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[Words_of_Misery: the_day_the_gothemo_died]

I still cannot believe the tragedy that has befallen the nine inch nails community these past few days. The horror of the spiral fan club does not abate with time, and it's impact does not lessen.

Trent, I know you are listening, out there on the waves of the cyber-ethos. I hope this poem reaches you.

words by Gabriel

always so strong
the darkened connector of feelings
within you
upon us all

somehow you knew
yes, you knew it all along
you would steak your claim
against the rotten meat of corruption
and the purity was all
that the flesh could maintain

until today
this is the day the gothemo died

how could you have done this
and thrown it all away?
your everything
was my everything
was our everything
like yawning desolation's future

my will is blind
and the words you say are now
is this your wish?
because you're broken now

you've thrown it all away
they never did betray
all along it was you

revealed today
this is the day the gothemo died

but don't let it
this hatefuck
go undone
don't take all the everything
into yourself and run
things can change
they're not always the same
but you must believe
you must believe

in yourself

so if this is all
that's meant to be
i say goodbye to my past
(goodbye to my everything)
farewell, adieu
mon cheri

never forget today
the day the gothemo died

never forget today
this is the day

the day the gothemo died

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Oh my fucking god, Gabriel.


Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 20, 2005 12:58:25 AM

Is this set to the melody of Don McLean's American Pie?

Posted by: Roth | Jun 20, 2005 2:50:57 AM

Who is Don McLean?? Was he in Depeche Mode?

Posted by: Gabriel | Jun 20, 2005 7:25:11 AM

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