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[With_Questions: The_Chainsers_Talk_Back]

Dierdre still hasn’t been back to the apartment (though I did notice that she’s been posting on ETS today), but given the questions we’ve been getting from everyone I felt it was time to go ahead with a new update, and yes, even MORE powerful, a new feature that she and I had been discussing. Welcome to the first installment of: [With_Questions].

Obviously, we get a lot of email here at WTC. You yourself may even have been one of the many people asking, “Hey, Gabriel of WTC,” or perhaps, “Hola, Dierdre of WTC,” or even, as our far-reaching fans from abroad say, “Aloha, WTC NetMasters!” Our email boxes here are filled with questions, and the unfortunate truth is, here at WTC, we just don’t have enough time to answer everyone’s question in the one-on-one, personal manner we’d prefer.

You know. Just like M.T. Reznor doesn't.

Hence, we present a better, more efficient way for you, the readers of Wearing These Chains (or WTC, as our homeboy Jadezuki likes to call us), to get answers to the questions you really care about.

Our first installment comes to us courtesy of reader Buttercup.


I’m very sorry to say that unfortunately the conflict betwixt Dierdre and I is very real; I haven’t spoken to her since my post yesterday. The only contact has been through intermediaries (my supposed friend and bandmate, Rory) or on the ETS forums.

With regards to my lyrical intervention, the lonely room, all I can say is that it was meant to be neither cruel nor harmful. It was only meant to penetrate a wall that I feel has been building steadily around D these past few weeks, and that it expressed the frustration and rage I have felt within as of late with regards to her actions.


It’s hard to explain to everyone that what happened a few days ago wasn’t a simple reaction to Dierdre getting into a shouting match with Jesus – it goes far beyond that. For a long time Dierdre has purported to be about honesty, truth, and expression – namely in her idolatory of Trent. While I once felt we shared the same passion – the music of M.T. Reznor – I have noticed with growing concern over the past months that she seems to care very little for his art, nor any of the larger issues it raises.

Nay; these issues -- the spiral, his recent set lists, etc. – do not concern her because I feel Dierdre has turned her back on the true power of Trent in pursuit of the base glorification of his physical personage.

I won’t deny the power inherent within – I mean, come on, I saw the “closer” video like everybody else, and yes, the leather pants and little doily shirt thing he is wearing there is AWESOME, but it was all there to support the music. I feel D has lost her path. Coinciding with this, her attitude on ETS has been growing more and more hostile; now I don’t expect her to be friends with all the “shitfucks” there. I don’t think it’s possible. But I would hope she would embrace as many shits and fucks as she possibly could, in order to not only articulate what she claims is her point, but also bring people into the warm bath of inclusion that is WTC. And her angry ranting at Jesus was just the final straw.

That said, I think all the Saturday Night Live fans have nothing to worry about. Since SNL probably pays their artists to perform it’s just a matter of time before we’ll see Horatio Sanz introduce nine inch nail$ – probably with Trent joining Amy Poehler in some stupid sketch about lesbian wrestlers or something.


Witness the damage that Dierdre hath wrought.

Buttercup, we’ve never met, so you’ve no way of knowing what a virile heterosexual male I truly am – nor would I expect you to. This is just the ninternet, after all. But with Dierdre’s constant sniping and snarking, I now have to contend with some inexplicable perception that I myself am gay.

(Once again – not that there’s anything wrong with that. “Kinda I Want To” is the best song on pretty hate machine, no questions asked.)

But regardless, if Dierdre really was about love and truth, and cared about supporting her roommate the way so many have said I should do her, wouldn’t she do something as basic as support my basic definition of who I am? Because at the end of the day, I think I know a whole lot more about what’s hiding backwards inside of me than Dierdre.

Well that’s all for now – I hope this has quieted some of the questions in your minds! Thanks so much to Buttercup -- your words of encouragement and support have really been exciting to receive. As for everyone else, feel free to write to me, Gabriel or for the moment, I suppose, still Dierdre, with more thoughts, questions, and insights. Maybe next time you’ll end up on [With_Questions]!!


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So, let me get this straight, Gabriel: the fact that I disagree with you that Trent's new fan club plan, his new record, and his song choices on tour means that he has effectively sold his soul, is evidence that I don't care about his work? And, let me get this straight: being able to see the FACT that Trent is fucking hot is mutually exclusive with an intelligent engagement with him as a serious artist?

You are just wrong, my friend. The venom and judgement you have turned on Trent of late for doing what he feels he must in service of his business is no better than loving Trent only for his muscles: it's looking only at the surface, because the soul of Trent's work is what it has always been, and it is beautiful.

I'm so sick of all the haters, and I can't believe you're one of them. I can't believe you sided with those bullies on ETS over ME, your FRIEND, and that you don't know me any better than this post indicates. After ALL THESE YEARS!

Finally, Trent has always USED the fact that he's fucking hot as part of his art. There's nothing wrong with wanting to ride that man like the fine stallion he is, because he's always been ASKING FOR IT.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 30, 2005 6:43:38 AM

As always, D, your shitty, aggressive tone reveals the truth: you have no interest in discourse, only defensively spouting your own entrenched, dogmatic, hypocritical perspective. Just like those douchebags on ETS. Whom, I might add, I am not "siding with" -- I side niether with them, nor you. I side with Truth.

And further, you criticize me because I disagree with Trent, and don't suck up to him as a sycophantic leech. The moment we stop questioning the power structures -- even those we admire -- is the moment we die. The thinking person doesn't just accept an artist's current output because their past output had merit, content, or because they're "fucking hott". Trent has changed, and many of us do not like what he has become. Accept it, and then have your fantasies.

And lastly, for you to characterize me as a hater is so agregiously hypocritical it makes me want to set my face on fire. All the hate, derision, insinuation, and shit you've talked about me, both in "real life" and here at WTC, and you DARE say anything to me about being a hater? And now your tearful proclamations of wronged friendship? HOW DARE YOU.

I'm sure it's nice to cast stones, while you don't even have the courage or decency to come back to the apartment to discuss what's been going on. But then again, I can't say that I'm that surprised. Because it seems the awesome girl i met 4 years ago with the killer Alien Sex Fiend record collection and a really sweet heart has been gone a long time now.

Posted by: Gabriel | Jun 30, 2005 8:17:41 AM

Gabriel, it's just painful how much you misunderstand Dierdre's love for Trent, and for that matter I think you've misunderstood Trent too.

I regard The Spiral as a trust issue with Trent. Either you trust him to deliver you something cool that's worth the money, or you don't. That's it.

When I first got WT, I was pissed...no lyrics! Skimpy artwork! Then I got online and read what Trent had to say about it and I was less pissed, but I still thought, 'a pdf file? WTF?' Then I looked at the file and now I understand. It's a map...you follow the little lines from song to song. I looked at it and played with it for quite a bit. Like the album, this file was yet another thing Trent had given me to explore. I didn't buy the poster because I felt Trent only meant that for the people who wanted a physical copy of it, and I felt that the file itself was probably much cooler than the poster.

Anyway...the point is, my trust was tested. Trent did something totally different, something he knew he would take shit for, for the sake of art. He could have played it safe and just done what has always been done and made a normal CD package, but he wanted to do MORE. It's the same with the Spiral, and with that I think it's too early to tell how cool or uncool it will be.

I don't speak for everyone, but Trent has never disappointed me. That's probably why I trust him so much more than you do, Gabriel.

As for Dierdre merely worshipping his 'physical personage', it's so much more than that. Trent is actually only semi-attractive, until you understand his GENIUS...then suddenly you look at him and he's just dripping with sexuality. All the sexual undertones in the music don't help either. I must take this as proof that you actually ARE straight because if you were gay then you would probably understand better.

Sorry for the long post, just had to get that out. You two should probably just agree to disagree, because as much as I love your arguing, it isn't progressing toward anything except to drive you two apart, which is very tragic because I love you both.

Posted by: Jessica | Jun 30, 2005 12:09:17 PM


I SO agree with you. Trent is TRENT, and as I think I may have mentioned, I totally trust him. He has always done so much more than not disappoint me - he has always thrilled and delighted me. I listen to his records with a ridiculous, big, stupid smile on my face because no matter how many times I hear them, they always thrill me. He is hott because he is Trent, and Trent is the hottest man ever; it's as simple as that.

I think it is a trust issue, but more than that, I think it's a situation in which Gabriel has some kind of preconcieved notion about what Trent should do that has nothing whatsoever to do with the reality of what Trent must do. It's some kind of attachment to a romantic notion of art for art's sake, and it's a lovely thought, but the reality is that Trent has to take care of business, too, or he won't be able to work as the artist we love so much.

And Gabriel, my post wasn't full of hate, and it wasn't shitty or aggressive. Your over-heated response to it is, especially since YOU KNOW ME. I thought you respected the fact that I had strong opinions, and the strength to voice them! I think you should read it again, and notice that I called you "my friend" and basically told you that you had hurt my feelings by agreeing with those retards at ETS that what I do here at WTC is creepy.

My heart, like Trent's, is right where it's always been, and if you can't see that, I feel sorry for you.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 30, 2005 2:25:53 PM

was it jim morrison that said the best ideas in life are borrowed? i don't know. i do know that jim morrison was full of shit, but i wanted to compliment the aforementioned poem was decent. kudos, gabriel. i've written dierdre in the hopes that she would swallow her pride and return to wtc. in vain, apparently.

it is strange, though, the way in which your arguments form. who would fight with their roommate over ets postings? or over anything the two of you have turned into war? i haven't yet given into the idea that there is one writer for this blog, but it's fun to entertain.

fun for me, but apparently not for either of you. because of this, i walk on egg shells, encouraging a happy make-up. i don't even visit ets anymore because this is way more interesting.

fix it, goddamn it.

Posted by: queer as . . . | Jun 30, 2005 10:21:03 PM

i wish i could edit my postings after i've hit 'submit.'

i apoligize for an typos.

Posted by: queer as . . . | Jun 30, 2005 10:22:48 PM

dierdre, i love you.

gabriel, i love you.

sleep tight.

Posted by: queer as . . . | Jun 30, 2005 10:23:52 PM

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