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Ha, NIN Hotline isn't the only one with the lowdown on all things NIN. We here at WTC have obtained a special sneak peek at the second single off of YEAR ZERO! We have some lyrics and the cover of Halo 25 (or whatever number it would be): THE TEARS OF THE LEMUR. It certainly is a departure from what has come before, and I suspect this will be a softer, more reflective song.



In the land of Madagascar,
the lemurs witness disaster.
The world is filled with war and disease.
The lemurs feel great unease.
The cat that purrs becomes the rich woman's fur.
The mother lemur sobs--can you hear her?

As the lemurs cry,
I watch the planet die.
When the lemurs fucking cry,
I ask myself, 'Why?'

Tell me, will you turn off your TV?
Will you ride your bike, not drive your SUV?
The tears fall faster from big lemur eyes,
They see right through the president's lies.
The planet's much too hot,
The lemurs know it's all we've got.

As the lemurs cry,
I watch the planet die.
When the lemurs fucking cry,
I ask myself, 'Why?'

The lemur is just a little primate,
He doesn't know hate!
He can't fix all that's wrong,
That's why I'm singing this song!!!

As the lemurs cry,
I watch the planet die.
When the lemurs fucking cry,
I ask myself, 'Why'?

We humans--we humans would be so wise
If we could see through the lemur's eyes.

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Oh Trent...you're concern touchs me so much. It's has inspired me to write a haiku.

For the Plight of the Lemur
by Iris

I’ll ride my bike through
the snow. Don’t know how fast I’ll
go. But I don’t want

the tears of lemurs
to flow. No, not the tears of
the fucking lemur.

Posted by: Iris | Feb 1, 2007 10:14:12 AM

Lemur is *so* the new pig.

Posted by: Sarcelle | Feb 1, 2007 11:39:03 AM

They are delicious.

Posted by: JR | Feb 1, 2007 2:19:53 PM

I hope bestiality is legal in Japan because Jeordie will be on that lemur like white on rice.

Posted by: Hannah | Feb 1, 2007 2:35:41 PM

I heard in "Survivalism" Trent is forced to eat a lemur to stay alive, and that is why they're crying.

This fucking record keeps getting worse all the time.

Posted by: Gabriel | Feb 1, 2007 4:55:19 PM

March of the Lemurs > March of the Pigs.

Posted by: Killaya | Feb 1, 2007 6:02:08 PM

Oh my god, you guys. I AM SO LOST.

Posted by: Jane | Feb 2, 2007 11:20:21 AM

Here, Jane, here's something a little less bewildering:

Amanda Palmer's version of "Right Where It Belongs"

She's singing backup, but I'm not sure who's on lead vocals there.

Posted by: maise | Feb 2, 2007 12:12:14 PM

Maise, his name is Cormac Bride


Thank you to you and everyone else who makes this site one of my favourites. Reading it makes my day a little less shitty. You guys rock, and I'm glad I can finally contribute.

Posted by: Jade | Feb 2, 2007 1:58:43 PM

Alessandro Cortini is a sexy beast...this would be Shidjiff talking though....damn sexy...Hannah says Gabriel's a sexy beast....

Posted by: Hannah | Feb 2, 2007 3:12:01 PM

Hannah is right. RAWR.

Posted by: Gabriel | Feb 2, 2007 5:01:04 PM



what happened to this site? where is diedre?

Posted by: | Feb 2, 2007 9:43:34 PM

Dierdre might be busy watching this over and over an over again, and laughing her fucking head off. That's my guess.

Or, she could be drunk, and tangled up in some kind of naughty but nice love nest with a foreign national, screaming "Yes, Yes! YES!!", while drunk on 16 year old Bush Mills Irish Whiskey. That would be awesome.

Posted by: Jane | Feb 3, 2007 12:14:31 AM

HMPF, anonymous!

Maybe some of us are ridiculously behind at work and everything else in life and can't devote proper time to worshipping pics of Trent standing in front of a lot of buttons. But I assure you that when some of us catch up and our lives aren't such fucking disaster, we will pay appropriate tribute.

In the meantime, consider the feelings of the goddamn lemurs. It's all we ask.

That Jarvis video is fucking hilarious!

Posted by: maise | Feb 3, 2007 7:21:47 AM

First- lulz at Jarvis video.
That will keep me warm at night.

For some reason I've just had some horrible vision of Trent being in the next Live-Aid and now I want to die.
I also realise Live-Aid has nothing to do with lemurs, but I think it's about time it did.

Posted by: SexyClone | Feb 3, 2007 8:25:22 AM

Would it please you to know that he's headlining Lemur Aid this summer with John Mellencamp?

Posted by: maise | Feb 3, 2007 3:51:33 PM

It depends if he's going to dress as a lemur or not.

I mean if he's not going to be dedicated to the cause there's no point.

Posted by: SexyClone | Feb 4, 2007 6:38:53 AM

Good point. Douglas Adams once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro *dressed as a rhino* to call attention to the threats to the species.

So Trent, the guantlet has been thrown.

Have I ever told you guys that I would totally name a child after Douglas Adams? Seriously.

Posted by: maise | Feb 4, 2007 7:55:15 AM

Yeah, Gabriel. My best friend has fallen madly in love with you and Alessandro. What a damn shame...

Posted by: Hannah | Feb 4, 2007 9:38:22 AM

On second thought, Trent might look funny as a lemur. He's a teensy but on the broad side (MUSCLES, UNF ♥).

Maybe there are some larger endangered animals he can campaign for.

Posted by: SexyClone | Feb 4, 2007 11:11:42 AM

Dude. Douglas Adams totally rocks my socks, even now, whilst he's dead. I would fall in love with your baby if you named them after Douglas Adams.

Posted by: KittyKins | Feb 4, 2007 2:04:01 PM

"whilst"?? wtf?!

Posted by: | Feb 4, 2007 8:58:34 PM

olde english bitches. It rocks.

Posted by: KittyKins | Feb 5, 2007 6:31:13 AM

I bet you're as confused as a pickpocket in a nudist colony, anonymous.

Posted by: Hannah | Feb 5, 2007 2:42:03 PM

Who's your friend, Hannah? How young is she?

Posted by: Gabriel | Feb 5, 2007 3:28:19 PM

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