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Yo folks. In just three days I will have the immense luxury of being on a fucking plane for almost ELEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT.

You know what that means? ELEVEN HOURS WITHOUT SMOKING.

Yeah, travelling is gonna RULE. But fortunately, I got my Skinny Puppy, I got my David Bowie records, I got my fist for fucking myself, and I've also got a pen, so I should be good.

What I don't have is concert tickets.

While the WTC crew is in Europe, we're gonna try to check out some NIN shows. DUH. Like that wasn't obvious. We've had good fortune getting tickets for shows thus far, but one has mystified us - the 3/30/07 show in Vienna, Austria. At some big fucking tank called the Gasometer. For some reason, this to me just brings to mind visions of Bad 50's movies, 50ft tall woman, and SMELL-O-VISION. And with a bunch of fucking stanky NIN fans in a gas tank for 4 hours, Smell-O-Vision is exactly what that shit is gonna be.

BUT ANYWAY, we've all hit some snags procuring tickets for this show. So I thought I'd open the door up and see if anybody out there had any ideas, had any extras, or just wanted to congratulate me for being awesome with my hilarious Smell-O-Vision routine.

Either way, we'd love it if you dropped a line and said what up.

Thanks, bitches!

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Yes, please help, if you know where we can get tix! You'd think a ghost dog could get past security, but no.

I'm actually looking forward to the flight. That's 11 hours of Gabriel not being allowed to molest me while doing that lame barking thing he does, even though I'm going to be stuck in a crate in cargo.

Posted by: maise | Mar 20, 2007 12:27:11 PM



There is a difference.

Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 20, 2007 12:27:57 PM

He does this all the fucking time.

Posted by: maise | Mar 20, 2007 12:28:59 PM

Looks like there's still tickets for sale here: http://www.worldticketshop.com/concerts/nine_inch_nails_tickets/9317_nine_inch_nails_vienna

Posted by: jorelle | Mar 20, 2007 3:53:43 PM

Oops, looks like the link got cut off.


enter all that as one web addy.

Posted by: jorelle | Mar 20, 2007 3:57:59 PM

Thanks, Jorelle! But we're also cheap bastards. Anyone have a cheaper means for us to get in?

(I'm not going to have oral sex with anyone as the price of admission, but Gabriel, however is up for grabs.)

Posted by: maise | Mar 20, 2007 4:31:33 PM

Ugg...11 hours and no smokes. Thank God you're getting there before I do. You had better be all smoked up by the time I do arrive. I do not want to start my fabulous vacation with some cranky, nicotine deprived, bitch boy.

Posted by: Iris | Mar 21, 2007 10:09:36 AM

Yeah, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Posted by: maise | Mar 21, 2007 10:36:51 AM

Hey Iris, go fuck yourself.


Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 21, 2007 1:08:57 PM

You're not quitting shit til you give me back that underwear you stole from me. I don't think it flatters you anyway.

Posted by: maise | Mar 21, 2007 1:29:52 PM

Too late. I've already made plans for Friday, when I was supposed to be flying out.

I will be bowling, with Milo.

Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 21, 2007 1:35:14 PM

Who the fuck is Milo? That fucking corgi next door? Big fucking surprise, you FAITHLESS WHORE. Oh, and good luck bowling with a goddamn corgi.

I hate you.

Posted by: maise | Mar 21, 2007 2:36:01 PM

Milo isn't a fucking dog. JUST LIKE YOU, he is a FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN BEING.


Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 21, 2007 3:59:31 PM

You are going on this goddamn trip, you FAITHLESS WHORE, and I'm not going to hear another word about this fucking Milo, no matter what species he is.

I am your goddamn manager, goddamn it.

Posted by: maise | Mar 21, 2007 4:08:27 PM

Manage my SACK, bitch.

Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 21, 2007 4:20:42 PM

I'd love to, if only I could find it...

Posted by: maise | Mar 21, 2007 4:26:53 PM

Jesus, what did you do start your nicotine deprevation early? I'm all for smoking honey. You can huff and puff and smoke that shit wherever you feel. All I'm saying is get your fix on before I get there. So cancel your plans with the fucking corgi...your ass is still going to Europe!

Posted by: Iris | Mar 21, 2007 5:07:11 PM

Sorry. It's league night, whores.

In the meantime, check out how fucking MORONIC GODDAMNED GUNS N' ROSES FANS other than myself are:

Warning: GNR Fans attempt to comprehend The ARG here

I couldn't help myself. I just had to jump in.

Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 21, 2007 5:16:18 PM

Okay, I have to give you props on "What if when Jesus comes back he has a mohawk?"

But it doesn't change the fact that when you weren't looking last weekend, I covered your bowling ball in the industrial-size KY Jelly you allegedly purchased for my benefit that has been GATHERING DUST in your bedroom.

Hope that helps your score. LOSER.

Posted by: maise | Mar 21, 2007 5:24:53 PM

Nobody actually BOWLS with their fucking LOVE BALLS, you ignorant little YIP.

Stop trying so hard. I have won. I am the new way to go. I am the way of the future.

Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 21, 2007 5:26:59 PM

Hey Gabriel, I have something to give you. I don't want it anymore. Thirty hours of depraved, yet strangely dull, sex, all at once, all for you.

Posted by: maise | Mar 21, 2007 5:29:43 PM

Haha! You thought I'd fool for that, didn't you? Luckily _I_ know that the transmission of your memories would be FAR TOO INTENSE for me to handle, and if not killing me instantly on the spot, it would at least incapacitate me long enough to fall from the church roof and impale myself upon the gate below!

But I would still have a huge arousal in my pants.

Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 21, 2007 5:35:34 PM

? :-P ?

Posted by: Tessah | Mar 21, 2007 7:43:05 PM

Oh my fucking god, bitches. I better not have to listen to all this fucking bitchery, NON FUCKING STOP when you get here. And, Maise and Gabriel? NO ONE is fucking a dog in my spare room; get it out of your system in the airplane toilet.

Posted by: Dierdre | Mar 21, 2007 11:58:21 PM

Oh, don't you worry, Dierdre. Unless I am drunk and Gabriel starts talking to me with his Spanish 101 while holding my leash, I am almost completely insusceptible.

I would LIKE to take this opportunity to be reunited with THE master, but I don't know if his (sigh) new dog would be down with that.

Posted by: maise | Mar 22, 2007 5:44:54 AM

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