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Okay, so you know I haven’t been posting a lot since I got back from my trip – mostly because recapping the trip is going to involve discussing some bigger picture conclusions that I’m excited, yet scared, to pull the trigger on (short version of the trip: My dad’s actually a cool guy, he’s pretty damn accepting, and he’s got a crazy Joni Mitchell collection. Go figure). But I’m coming out of hibernation before posting my recap post to make a motherfucking point, bitches.

Part of running stuff here at WTC is maintenance – you know; updating the banners, keeping track of whatever crappy service outage Typepad is experiencing, and also, dealing with our emails. We run our own email over here, so sometimes we need to roll up our sleeves and make sure everything works okay. Like when Dierdre’s mailbox gets too full and I can’t reach her and I go into her mailbox to find the offending attachment that’s clogging up her box and remove it.

Now before you all freak out, NO, I don’t read Dierdre’s emails as a general course of action. Quite honestly, why would I want to read 40,000 haikus about how much some bored middle-aged housewife wants to bone Pastor Mike instead of her boorish Jim Belushi-esque husband, anyway? But a couple things stood out, and I need to motherfucking stand up.

From: Dave ******** <*********@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Greetings
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 16:52:11
Re: Greetings

I am happy that you like my message. Your heartfelt responses are amusing and kinda sexy too. For someone your age to be at ease with sexuality is very cool.

Okay, call me crazy, but isn’t this a little… oh, I dunno… CREEPY? I mean, not to slam on anybody that reads the site or anything, but kinship wasn’t the first thing that lept to mind with that golden combination of phrases, “someone your age”, and “ease with sexuality”. Maybe it was the later mentions of the writer’s love of porn, or how he referred to himself as “older”.

Then we moved on to this golden nugget:

How has Trent helped in your spiritual or romantic life? Can you see realities in relationships better now, since your past issue in France?

Okay. Seriously. Serious-fucking-ly. Serious-fucking-weeping-Christly-walking-on-the-mount-and wincing-at-the-fires-of-hell-ly.

I know this site has seen a big shift towards the Obsessed With The Sexual Side of Trent in recent months, but COME THE FUCK ON.

News Flash #2: TRENT HAS NOT HELPED YOU IN YOUR SPIRITUAL OR ROMANTIC LIVES. His music may have moved you, may have made you feel not alone, may have inspired you to change things, but unless you were sitting in bed with your boyfriend/girlfriend/cocker spaniel, wondering why you couldn’t bring them to the elusive “o” – was it you? Was it them? Did this mean you didn’t love each other? -- and Trent walked in, only to hand you the Trent Reznor Guide To Emotional Therapy And Sexual Enlightenment, the man didn’t fucking help you.

Then there was the reader, from here at good old Wearing These Chains, that’d sent a link to Dierdre from her own website. The link was to a story called “The Sickness Inside”, because the author had been feeling ESPECIALLY creative that day, apparently. The story itself was – no joke – erotic fan fiction about Trent Reznor.

No hint of irony, no deconstructionist take on “fan fiction” as a genre, a la our own Mimi “Cocktease” Taylor, no punchline at the end… just straight up erotic fantasy.


Sure, I know Dierdre gets carried away with herself from time to time – but at least she’s coming at it from a place of intellect, of artistic appreciation and her love thereof. You may or may not agree with it, but you can’t deny the validity of where she’s coming from. But who the hell sits around writing fake stories about having fake sex with a rock star??????

You wanna be a fake stalker? Start your own website! I’m sure www.istalktrentreznor.com is available, so register away! But don’t piggyback here, you crazy motherfuckers!

And for those of you that say I'm being elitist, or operating on the ETS tip, I've got some news for you: You’re Dumb And I’m Not. And even if I was acting all ETS, so what? At the end of the day, the difference between me and the ETS motley crew is that at ETS they want to silence everybody with a different opinion. Here at WTC, I want to hear everybody's different perspective. If i disagree with you, or think you're a fucking 13-year-old idiot, I'm going to call you on it, but that's the internet price of admission.

As long as you can justify a comment, make a point, or back up whatever brain-dead commentary you launch into, you'll be fine. That's just one more reason why I AM BETTER than levi, meathead, drunk "let me talk about how virile i am on the internet to compensate for my erectile dysfunction" poet, and the rest of the douches on ETS.

Stupidity and projection make me tired, little bitches, and right now the comments on this site and the fucking inane retardation swimming around in Dierdre’s box is making me EXHAUSTED. So start being smarter, fuckheads. Stop pretending you know him. Stop being obsessive fangirls.

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve seen anybody intelligent discuss the content of The Pastor’s work on this site. Perhaps that’s my fault, or Dierdre’s, but you idjits aren’t helping. Jesus; I’ve never even MET Trent, and I’m embarrassed. If you like his work as an ARTIST, then let’s talk about that. Because his stupid goddamned muscles will be fucking DUST in 30 years, you desperate whores, but the music will live on. Which do you think is more important?

It’s getting to be like the goddamned Spiral around here. And to prove my point, I leave you with this last example of fucking RETARDATION. Grow up or fuck off.

I rule.

Click for larger fucking idiocy

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We were discussing fucking KIERKEGAARD in relation to Trent's work a little while ago. And there's always that Lathe of Heaven thing, too.

You wanna discuss the content of Trent's work? Fucking BRING IT, then. And by "it" I mean another installment of [The_Understanding_Teeth_Collection], which has been collecting dust. I'm all for discourse that doesn't involve threats of locked threads or banned users.

Posted by: emerald527 | Dec 7, 2005 3:57:58 PM

Pastor Mike

The Pastor

God damnit, Gabe! If it didn't hurt to even MOVE my right leg... excuse me, it hurts even just to keep it still... I would come down there and pop you one in the ass.

Em: I've been reading Lathe of Heaven... and so far it's really good. Makes you think. Or at least makes me think. I love anything that has to do with the human mind.

Posted by: Kim | Dec 7, 2005 4:32:33 PM

Sorry Em, but reading a Chuck Palahniuk quote regarding Trent that mentions Kierkegaard and going "Oh, it'd be SO HOT if Trent loved The Big K" is most certainly not the same thing as discussing whether or not a Kierkegaardian resonance exists in the work of NIN.

Personally, I highly doubt Trent has ever read him; Trent seems to be much more of a pop culture kinda guy, influenced more by the immediacy of The Exorcist and Grand Theft Auto than the kind to ponder away his afternoons in the pursuit of deeper thought. He is, in my mind, quite clearly a results oriented guy -- not an abstract concepts guy.

If you wish to discuss this, discuss away - but note this has nothing to do with whether you'd want to "yum him up" because he is/isn't the kind of thinker your fantasy self has decided is appealing.

Posted by: Gabriel | Dec 7, 2005 4:38:51 PM

Oh, thank God! I never thought you'd take out your aggressions on your poor readers again!

"I know this site has seen a big shift towards the Obsessed With The Sexual Side of Trent in recent months"

Errr...? I've read the archives, Liebchen. You expect me to believe that this is a recent turn of events?

Oh, but Gabriel yearns for something a bit more cerebral...some intellectual stimulation. Like the lone neuron in a sea of pure estrogen, you poor little fucking thing.

It must be so lonely in your ivory tower! But reaching out to someone--anyone--with a brain and some Ivy League education, you introduce this to the ninternet canon. And this. And my favorite--this.

Why, I can see it now! Gabriel and all the world's most important thinkers--Confucius, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Karl Marx, Mahatma Gandhi, Jacques Derrida, Hannah Arendt--sitting at some gilded round table on Mt. Olympus, discussing how Gabriel > Trent and debating the precise influence of Gabriel upon the latest Meathead Perspective.

No, haikus aren't important enough for you. You have to ruminate on the crucial issues of the day--crucial issues that can only be grasped in all their complexity if you create an Excel graph.

Well, you certainly have my sympathy, Liebchen, even if it's all above my pretty little head.

Posted by: maise | Dec 7, 2005 5:59:41 PM

Finally, somebody with some sense!

Thanks for the props, maise. Much appreciated.

Posted by: Gabriel | Dec 7, 2005 6:12:16 PM

But...sigh...oh never mind.

Who wrote those "haikus"? Dom? Fucking dreadful.

Posted by: maise | Dec 7, 2005 6:18:41 PM

Salut mon cher! I am glad to see you are bringing back la haine. But I do not understand why you are saying that I make fun of chickens? Playing with chickens is a very dangerous activity these days. I stay away from them maintenant.

Et merci pour le compliment! xxx

Posted by: Mimi | Dec 7, 2005 6:36:09 PM

It's a little awkward for someone who calls Trent Reznor "Pastor Mike" to dress down other obsessive NIN fans for their weirdness.

It's also probably not in your best interests to post stories about reading other people's e-mail without permission. Not particularly flattering.

Posted by: OMG | Dec 7, 2005 7:50:50 PM

Gabriel, you are the fucking DOUCHEBAG here.

Thanks for reading my mail, fucker, and thanks for giving people shit in exactly the same boring, I'm-smarter-than-you-are way that is so fucking popular ALL OVER THE FUCKING LAME ASS NINTERNET. Wasn't it YOU, asshead, who told me that nothing was less charming than pointing out how smart you are? Yeah. You were right.

I'll admit that even I, Dierdre Keating, kinda wished that some of the content in the Kierkegaard thread, even if it was a wrongly attributed quote, might have generated more discussion, because, YEAH, there is some fucking resonance, but I didn't see YOU leading the fucking charge. And, yeah, if Trent WERE that kind of thinker, I'd find that so hot that I MIGHT need to start camping out in his bushes. Lucky for him, he isn't, and when I say that, I mean he is lucky in several different ways, one of which is that I won't be in his bushes, EVER, and the other is that he does fucking GET RESULTS. More than some of us can say for ourselves, big, abstract thoughts and all.

However, Fuck you for implying that finding the possibility of big giant thoughts in that pretty head of his totally fucking hot is somehow shallow, and fuck you for saying they aren't in there. They clearly fucking are, or he could never have done what he has done. So fucking tiresome.

Finally, you bringing the hate on "obsessive fangirls" makes me want to launch into a 40,000 word panegyric on Trent's sweaty muscles and sexy fucking body hair. I may read Kierkegaard and think big thoughts, but at least I have the sense to want to fuck... er... admire ACTUAL results, and believe me when I tell you that I can make an argument that Trent's fucking muscles fall into that category.

You know what? Just to round this out? YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR, and FUCK YOU.

PS. I'm glad you've stopped taking credit for Paris.

Posted by: Dierdre | Dec 7, 2005 9:24:55 PM

I love you when you're defensive, D.


Posted by: Gabriel | Dec 7, 2005 10:00:09 PM

I love it when you got nothin', G.

Posted by: Dierdre | Dec 7, 2005 10:17:01 PM

I know that I haven’t been on here long but I’ve been reading all the back logged stuff when I can. And aside from the specific items that Maise has pointed out I’ve figured out for myself that you, Gabe, are a fucking lunatic. I fully admit that I have become a raving fangirl of Trent Reznor but it is ultimately my prerogative to be that.

“If you like his work as an ARTIST, then let’s talk about that. Because his stupid goddamned muscles will be fucking DUST in 30 years, you desperate whores, but the music will live on. Which do you think is more important?”

As for the ever lasting legacy of Trent… It is not only the intensity of the music he creates that we will forever remember him by but also the intensity of the physical presentation that he gives it to us in. Anyone can write seemingly painful, vulnerable, my life sucks songs. Hell many of them are on the top 40 lists that we will not remember in thirty years (may God let you live that long Gabe). But isn’t some of what draws us to Trent in the bearing of his own soul on stage in his performances. A substantial experience in seeing his emotions fully on display for all. Hearing him on an album is one thing but to see it out there where you can’t touch him or help him in his pain is another that unfortunately the future generations will not be privy to…and therefore not be able to fully understand the contents of his work.

And finally my point. Part of seeing him now is those goddamned muscles. They are a part of seeing what he’s come through and persevered through. That hey, he doesn’t get fucked up on drugs or alcohol anymore it’s just sheer endorphins. And why shouldn’t we show our love and adoration for his new found sense of self? If this is what it takes for him to still be around in thirty years then flex on Mr. Sparklepants, flex on.

Posted by: Iris | Dec 7, 2005 10:51:26 PM

"Desperate whores," Gabriel? You couldn't do better that that?

Also, Iris wins the most poetic malapropism award for this week for "the bearing of his soul" in her post above. Personally, I like "bearing" in that sentence a lot fucking better than I would have liked "baring".

Posted by: Jane | Dec 7, 2005 11:06:04 PM

Whatever. You get the fucking point don't you?

Posted by: Iris | Dec 7, 2005 11:14:08 PM

I dunno...this just seems like the most inexplicable WTC drama ever. To me, at least, nothing feels wildly different from the first day I fell down this particular rabbit hole.

It's your site, Gabe, do I really have to break down How It All Works Around Here?

Dierdre brings the love and longing.

You bring the erratic mood swings and the hate.

You *disappear* on us for just shy of *two weeks*, and you are shocked--shocked!--that there's been more love and longing and unabashed ogling around here?

Also, it's worth pointing out that...uh...Trent hasn't really released anything new yet, and the 2006 tour hasn't started yet, and he hasn't updated his Minimalist TR page since 11/20, and is he even going to show up at this next Spiral chat? I'm sure that we will soon discuss Very Very Important Things when they actually happen. If Dierdre wants to make me an Advent calendar of sweaty Trent pics, who am I to complain?

I'm happy to talk Kierkegaard or Immanuel Kant (a real pissant who was very rarely stable) all people want, but you guys have to post the fucking threads. Maise is purely a reactive force, and that's the way Nature intended.

In conclusion...you want me to stop salivating over Trent's arms for two seconds? Fine, I'll do so reluctantly, if you just assert yourself. Stop bitching at everybody and post something new in your typical mind-boggling fashion, like I've been fucking asking since the day you left on your Incredible Journey. I'm glad that sounds like it went well...you want to fucking tell us about your winter vacation any time soon?

Also, don't read other people's email. I have to admit that I have committed a sin or two in this area, but mark my words, Liebchen, no good ever came of it!

Posted by: maise | Dec 7, 2005 11:17:07 PM

Dierdre wrote:
I love it when you got nothin', G.


1. Regarding Kierkegaard, Em had stated that “We were discussing fucking KIERKEGAARD in relation to Trent’s work a little while ago” as evidence that there was analytical discourse going on earlier. What was being discussed was not analysis in relation to tr’s work, but rather drooling over how “cool” and “hot” that would be if he read Kierkegaard (said conversation having been started in a post by Dierdre entitled [OMG_I_Just_Came], btw).

I couldn’t lead any “charge” at that time towards a “Kierkegaardian resonances in NIN” discussion, Dierdre, because I didn’t have Internet access at the time. Nice attempt at a zinger, but a little flat. My absence, in fact, put YOU in sole charge of the site. I suppose you were too busy, having just come and all, to do anything but support the “OMG that would be so SEXXXY!!!” line of conversation, though. Well done.

2. You finding Trent’s “big thoughts” hot isn’t shallow; but it is something that’s about you, and not the artist’s work, or even the artist himself. It’s not the end all, be all to the work being discussed, and it certainly isn’t the driving focus (i.e., I’m pretty sure Trent didn’t write Sunspots “to make girls like Dierdre horny”). However, you’ve always written from a personal perspective, and you’ve always tempered your sexual enthusiasm with intellectual discourse. Not so with the rest of the “contributions” I’m discussing here, and you know it.

3. You claim there’s all these big thoughts in Trent Reznor’s work that he has very consciously placed there with meticulous precision (even though it seems to me he’s often inferred quite to the contrary), and that this is what you find so alluring, and that’s what’s driving everything for you, yet you constantly focus on the physical personage of the guy, and what you would do to him “if you had the chance”. Okay, so you don’t have a crush on the guy…. You just Like To Talk 24/7 About Boning A Rock Star That You Apparently Don’t Really Want To Bone Yet You’re Going To Continue To Talk About It Anyway. High Five To You.

But as you’ve said before, we originally started this site because we both mutually loved something: the music of nine inch nails, and the messages therein. What it had meant to us both at different times, and the impacts and resonances in our lives thereof. This band, this music is a universal; something we all share, and all have in common.

Well not all of us have wet dream fantasies about the artists we like. Some of us – and yes, I realize I’m not the best one to prove this point, but you can all use the brains God gave you and figure it out on your own – like the artist’s work, and don’t want to fuck them at all. Or even talk about fucking them (no matter how awesome their shiny pants are). Your little club is quite exclusionary, actually – because it’s not focused on the universals that drew us all here, it’s based around your shared group fantasy.

Iris -- I appreciate your excuse for the swooning, but let’s face it: none of you here are looking at muscular Trent, and with measured thoughts going, “Wow. It’s quite admirable how he’s transformed himself. This new physical visage is a perfect manifestation of how much he has bettered himself; I find this quite arousing. I wish to touch myself now.” You are caught up in the sweaty moment of it all. And lest you misunderstand me, I FUCKING APPLAUD getting caught up in the sweaty moment of it all. The sweaty moment of it all is fucking BRILLIANT. But don’t confuse it for anything other than what it is.

And Maise – you are ABSOLUELY CORRECT. This is the most inexplicable WTC drama ever, and from the opening salvos, nothing is different than it was on Day One.

Dierdre’s obsessing over Trent. I’m ranting about how dumb Trent/obsessed fans/whomever the target of the week is. Just like it’s always been. What’s different this time?

Well this time people are going back on their haunches, hair bristling, and teeth bared over my ranting. They’re taking it personally, and they’re getting ticked about it. Basically, they’re getting defensive.

Wonder what to make of that?

p.s. OMG – you’re right; judging from the amount of hate in my own inbox, checking dierdre’s email – even for an ostensibly reasonable reason – was a bad call. My bad.

Posted by: Gabriel | Dec 8, 2005 12:22:06 AM

“Wow. It’s quite admirable how he’s transformed himself. This new physical visage is a perfect manifestation of how much he has bettered himself; I find this quite arousing. I wish to touch myself now.”

Actually, Gabe. I did think that the first time I saw the new him. In fact, I thought that for about a month after I saw the new him. But then I stopped dwelling on how much he's changed and how much it suits him, and more often than not I now think about the fact that he's ONE HOT MAN I'D LOVE TO FUCK UNTIL NEITHER OF US CAN MOVE.

Can I help it? Not really. I'm a young woman, I have needs, and a very active imagination.

Other than wishing I could get my hands on his wonderful body, I AM interested in how his mind works. And so far everything I've found out makes him even more desirable. How often can you find such an intelligent and passionate man packed into a fucking hot package like that?

So, back off HO, and let us have our fun. And like Maise said: "Stop bitching at everybody and post something new in your typical mind-boggling fashion."

Posted by: Kim | Dec 8, 2005 4:14:18 AM

Gabriel, you have a few valid points, as usual, but I think Maise's clear-sighted analysis of the situation cuts to the heart of the matter, also like usual.

Maise, is right: nothing has changed, except that because you are absent, my voice of love and longing is stronger. Maybe that's not a good thing. I'll agree whole-heartedly that my somewhat painful earnestness and hopeless love are, inherently, not as funny as you and your rampaging hate, but we've always known that our POV's on The Empire of Dirt have been very different. Engaging that difference, and having a laugh at ourselves and the rest of Trent's inexplicably (insert your preferred adjective here) fanbase here has always been the fun of WTC. The difference is not that I've changed, it's that you've lost the fire, and upset the balance.

Why do I say that? Well, you told me as much. But concrete evidence exists, too. Let's just look at the [OMFG_I-Just_Came] post.

Exhibit A: NO REACTION to my silly mis-attribution of the Kierkegaard quote to Trent! Dude, that was a golden opportunity to ream me out like the days of yore, only harder and with more unbelievably ripe fodder than ever, for being the ridiculously over-invested, self-deluded, over-thinking-it fangirl that I truly fucking am. Did you take it? Did you take the opportunity to point out JUST HOW SILLY a mistake that was? Nope.

Exibit B: Exactly the debate you are accusing me of NOT STARTING on that thread about unintended vs. intended resonances, and their relative bearing on making a judgment about that work of art is one that I explicitly did initiate (alas, IN VAIN), but you didn't join me. Believe me, that is a topic that I would be FUCKING DELIGHTED to discuss, but you don't care to, because for you, the current be all and end all of this work of art that we both loved in common, is that you are bored and can't be bothered.

The simple fact is that I have a longer attention span for Trent and his art project than you do, and my reaction to it is the same as it has ever been. It still speaks to me, heart and mind, and as as a fucking red-blooded girl who can see a goddamned church by daylight.

I really, really fondly remember two TOTAL DORKS, over the moon with excitement, licking the NIN sign at Coachella, and being utterly thrilled by Trent's beautiful new record. Unfortunately, that's over now, because you now think it's stale, and not speaking to you the way it once did, and you've moved on to Joni Mitchell or some shit. Fine. I guess I feel like it's too bad that now that you have, you have to resort to calling me desperate whore because I'm not on your clock.

I totally understand that things change, and that you have moved on. That is absolutely legitimate, and I can even see the validity of some of your arguments vis a vis the current material, but a big difference between you and me is that you have always been much more interested in each separate work of art, and I have always been more interested in the process and human being that makes art. Those are totally legitimate positions. For me, this is one moment in an ongoing saga that I am riveted by, now more than ever. That isn't because I'm besotted, it's because I've always loved something different about it than the thing you've loved. You want to call mine stupid? Go ahead. You are wrong.

You can say what you want about this, bitch, I do not care: I may talk ON and fucking ON about Trent's hot rig, but the only reason I'm looking at it is because it's his, and he is an artist, whose work has meant more to me than I can really say using words of the English language. Maybe that's why it seems so appealing to speak the international language of LOVE. I don't pretend to know.

On a tangentally related topic, you TOTALLY underestimate girls who love Trent if you don't think that a good 50% of what's hot about Mr. Shorty Musclehead's frankly disorienting, and wierdly pumped up body is that it is an outward manifestation of how he's pulled himself out of the gutter and regained his health and sense of self. I mean, as far as perfect physical specimens go, there are millions of better examples, and none of them are half as compelling as that little guy.

Finally, regarding my sexual enthusiasm: When have I ever denied having a crush on Trent? Let me come clean on that: I've had a crush on Trent, with varying levels of intensity, for about 11 or 12 years now. I have a crush on that guy that WILL NOT QUIT. However, as much I may talk on and on about Trent's hot rig, and how I'd be delighted to ride it all the way to Valhalla, I think we all know that Valhalla is a mythological place, and that not even Trent's hot ass could take me there.

If we're getting real for one second, I think I can honestly tell you that Trent Reznor occupies a special position: he is officially THE LAST man I would be willing to fuck on a casual basis. Why? The truth is way more embarrassing than any hyperbolic fiction -- I love him too fucking sincerely. I'd rather talk to him than fuck him, and I can't think of anything that would be sadder, or more grievously mortifying to me than having somehow managed to become faceless fuckmeat to him, of ALL PEOPLE.

You want to leap to your tried and true method of saying I'm defensive? Have at it.


Posted by: Dierdre | Dec 8, 2005 4:32:30 AM

Iris, I was complimenting you.

Everyone else? FUCK OFF!

Posted by: Jane | Dec 8, 2005 5:54:38 AM

Well in that case thanks Jane. But it most other post you are sarcastically chatising me. So I didn't see any difference here. Just another part of the misunderstood fun, fun, fun!

Posted by: Iris | Dec 8, 2005 6:46:15 AM

Gabriel, you're like a big squawking parrot from the Amazon.

You wrote a poem about Trent's PVC pants

A poem!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: maise | Dec 8, 2005 7:01:40 AM

OK, let me get this straight:

1. You start a NIN fansite...

2. ... to crow about how you are better than all the other NIN fans on it (and the internet in general).

That is a lot of work to do just to facilitate a bunch of goofy superiority rants.

Posted by: OMG | Dec 8, 2005 7:57:51 AM

Yes. That is why we love/hate Gabe.

Posted by: Nicole | Dec 8, 2005 9:15:01 AM

omg, Trent's arms are so so yummy in that poem pic Gabriel! Thanks for making a girl's day! We would both so freak him, right? I get dibs on his junk end!

Posted by: Baal Glyttr | Dec 8, 2005 10:30:14 AM

Amen, Gabriel. It's amazing how ad infinitum these bitches can carry on about a sold-out gym whore in plastic pants. Don't they realize that Trent is gay?

Posted by: Dom | Dec 8, 2005 10:44:27 AM

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