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[Back_to_the_Bottom: Hollwood_Bowl]

[Gabriel will be posting to WTC today live from the nine inch nails show at the Hollywood Bowl]

Just pulled onto 10 fwy from the 405. L.A. is smoky and red.

The Pastor takes the stage in less than nine hours.


WTC exclusive! Spoke to a friend who's a friend of Josh Freese. He is indeed the new drummer, replacing Jerome at the Hollywood Bowl.

Apparently, he learned the whole set in just 24 hours!


Still down in it in traffic. Hell. Many major streets are closed. Fuck.


Finally walking to the bowl. Its hot. Vinyl jerkin was bad fashion choice.


at venue. MySpace posters everywhere. SpiralBrandi says spiral tix are stuck in traffic thanks to ticketmaster.

Can hear autolux soundcheck. Fuck yeah.


The Pastor is soundchecking. "wish" fucking AMAZING.


In the spiral holding pen waiting for entry. Staff are awesome.

Met new friends in line, Maxwell and his wife Ginger. Planning on hitting Bar Sinister after the show.


L.A. people are really fun. It's nice to hang out with folks without having to
worry about Alex's jealous bullshit.


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If you don't stop calling him the Pastor, someone's gonna smack you, Gabe.

Posted by: Kim | Oct 1, 2005 12:57:49 PM

Yes, and it's going to be me. You are sicking us all out with that, you crazy bitch.

Posted by: Dierdre | Oct 1, 2005 12:59:55 PM

where are you guys from? you should post a picture... did you guys write something about meeting up with other WTC people at the show? i'd love to know!

Posted by: wondering | Oct 1, 2005 4:24:33 PM

We're from San Diego, but I am in Paris right now... posting his sms'd updates (with a little help from a friend... thanks, girl!), and wishing I were there to SMACK HIM UPSIDE THE HEAD for calling Trent "The Pastor".

What a jackass.

Posted by: Dierdre | Oct 1, 2005 4:37:01 PM


Posted by: Kim | Oct 1, 2005 4:39:28 PM

Oh, and "wondering"? In view of all the hate that's been flowing so freely our way these days, if you don't already know us, and the plans to meet up weren't made with you, and you aren't even including a name or address in your post... well...

Posted by: Dierdre | Oct 1, 2005 4:43:50 PM

Is Gabe sure that person he met is a replacement drummer? Cause NIN.com just updated with a picture, and Jerome and Aaron are looking quite cozy, and matching to boot!


Posted by: Kim | Oct 1, 2005 5:46:58 PM

Hey kimma. I know freese did agree to play the gig and learned the songs. But maybe jerome got the okay from drs? We'll know soon. Autolux is about 2 go on soon

Posted by: Gabriel | Oct 1, 2005 6:35:17 PM

It's weird to see Trent in sunshine. I have spent a day performing physical labor in great heat and discomfort, and I know that I am delerious because Jeordie wasn't looking so bad.

I've already warned Gabriel about that "pastor" shit. Besides, Trent is looking so military, he'd really be more of a chaplain. And you know what "chaplain" makes me think of?

Which also sucks. So STOP, for the LOVE OF GOD.

Posted by: maise | Oct 1, 2005 6:38:01 PM

Actually Maise, Jeordie's lookin' pretty sharp. The rest of them look like they didn't want to bother and just threw on the closest thing haha. You're not alone in thinking Jeordie doesn't look too bad... about three other women agreed that he actually looks ok in that picture. LOL.

Posted by: Kim | Oct 1, 2005 6:44:17 PM

Jeordie's looking very, "Hey, you remember how you kind of had a crush on Judd Nelson in 'The Breakfast Club'?"

P.S. Dierdre, check this shit out...a quote within a quote, including a title and a question mark at the end...I'm so slaphappy right now. Overheated and delerious!

Posted by: maise | Oct 1, 2005 6:55:23 PM

Oh, and one more comment about the new pic. I'm ready to tackle Aaron and forcibly give him a goddamn haircut. Whatever he's going for, it's not working.

Posted by: maise | Oct 1, 2005 8:10:03 PM

Re Jeordie: I'm not admitting I EVER had a crush on Judd Nelson in "The Breakfast Club" under these circumstances.

That picture is SO NOT ROCK & ROLL.

I like how Aaron & Jerome are so lovey, though.

Posted by: Dierdre | Oct 1, 2005 8:22:26 PM

shit, been gone all day. wtf is going on? hey, you guys are NOT allowed to say Jeordie looks good. when I said I thought he was cute I got blasted and everyone is mean to Jeordie. He's a walking horn dog just stay away from him but other than that cut the guy some slack. wtf is up with Jerome? is Jerome there??? PLease someone tell me. I have a soft spot for drummers. Jerome is my favorite by far.

And yes, fucking Gab, I will BEACTCH slap you if you don't stop calling Trent Pastor! Trent would BEATCH slap you if he ever caught wind of that < then again, you might enjoy that..so maybe not>

Posted by: bex | Oct 1, 2005 9:27:55 PM

Wait...no...shit...one last comment about the new pic. Is Trent wearing...is he wearing capris????

Posted by: maise | Oct 1, 2005 10:43:30 PM

Hey now, Bex, I never said anything mean about Jeordie... at least I don't think I did. >.>

Maise... LMFAO... those are shorts. Hahaha. Capris... ahahahah.

Holy crap, it's late, and I'm very giggly.

Posted by: Kim | Oct 1, 2005 11:00:19 PM

Kill that "The Pastor" bullshit and get a fucking life.

It's nice to see that you think highly of him, but seriously, come on, he's a regular guy with regular imperfections.

Maybe you should stop idolising him and get off your arse and actually do something constructive with your life.

Posted by: Angus J Thomson | Oct 2, 2005 1:06:36 AM

Met Davey Havok from AFI at the show next to the soundboards. That was my first concert ever last night- amazing (period)

Posted by: jimbo jones | Oct 2, 2005 2:17:25 PM

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