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Hey guys.

We've had a great run here at WearingTheseChains. From our first post back in May of 2005, when we were just another free stop on blogspot.com, and the primogenial Dear Trent, which in and of itself set the blueprint for pretty much everything to come, we've gotten to partake in a lot of good times with all you guys. The Meathead Wars, Dierdre's engagement, and a whole lotta haiku... it's been a good run.

But passion is elastic, the progress of time is constant, and things... well, things change.

With that, I'm here to announce that WearingTheseChains is going on extended hiatus. For the record, this isn't me acting unilaterally; this was a decision reached amongst all current staff members (and yes, that means Iris and Maise, too). It wasn't a decision that was reached lightly, either. It involved a lot of arguing, back and forth, slammed doors, thrown soft drinks, and broken monitors. Two people got hit in the head with staplers, significant others became concerned, the police were called in... it wasn't pretty folks. But point is, we're now all out of the hospital, and on the same page.

"But Gabriel!," I hear our legion of fan crying out, "Blink 182 went on an extended hiatus and they've never come back! We know what you really mean!"

Well yes, that is always a possibility I suppose, but Blink 182's hiatus also gave us both Box Car Racer AND Angels & Airwaves, so maybe it was sorta AWESOME, no?

And in that vein, I am REALLY happy to finally be able to announce our very own BCR/A&A, Places Parallel.

Birthed from the snarky loins of Maise and Iris, Places Parallel takes the commentary and conversation (and straight up obnoxiousness) of WTC, and uses the entire music scene as its target. Really good stuff (and if you're a Pumpkins fan you'll definitely want to read). We'll all be making stops in there from time to time, so please check them out, leave a comment and support 'em -- they did great work here, and Dierdre and I are really looking forward to what they've got in store.

And that's it folks. I want to thank everybody for all their support and readership over the past couple years -- it's really been fun. Dierdre did want me to emphasize that this is not a closing... eventually that Formerly Angry Now Seemingly Well-Adjusted And Isn't That Dull? Midget is going to put out another record, and I'm sure we'll have something to say when that time comes. We'll have the folks at PP give everyone a heads up as well when there's new content.

In the meantime, comments will remain open, enjoy reading some of the old shit if that's your thing, and keep on listening to Trent Reznor and digging your Nine Inch Nails records. Some great fucking music is what all of this was about, and no matter what comes and goes in our respective lives, that will never change.

Much love to everyone (except for those fuckers we don't like -- you know who you are).

Gabriel, Dierdre, Iris, Maise, & Mimi

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Hey bitches!

Remember when I posted this, exactly three weeks ago, about Trank having a new iPhone?

Well, Trank just posted this this.

Yes, I know, I'm amazing.

I also know what the next album is going to be called, because he texted my iPhone from his iPhone. I then emailed Angelman's iPhone with the information. Jealous yet?

You should be.

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Posting as a guest author is cool, because that's what you've been invited and authorized to do.

Getting PWNed at the hands of Angelman ands yours truly is cool, because that's what you were born to do.

Fucking with the HTML of the very site, changing it's page title headers, like you were the webmaster?

That shit gets you fired.

Sorry kids. WTC has two less authors on its staff as of RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Viva L'avril.

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