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[Understanding_Teeth: Love_Is_Not_Enough]

It's been a crazy past couple of weeks everyone, what with the San Diego Shows, the recording that L'orangerie Stank has been doing, and even just this weekend the abuse Dierdre and I have been taking over at Echoing the Sound. To top it off, last night Dierdre and I went to a party, and we were all really drunk, and Alex tried to kiss me, insisting that he "knew how I really felt about him". I tried to tell him I was straight, but he wouldn't listen and kept trying shit all night -- something that's been happening every time I've seen him since the K Street party. But I guess that's why we're not friends though, right?

But back to business, I have been getting those emails you've sent, looking for deeper meanings in Trent Reznor's lastest masterwork. Well you can lift your fingers from your collective "send" button -- I'm happy to welcome you all to another installment of Understanding Teeth!

love is not enough
Warning! This installment of "Understanding Teeth" features adult themes! Underage supervision is advised!

One of the great things about the work of M.T. Reznor is how it always feels like he's right inside your head. From the first time I saw the band when I was 13, it's always seemed that Trent's somehow been able to write songs that relate to what I'm going through in my life. (I think that's what all great music does, even if it's classical music and stuff like that. Though I guess it would've been harder for people in olden times to specifically relate to a song that didn't have any words and was just a guy with a piano, and some violins or something. Then again, they talked different back then, so maybe it wasn't a problem after all. I don't know. But irregardless, I know that the music of nine inch nails really strikes home with me, which is why it's so powerful in the first place).

A couple years ago I was dating a girl -- I don't want to use names here, because we're not really friends anymore, so we'll just call her "Tina" -- and we'd been dating a couple months, and as we all know, after a couple months, stuff gets boring in the bedroom. I'm talking about SEX. Tina and I had lots and lots of sex, because she was a really hot girl, but no matter how good stuff is at first, it always gets boring after awhile. So you need to spice it up. A problem everyone understands, and one Trent gives us great insight into on this track!

His beautiful tapestry of words flows over the tribal sexual drumbeat, "the more that we take, the paler we get; I can't remember what it is -- we try to forget." Well, let me tell you, Tina and I would mess around ALL THE TIME, and it would get exhausting; this is right after I moved out of my Mom's and my apartment didn't have any air conditioning. We would get so tired, we'd just get paler and paler. Tina'd also start forgetting where she was and stuff... but then again, she had a blood sugar problem and almost passed out, which was probably too pale. But I had some orange juice and she ended up okay.

Now the character Trent's talking about goes into the bathroom, where there's a "tile on the floor so cold it could sting", and he's with a girl in whose "eyes is a place worth remembering". Let me tell you, nothing's worse than walking into a tile bathroom barefooted when it's really cold. But just like Trent talks about, Tina and I would Do It in the bathroom all the time, cold floor or not. That's a place worth remembering for sure!

Now the lyrics go from gauzy and romantic, to frustrated: "I've gone all this fucking way to wind up... to wind up back at the start!" Trent's voice cracks with the fury of his frustration, and I totally know how he feels! When you have a heterosexual relationship like I had with Tina, you go through all this rigamorale to get close and intimate with somebody, and then you find yourself bored, just like in the beginning when you were home by yourself playing GTA: San Andreas.

This is why you need to start introducing new things into your sexual repetoire, and as the chorus hits Trent's singing about that very thing. The song's not clear about what kind of new kinkiness is being introduced in this character's life (Trent, the brilliant songsmith that he is, leaves it vague so we all can relate!) but I'm pretty sure it comes down to utilizing the "back entrance", if you know what I'm talking about.

Well now that they've got their lube and are trying new things, they're reflecting -- "Hey, the closer we think we are, well it only got us so far." Damn right, it only did -- until you took that trip to the Love Boutique, that is. "Now you got anything left to show?" I asked this of Tina all the time, and after we'd stepped it up a notch, obviously there wasn't anything I hadn't seen. Then in summation, Trent says some lines that explain why this character neeeded a little bit extra -- quite simply, your traditional boring regular sex (a/k/a "love") was not enough.

How does TR manage to know what's in our heads so specficially. It is magic, I tell you.

For his second verse, Trent just describes the Naughty Service Entrance Act that he started doing earlier in the song: "well it hides in the dark, like the withering vein" (I think all of us guys feel that one, right?); "we didn't give it a mouth so it could not complain" (when I was having all of this heterosexual action with Tina she said it wasn't like porn movies where the girls all love the Backyard Bounty. Good thing it wasn't given a mouth to complain with!); "and to think I believed, i believed i could get better with you" (how stupid of him! Why get better having sex the Old Way when you've now got the awesome Love Is Not Enough New Way!!!)

And then the chorus repeats again, and the drumbeat ends, song over, and you're spent.

Yeah... Trent certainly nailed it home with this tune. I miss those old days with Tina. She was hot.

Alex is a dick.


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Gabriel, I would hazard a guess that Trent is not as consumed with being fucked in the ass as you are, but that's just me.

I know all about you and "Tina" she told me about you and your chocolate highway obssession. I urge you to seek therapy.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 12, 2005 6:37:25 PM

Funny you should mention "chocolate highway" obsessions, Dierdre. Rory and I worked on L'orangerie's reimagining of "Gave Up" earlier today; when I mentioned the theme of the newest Understanding Teeth, he had some juicy tidbits to spill about you and this particular sexual topic.


Posted by: Gabriel | Jun 12, 2005 11:51:51 PM

Rory is such a fucking liar. Still, you know what? If I wanted to experience the "backdoor bounty" as you so charmingly put it, I'D FUCKING ADMIT IT, BITCH.

I wasn't going to spill the beans on this, Gabriel, but since you had to go here, I think I may as well share with the world the fact that you're a fucking VIRGIN. Maybe if you would go ahead and kiss Alex back you could get some of the action you dreaming of without resorting to imagimary girls and microphones.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 13, 2005 12:30:33 AM

Hey, Dierdre, what song comes right after "head like a hole" on pretty hate machine?

Oh, that would be "terrible lie", now wouldn't it.

i'm going to class. you suck.

Posted by: Gabriel | Jun 13, 2005 8:29:21 AM

Nice comeback, VIRGIN.

Posted by: Dierdre | Jun 13, 2005 8:30:38 AM

These are dark days indeed...

Posted by: Tormented_Soul_3 | Jun 17, 2005 1:12:30 PM

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