvenient Truth" is a documentary about Al Gore's attempts to educate people about the dangers of global warming. I've heard nothing but good things about it, and if I get a chance, I will check it out, although I'm not sure if that's a good idea for me, personally.

I tend to be a bit of a worrywart, you see. I actually just had a discussion with the husband about this last night. He doesn't quite understand why in any given situation, I actively worry about every single thing that can possibly go wrong. In my opinion, I'd much rather foresee trouble than be surprised by it, but he seems to think that this leaves me a neurotic mess. If, for example, I see a headline like "Scientists determine that there is a .005 percent chance that a Texas-sized asteroid will collide with the earth in 2050," the very idea will paralyze me with anxiety for hours, if not a couple of days. So pictures of disappearing glaciers will probably do nothing for my peace of mind, a concept that is foreign to me these days, but isn't that the point? We should be shocked out of our complacency and motivated to do something.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is just to get a new ball rolling. Has anybody seen this yet? Anybody planning to? Any advice for Trent as he launches his new career as a reviewer? [I would have punctuated this entry a bit differently, but at least he gets straight to the point...] Anything else you would like to discuss?

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Someone please go see it. I want a full report, as it is unlikely to show itself here in my neck of the proverbial woods. I mean, GOD KNOWS I would fully take Trent's advice, and moreover, this is exactly the kind of film that I think I might have already seen if I were still back in Hollywierd, but as things stand? I am relying on all of you to GO SEE IT, and tell me ALL ABOUT IT.


Posted by: Dierdre | May 25, 2006 8:39:16 AM

If I happen to catch it out here, I'll come back with a report. But it usually takes longer for movies to show up out here in the Midwest.

People are also talking about how this film "humanizes" Al Gore. I don't know if he's going for a political comeback, but it does make me weep to think how things would be different had he been elected in 2000.

Posted by: maise | May 25, 2006 8:46:22 AM

I'd report back but just watching the trailer freaks me out. That and unfortunately I'm stuck in the Midwest too, which, if the world were to flood, I suppose could be seen as a perk that I wouldn't be swept out to sea.

I got to meet Al Gore when he was doing the election campaign rounds in 2000. He came to our po-dunk little college. And by meet I mean students stood along the sides of a hallway that had been sniffed over by bomb dogs and was also full of secret service agents while Mr. Gore shook hands with everyone. Still pretty neat though.

Posted by: Iris | May 25, 2006 10:40:04 AM

I also wonder if there were any Trent jumping 4ft rails incidents like the last time he was spotted at the movies. That perspective picture you doctored up Kim still cracks me up!

Posted by: Iris | May 25, 2006 10:43:56 AM

Maybe Trent doesn't have time to do full film reviews...perhaps he's better suited to doing those blurbs on movie posters:

"Thought-provoking!" --Newsweek
"This summer's must-see film!"--Entertainment Weekly
"If you have the time, I suggest you check out An Inconvenient Truth" --Trent Reznor

or "I jumped over a four-foot rail to see Hostel"--Trent Reznor

Posted by: maise | May 25, 2006 2:13:27 PM

I can't think of this movie without being reminded of "Manbearpig," the South Park episode which ripped into the former VP.

And I just now saw Good Night, and Good Luck, so I am waaaay behind. I'm also living in the Midwest, so, yeah.

Posted by: emerald527 | May 25, 2006 7:12:49 PM

Maise, you fucking kill me. You want to talk about being behind- I haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite. And I actually do want to see it, I'm just not that motivated when it comes to movies.
What we need a post on are the new concert posters. I predict people will either love or hate them- I'm leaning toward hate(as nin concert posters, but on their own they look interesting so far).

Posted by: RL | May 25, 2006 8:23:57 PM

I hadn't even seen those, RL, so thanks for directing me to them.

Those posters look like a flaming bag o' shit. And I don't normally care about that sort of thing. I mean, Jesus Christ, did they have some sort of computer meltdown and were required to use some sort of default font? And are we going to have some sort of ANTIWAR MESSAGE? I'm all for it, but how about some SUBTLETY? The purposeful pixellation and jagged collage effects reek of ARTSY PRETENTIOUSNESS.

Was our pal Rob like, "Fuck, more fucking posters?!" A sentiment that I totally understand, and I do appreciate the attempt at something new and different, but I think that the NIN organization could have vomited better-looking posters.

My one and only concern about the upcoming tour is the quality of the music, so I'm not going to start hating Gabriel-style, but goddamn. People draw a paycheck for this?

And no, I'm not a visual person, so I could not do any better myself. But I would include a haiku for each and every venue.

"NIN With_Teeth 2006
Chicago, IL [First Midwest Bank Amphitheater]

When you're stuck in the
parking lot, I'm going to
point at you and laugh."

"NIN With_Teeth 2006
Milwaukee, WI [Marcus Amphitheater]

Please don't throw things at
us during the show. We're not
performing monkeys."

Posted by: maise | May 26, 2006 12:12:10 AM

Jesus Fucking Christ. Those posters look like SHIT. I mean, it's totally a new low.

Lookit: nothing can stop me from loving the shit out of Trent, but why he continues to trust his visual presentation to that no-talent hack is totally beyond me. I am officially ABSOLUTELY STUMPED.

I can't decide if it's time for me to write a "Dear Trent" of protest, or a "Dear Rob".

Posted by: Dierdre | May 26, 2006 1:40:22 AM

Actually, this is one instance Rob can't be blamed. The lithos were done by an independent company - The Designer's Republic. The question now is: WHY in heaven's earth is Trent allowing outside influences decide how he presents his art? First the EDIETS video fiasco...and now the lithos? What is going on?!

Posted by: BD | May 26, 2006 6:01:32 AM

Well, let me be the first to offer my apologies to Rob for blaming him for this visual TRAVESTY. Even the phallic lithos were better than this.

I mean, it's not like I'm some expert in graphic design, but I don't think you have to have a master's from art school to say, "Wow, those posters are truly hideous."

I mean, it's still better than Zwan's cover art, but that's not saying much.

Sorry, Trent, hon--I don't mean to diss, but this company totally left your posters to the procrastinating, unpaid intern.

Posted by: maise | May 26, 2006 6:13:13 AM

Hey, Dierdre. How's it going over there?

Posted by: Tara H. | May 26, 2006 6:14:51 AM

We're getting hungry!

Posted by: Tara H. | May 26, 2006 6:15:59 AM

Seriously, BD? They're really the culprits? That is one fugly website.

Posted by: maise | May 26, 2006 6:21:05 AM

According to Rob himself in the spiral, he "...wasn't involved in the art direction for the new lithos, it's actually the other way around: Designers Republic did the art direction for the new merch line...

Posted by: | May 26, 2006 7:02:03 AM

Oops, that was me, and I missed a quotation mark.

Posted by: BD | May 26, 2006 7:03:38 AM

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