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you know what you are?

Well after Trent's told us a little bit about what a lonely, sad life God's leading these days, you're probably wondering what he next has up his sleeve. Well lucky for you [With_Teeth] is a fast moving album, and track two comes hard and heavy. You Know What You Are? continues Trent’s new method of songwriting, but instead of looking at The Allmighty, Trent goes back to his taboo, fetish-y roots, this time looking at what it’s like to be a cross-dresser in America today.

“I tried to stick myself though try to get to the other side / I had to patch up the cracks and the holes that I had to hide.” These lines are easily some of the deepest on the record, if only for the many different meanings that they can have depending on how you look at it. On first glance, you might think Trent’s just talking about conformity, or falling apart as a person, but if you think carefully, it’s pretty clear that “sticking himself through” is referring to tucking his private parts behind his legs, so he can get to the “other side” (looking like a woman). The cracks and the holes (though I know you probably have some perverted takes on those words, Rory! LOL) are the parts of him that don’t really feel like a woman, so he has to add things to himself (patching) or cover up that parts are missing (holes he had to hide).

Then Trent tells us that “for a little bit of time (he) even made it work okay” – and it seems like everything’s going to be fine for our little pre-op lad. But then we find out it was really “just long enough to really make it hurt”, and “when you figured me out and it all just rotted away.”

Obviously the Transvestite has started dating somebody, and just like in the freaky movie The Crying Game they started getting busy, and somebody found a little surprise they weren’t expecting. So the Transvestite is standing there, his junk hanging out, while the guy they were making out with is looking at them and starts to scream “Don’t you fucking know what you are? Don’t you fucking know what you are? Don’t you fucking know what you are? Go on get back to where you belong!”

I think these words will sound very familiar to anybody that has a cross-dressing friend that got drunk and made out with a guy who wasn’t so cool with the fact that what they’d thought was a slightly-ugly Extreme Makeover contestant that was going to bone them was actually a dude. “Get back to where you belong.” These words sting.

So now the Transvestite gets mad, and starts shouting back – “You better take a good look cause I’m full of shit / With every bit of my heart I tried to believe in it.” Because who’s going to live all their life and go to all the trouble and work that acting like a woman all the time requires unless they really want to be a woman, you know? That shit's not easy. Hell, sometimes at band practice if we get really drunk we'll do the tuck thing because we think it's funny, and even just that part of it is hard.

So the argument continues as the Dude Who Got Duped yells back at the cross-dresser -- "You can dress it up, you can try to pretend / But you can't change anything in the end." A pretty dress and a push up bra don't make you a woman, you know? Now, granted, maybe if you get surgery and had certain things removed and certain things added then you sorta could change things in the end, but that's a much longer song than we have time for here. Remember, as Trent said [With_Teeth] is "twelve hard punches to the face." Plus one more, apparently, because there are 13 songs on the record. Or maybe the last one isn't really a punch. I don't know.

Then the music gets really crazy with lots of drums that sound a lot like that Guns N' Roses song from the Terminator movie, with wierd scratch computer noises and guitars groaning. I think this might supposed to be the musical sounds of sex, but I'm not sure. If it is, it's kinda disturbing, and I guess they won't put the song on the radio, but if it is meant to be the musical sounds of sex, well then it's the best darn musical sounds of transvestite sex that I've ever heard.

"Remember where you came from, remember what you are" Trent whispers in this part, sounding all creepy until he gets REALLY REALLY LOUD and SCREAMS IT! I like this part, because it gets really hard and intense, and when I'm driving in my Civic it makes the speakers really go baoooooooooohhhhhmmmmmmm. Then it's back into the chorus, and everybody's screaming "Don't you fucking know what you are!", and this time, I bet it's both the dude and the Transvestite screaming it. Because maybe during the musical sex part, the Dude realized that maybe he kinda liked it a little bit.

The end part only makes this more powerful, as it gets quiet except for one big booming bass part, and Trent's little piano riff. It sounds doomy as hell, but peaceful too. Sort of like I do after I've had sex.

So we've got a song about God having a bad day and about a spat between a Transvestite and their heterosexual lover. And people are saying [With_Teeth] is more of the same old same old! They don't know anything!!!

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Good try, Gabriel, but this time, I think you're letting your own fantasy life get in the way of truly understanding Trent's work. "You Know What You Are" is clearly about how he wants to be a love slave, like he was to Marilyn Manson. The cracks he has to patch are the cracks in his heart after Marilyn broke it, and the hole is the hole in his soul left by his unfeeling lover. He makes it work ok sometimes, but when people finally see through him, all the way to his heartache, all the pretending to be ok makes it just hurt more. Poor Trent!

When he says "Don't you fucking know what you are?" He's accusing Marilyn of being a heartbreaker and a lying, betraying bastard. He wants Marilyn to admit it, but he never will, so Trent has to repeat it again and again. Then, he tells Marilyn to get back where he belongs: in Trent's bed.

The next verse is where Trent turns Marilyn's betrayal around on himself, and experiences the angst of lost love, berating himself for ever believing that Marilyn could love him, and internalizing the rejection. In the end, nothing will ever change, because Trent is damaged goods now. ALl he can do is keep reminding Marilyn that it was he, TRENT, who discovered him and made him what he is. That's why he says "remember where you came from."

He ends by begging Marilyn to remember and return to him, but he knows it's a futile hope. With his final bars of ominous piano, he lets Marilyn know that it's not over until the fat lady sings.

Seriously, it's so obvious. Just because you want to wear dresses and have sex with chicks with dicks doesn't mean Trent thinks about shit like that all the time.

Oh, and by the way, I know I said no about coming along to your band practice, but now, kinda I want to.

Posted by: Dierdre | May 16, 2005 5:55:32 PM

You are once again hereby DISINVITED to L'orangerie Stank's upcoming practice.

And I wouldn't cast too many stones with the chicks with dicks comments, Dierdre. Lest you forget the cameraphone video of you and Sarah from New Year's? Whore.

Posted by: Gabriel | May 16, 2005 6:02:46 PM

Pfft! Whatevs, bitch.

I know all about you and "Cassandra". You go ahead and play the straight man if you want to, but me, Alex, Rory, "Cassandra", and everyone else on the World Wide Web know the truth about you and how much you love cock.

You'd lead a much more satisfying life if you'd stop being such a mangina and just admit it.

Yours Ever Faithfully,

Posted by: Dierdre | May 16, 2005 8:17:01 PM

Why the fuck do you always do this? This blog isn't about you being a bitch -- it's about Trent. Get back on topic already. You're ruining everything.

Posted by: Gabriel | May 16, 2005 8:27:42 PM

Oh, I'm on topic, you hussy. Trent is all about THE TRUTH, so start telling it!

Posted by: Dierdre | May 16, 2005 9:13:24 PM

That was so funny I soiled myself. Now stop bickering, you two.

Posted by: A Friend | May 17, 2005 4:43:29 PM

I think you are both right and both wrong. It is definitly over torn love and shit gone awry...but me thinks Trent dear has some deep buried skeletons in his pretty closet...by the time you interpret the remainder of the album it all becomes clear. Trent and the "other" are in fact one in the same. Brilliant.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 17, 2005 5:56:08 PM

You're saying Trent's a transvestite?

Posted by: Gabriel | May 17, 2005 6:05:56 PM

Not a transvestite per say, but rather a mirror image of himself as a woman. The "she" to his "he" and vice versa. But Trent is so deep that he beatifully disguises it through haunting pain and torment. In the end, who is he really? That is the true essence of this album.

Posted by: Tormented_Soul_3 | May 17, 2005 6:42:31 PM

Holy shit, Gabriel! That could be it!

Posted by: Dierdre | May 17, 2005 7:30:37 PM

Well I'm really glad you've joined in the discussion, Tormented -- that's what we're all about here at Wearing These Chains (after all, it says "I want to do something that matters" down at the bottom for a reason, right?)

However, I must respectfullly disagree. Trent has written about how he feels like a woman in his head before (it's what I thought the obvious meaning of "Head Like a Hole" always was) but that's not the case here. [With Teeth] is something much different, and I think as you read further installments of Understanding Teeth you'll come to agree!

Posted by: Gabriel | May 17, 2005 8:10:59 PM

Thanks for the welcome Gabriel. It's good to find like minded angels of darkness out there. I look forward to your next outlook of the album...even though I may beg to differ.

Posted by: Tormented_Soul_3 | May 18, 2005 6:37:21 PM

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