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[Absorbing: Saul_Williams]

Here's what we're about today: Saul Williams, and his staggeringly excellent self-titled record.

I don't want to say too much to kick this off, but I will say that what I love about Saul's record is the almost acrobatic intelligence of it, but even more than that, the way he sees art as a FORCE in the world. I like that he doesn't merely try to express existing feelings and realities in his work, but that he seems to approach his work as if new realities, and new ways to feel and express, can actually be created by it. I think it's particularly interesting how personal things like relationships and insecurities interact with political things like equality, and cultural expression on his record. There are some artists who can always tackle political issues without making you want to kill them, and I think that's because they talk about political things the way Saul does, in terms of his own engagement with them. I love the way Saul Williams has aspirations for the power of what he does that are enormously idealistic, but at the same time, humble, pragmatic, and interested in quotidian things. I like that he is unflinching about expressing that idealism.

All of that good stuff is, to my mind, the content of this totally kickass record, and in terms of its relationship to the genre of Hip Hop, it is a truly focused aesthetic statement; both a love letter and a slap in the face to what the genre has become.

I'll only add that since notre amour has been working with Saul, and has, it seems, wandered (or, perhaps strode purposefully) into more explicitly political territory, I think it's particularly pertinent to the moment we find ourselves in right now, of waiting to see what comes down the pike from the Empire of Dirt. To my mind, the idea of Saul and Trent working together is an incredibly exciting one for both of them, because while Trent has an an enormously eloquent musical voice, it has been noted by many a pundit that his writing is not on a par with that of William Shakespeare (though, personally, I think his writing is perfectly calibrated to his project, and much more sensitive and skillful than people give it credit for being), while Saul is most articulate in a more linguistic sense. I also think that contrast between the two of them has about a million fascinating possible facets, so... I'll leave something for the discussion.

Obviously, there are about a million things to say about this record, so bring it, dear readers.

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Firstly, I think you should all know that Paris is about 1 mile from the sun today. It is very fucking hot, and that means I will be cranky. So... fuck you all.

Especially you, Gabriel.

Secondly, I want to hereby make the final comment I ever hope to make on recent events here at WTC. While I prefer to allow this website to be a free, self-regulating, and open forum for everyone who loves Trent Reznor to absolute pieces (even fucktards like Gabriel who can't admit the shameful truth), it has been true in recent days that such a laissez-faire approach is not always posssible.

Everyone here who is a regular reader knows that we have a couple of commenting rules. First, we do not discuss Trent Reznor's lovelife here, because this is my website, and it rubs me the wrong way. We don't discuss the size of Trent Reznor's cock**, because that topic is banal and boring, and no one here cares if he's working the full nine inches, or, as Courtney Love so famously asserted, three inches of pure fury. Trent is Trent is Trent, and his cock, while I don't doubt that it is spectacularly magnificent in every single conceivable respect, is beside the point.

Likewise, we will not tolerate incessant spamming or flooding. We've seen our share of ungrammatical posts from awesome, haterific trolls, and frankly, we love them because they make us laugh. Just to be clear: we are not going to edit dissent from our pages, but the tsunami of meaningless, deeply tiresome crap we've had to wade through on this website for the past week or so is just too much trouble. In future, without comment and without regard to post content, any posts that are deemed by me, or any other editor of this site, to be spam or flooding will be deleted. Protests about such actions can be submitted by e-mail to any one of us (addresses at the bottom right of any page on this site), but I'll tell you fuckfaces (you know who you are) right now that the answer will probably be a bored and beleaguered "Go eat a bowl of dicks."

Meanwhile, I encourage all of you readers who truly do enjoy this charming website to avoid feeding the monkeys who are throwing poo around. Just ignore it. If you have questions, again, you can e-mail us, and our answers to you will probably be more like "Love, Love, Kiss, Kiss!", unless you write to Gabriel; in that case, I can't vouch for what he might say, and you just have to take your chances.

Finally, I'm sure this got lost in the scrum somewhere, but the next item on our listening club schedule is Saul Williams's self-titled record. In my opinion, it's fucking great, and since our attempt to include him in our book club wasn't the hugest success, I thought we might be able to give him his due in listening to his record. Like always, even if you know this record well, give it a fresh listen. I can't wait to hear your comments, and we will discuss it on Monday.

Finally, let's just not forget one very important thing around here, ok?


Trent Reznor is fucking scrumptious.


PS. I love you readers who send me pictures! You guys rule.

**Except Gabriel. Gabriel can feel free to discuss the size of Trent's cock ALL DAY LONG if he wants to. I certainly don't want to rein anything in that might be a boon to his sexual freedom, because God knows he needs all the help he can get.

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[With_Toast: A_Miracle]

Boys and girls, I have to tell ya...I left WTC earlier today feeling rather disheartened. I mean, sure, lots of sites discuss fascinating topics like anal violation, but I don't generally like to visit those while at work, and it's not exactly what I'm looking for here.

Plus, I really hate to be like this, but I think I'm going to have to be a little more proactive in the moderation. For the most part, there's no need, and there is fun to be had in arguing back and forth, but I just can't allow any given individual to start taking over every thread on the board, making it all about him/her. I mean, look at the banner at the top of this page: "concerning trent reznor, nine inch nails, and all things gothemo." Nowhere do I see any mentions of "cockfros," "Indiana snipers," or "deeply stained shag carpets." (And I swear to God, Gabriel, you had better not change it, or you will be writing checks your scrawny body can't cash.) So yeah. [sigh] Although I generally like to be friendly and cheerful and game, I am going to unapologetically start reining things in. Not to the point where we're not having chaotic fun anymore. But to the point where we don't have to read 10,000 repetitive posts in a row from the same person or have to close threads for commenting because they have crossed all boundaries of decency. I pledge to be fair and not become some sort of "deletion nazi," but I'm just saying that you should heed any warnings given to you by Dierdre, Gabriel, or myself. We are beyond tolerant and patient, and if you like us and want to hang out, you shouldn't go out of your way to fuck with us. Also, I'd like to point out that if anyone wants to chat about something off-topic or something that would take up too much time and energy on the board, you can always send me an email. I like to chat with people, and I'll generally respond, even if I think you're totally full of shit.

Anyway, so the whole thing kind of got me down, and I was going to take a bit of a break from all the persistent retardation when divine intervention...uh...intervened. In the form of an email from our Iris, and kids, she has something amazing to report:


You're never going to believe what happened to me tonight! I've been SAVED! After all that squabbling and filth that happened on WTC, I felt so impure. So as I fixed myself a little snack to think things over, He came to me. Trent Fucking Reznor appeared to me in my toast! I think maybe he's trying to tell me that all will be all right, that this shall pass, that as long as I hold my faith in the only thing that is pure--the music--that we'll all make it through these downright sinful days. Or Trent could just be telling me he goes best with boysenberry jam. Dunno. But lest you doubt my claim, I have proof! Look!


And she has indeed provided us with proof. Proof that has restored my faith in WTC.


Isn't it beautiful? And, ladies and Gabes, everything Iris said is true. Because as petty and discordant as things can get around here, Trent is the guy who unites us all. His music touches our very souls and our breakfast foods. And even when he's not on tour, he's still out there--making the world a better place by writing new music that we can't wait to hear and imprinting his face on our bread. So let's pull ourselves back together, focus a bit, and appreciate this veritable miracle.

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[What_The_Fuck, Cashpiles?]

Okay, you fucking fucks. It's been heads up, sevens up rainy day recess time around here lately, but all you motherfuckers are on notice: School's Back In Session, Bitches.

So you guys remember Cashpiles? Dude that popped up on ETS back when it was worth reading (i.e., when Dierdre and I still stalked the halls of that junior high claptrap and made all the mods feel so dumb they had to ban us, and then write articles about us... but enough about how big a fan of mine Meathead is).

Cashpiles writes something called The NINside Track, where he basically mocks the stupidity and overreaching retardation of the Ninternet Online News Community... and god bless him, because apparently some folks have trouble noticing what a bunch of desperate sycophantic puppyfuckers some of these sad sacks can be. Perhaps it's the lack of world awareness the readers themselves have; maybe its the fact they're too busy using a certain balding lug-headed rockstar to supplant their own "adolescent" yearnings (hey there hannah, you sexy beast... are the handcuffs ready, cause i'm on my way).

Either way, our boy Cashpiles pissed off some fucktards, so thumbs up from the WTC'ers. He's been linked in our sidebar here for ages. And the other day, a great email came into the wtc mailboxes:

From: "cashpiles" <********@******.com>
To: <dierdre@wearingthesechains.com>, <maise@wearingthesechains.com>
Subject: You two are awesome
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 12:45:30 -0400

Drunkpoet sent me an email with a link to your great website. In the same email he explained to me that I am banned from echoingthesound.net

Thank you for linking to The NINside Track.

I will pay you in kind.


Right on, one of our fellow comrades in douche-mockery was throwing some props. Except for one thing....

Check the "To" line.

No, seriously; do it.

Do you see the problem, my sweet bitches? The email was sent to Dierdre and Maise alone. No "gabriel@wearingthesechains.com" anywhere to be seen.

So what the fuck dude? WHO DO YOU THINK IS IN CHARGE OF PISSING PEOPLE OFF around here? WHO DO YOU THINK started the feud with meathead, making me the Ninternet's biggest and most charismatic star? WHO DO YOU THINK linked NINSIDE in the first place????

That's right, motherfucker. Gabriel Miller.

Me, baby, me

So, you know, good job for getting banned -- I support this wholeheartedly -- and I do hope you share drunkpoet's email with us (because let's face it; the fact that we're still on the ETS crew's mind so long after that Meathead shit is just pretty goddamned priceless, but hey, I'm not really suprised; we're US, and they're THEM. Of course we're always going to be on their minds. CANCER IN THE SYSTEM, motherfuckers).

But just give some fucking love where love and respect is due. Ask any of these WTC bitches, and they'll tell you the same. Give respect. Big ups.

Gabriel Miller out, nuccas.

[edit by Gabriel]: It's come to my attention that some of the meathead-related links you may be led to up above will dead-end, because our dear 'Head has not only neglected to make his anti-WTC rants live on his revised Meathead Perspective, but he's actually totally removed them from the archive listings in totality. I guess the fact that Meat got all hot and bothered by a couple of folks who were just yanking everyone's chain in the first place -- to the point where he wore one of our shirts to a show in a statement against us -- was embarassing for him... and you know, I'd be embarassed if I were him too. But seriously, Meat -- maybe you were going for some sort of subtle commentary on revisionist history in post-Stalinist Russia... but I think you're kinda just being a pussy. -GM]

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[Absorbing: Pretty_Hate_Machine]

You know that song by The Eagles, "Take It to the Limit"?

I remember riding along with my dad in his truck when I was a little girl, listening to that song -- my dad was a moustache-having big fan of The Eagles, and other stuff of that ilk, back in the day (before he became a magician, and sawed my mother in half) -- and I remember asking my dad, "Dad? Where's the limit? Is that someplace in California?

My dad laughed long and loud, but you know what? I'm the one who's laughing now, because I know where the limit is: it's where our last thread went as soon as someone had to throw down with the Kool-Aid man.

Dudes, that's over. Let's call it a day.

Meanwhile, a good idea was floated. Obviously, we're going to have to think of some ways to pass the long, painful drought of Trent and Trent-related news. As painful as it will assuredly be, we must fare forward without Sparklepants calling his ex-bandmates "assholes" and whatever else he gets up to publically. So, in the meantime, let's have a WTC listening club, to go with our book club, and listen to records together.

I thought, WHAT THE HELL! Why not start right now, with something I'm nearly certain we all have: how about Pretty Hate Machine?

Here's my suggestion: Don't just go off half-cocked right now. I know we all know Trent's second halo pretty fucking well... maybe even TOO WELL. I want you to actually give it a listen, and instead of relying on your already existing impressions, and the fact that Trent can do no wrong, respond to it anew, with today's perspective.

Also, let's bear in mind who made that record, all by his lonesome, in beween cleaning the recording studio toilets, too, because it was THIS GUY:


Isn't he charming?

The other thing that should be posted here, besides all yer all's unstoppably witty banter and in depth considerations of "Ringfinger", is suggestions about what we should listen to together in the future, because sooner or later, we're going to run out of Nine Inch Nails records.

Jane suggested Thom Yorke's solo record The Eraser, and I support that totally, because as soon as I stop loving the bejesus out of Trent*, I totally plan on developing a new passion for Thom. Or, maybe Jarvis. Goddamn, I love Jarvis!

*Good thing that'll be NEVER.

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[Idiot_Wind: Gabriel_vs._Hannah]

Go at it, fuckfaces.


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[Sweet_Holy_Jesus, The_Hilarity]

I'm pretty sure this deserves a post of it's own. I know you guys are really going to love the hair-flipping. Personally, I love the way Trent is DEAD FUCKING SERIOUS about this shit.

I've just got one thing to say to Mr. Hair, here, who just got finished opening for Culture Club, and being compared to Thomas Dolby, and that's YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY.

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[Call_&_Response_#_16: The_Dear_Trent_Edition]

Dear Trent,

I've been wracking my brains for the right words to tell you how magnificent and resplendent you have been this past year, and to thank you for your beautiful work, which, as it always has, has made my life inestimably richer with all the things it's made me think about and feel. If this website has any purpose, it's to tell you every single day that you are not just loved, but adored, and not just for your hot ass, but for the way you have shown us all just how rich the human heart can be.

If that sounds operatic and overblown, I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to find the clever irony that will convey hip distance and absolute sincerity in the same sentence, so I gave up the effort. Here's the bottom line, Trent: I love you, and I love your work. You make me so happy. It's as simple as that.

I've heard a lot of people say that they're glad the horrible [With_Teeth] era is over; mostly people who are pining away for another round of The Fragile. Personally, I have no idea how anyone can want that, and for me, that kind of nostalgia is about the most stultifying thing ever. I'm glad your endless tour is over because that means you can take your tremendous creative vitality into the studio and make me another record. I am on the edge of my fucking seat on that score, because I have high hopes that it will be the most beautiful record you've ever made. I know everyone's hoping that "shortly" is an upgrade on "soon," but I hope you take exactly the time you need. I want you back, you sexy beast, but I want you to stun me with beauty I never dreamed of, and I am so thrilled by how open your road is right now. However long it takes, Sparklepants, I'll be here.

On that note, I'm opening the comments up to all of my compatriots here at WTC. I think you should know that all of us love you, and I hope they will all tell you how much and exactly why in this thread.

I hope you're well and happy, dear Trent. I wish you all the best things, and more than anything else, I wish you satisfying work.


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[Maise's_Top_Ten: For_Shits_and_Giggles]

So I'm braving lung cancer at the internet cafe once again to check in. And what do I find when I get here? A little persistent retardation, along with a very Dante-esque sense of "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here." Let's simultaneously lighten our mood and elevate our discussion...at least a little.

I realized today that, as a fairly new contributor, I've not yet submitted some of the fairly predictable sorts of posts, like a Top Ten list. It's rather difficult to narrow down one's favorite NIN songs to a mere ten, and I probably haven't given this enough thought, but if I were stranded on the proverbial desert island with nothing but a battered Walkman and a very short Radio Shack brand blank tape, these are the NIN songs I would most want with me while I hunt wild boar or some shit:

10) "Something I Can Never Have" from Still. I remember listening to this fairly recently when I was in a moping mood. I was brooding over my (at the time) considerable personal problems and going through the familiar cycle of rage, sadness, despair, rinse and repeat. I was barely listening to the song until towards the end when I was snapped out of my own misery by the thought, "Goddamn, Trent was so miserable when he recorded this." Even if I hadn't known that he had recorded that album very soon after or in the middle of his recovery, you can just hear it in his voice. And in the video for this song, he looks gray and exhausted and worn. At the same time, this version of SICNH is delicate and beautiful with the quiet piano and the audible rain in the background. If Trent hadn't emerged from this dark period, it would be unbearable to listen to. But knowing that he did is also quite inspiring, in the event that you might feel like toasted shit too. At a really dark moment in my life, this song said to me "This too shall pass." And it did.

9) "The Hand That Feeds." This song represents to me the joyous return of Trent. Very shortly before With Teeth was released, I was struck by a mild curiosity: "Where the hell is Trent Reznor?" Then I heard this song on the radio, and I, who had been filled with so much despair at the state of rock, could not get enough of this song until I ran out and bought the album. It was the best-sounding thing I had heard in a loooooooooong time. It launched a veritable obsession, actually, and now here I am.

8) "All the Love in the World." It's too bad that this song isn't particularly conducive to being performed live because I think it's probably the most beautiful on With Teeth. No matter how shitty or pissed off or bored I feel, this song always makes me feel happy. Always.

7) "Right Where It Belongs." This song never received its full due of attention and praise. It's a quiet, reflective, poignant, subtle song. And I very recently found myself in a curious place where everything around me wasn't quite as it seemed. I did indeed have to look right through the cracks, and it wasn't especially pretty, but it was nice that I had this song to sing along to.

6) "Just Like You Imagined." There are some who accused The Fragile of not containing enough actual songs, as if it were so much pretentious tinkling on the piano. This fully realized and thrilling instrumental says "Au contraire." Every time I imagine one of my stories as a blockbuster and critically acclaimed film, this song is always on the soundtrack.

5) "March of the Pigs." I'm not entirely sure what Trent is railing against in this song, but I'm glad he left it vague so that I could apply it to every oppressive force in my life. This song, with its brilliant combination of cathartic screaming and quieter, slower moments...well, it just...it just feels so fucking good. It's always the highlight of any concert. And let's not forget the sloppy genius of the video.

4) "Sin." There are times in a long-term relationship when it is necessary for you to scream "LIES, LIES, LIES!" at the top of your lungs. This song provides you with an occasion to do so.

3) "Gave Up." I'm not going to bore you with the reasons that this song healed me at a time when my sanity, integrity, beliefs, and my everything were smashed up. I can't even really intellectualize why it means so much to me, just like I can't really intellectualize why I cherish a dark room and a cold washcloth for my forehead during a migraine. This song is pure Tylenol.

2) "The Perfect Drug." I've gone on about this song before, and I know that Trent has personally disavowed it for various reasons, but I love everything about it--from the Count Trentula look to the lyrics, which I find to be refreshingly strange and creative expressions of obsessive, doomed romantic love. No man has ever told me that his "blood wants to say hello to [me]," but goddamn, I wish one would.

1) "Physical (You're So)." Hello? I'm Maise! This song was my big debut. RRROOOOOWRRRRAARRRRRGGHGHHH. Beyond that, though, I love that Trent took an Adam Ant song and turned it into something simultaneously hilarious and thrillingly sexy. He moans and howls and snarls, and even though the lyrics are faintly ridiculous ("I want to wine and dine you"?!), oh Trent means every fucking word. He sings the second verse of this song as though he's on the verge of killing you. God, it's So. Fucking. Hot.

So there you have it...go ahead...bitch me out for my sins of omission (although I limited myself to a mere 10, after all), add your own favorites (while explaining WHY)...let's just talk about the music for a bit.

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[WTC_Field_Report: Chicago_07_01_06]

[Because Iris and I both went to the recent Chicago show at the awkwardly named First Midwest Bank Amphitheater, we thought we'd combine our thoughts into one review. Iris will give you the view from the pit, and I will comment in italics from...much further back.]

Before the Show
Maise: Before we begin, I'd like to give y'all some perspective on my mental state before the show. My husband and I thought that we had plenty of time to get our new house painted and moved into before the end of the month, but as we learned...nothing quite goes according to plan in matters of real estate and home improvement. When I found myself, after having been awake for 24 hours, making yet another trip hauling our shit to our new house with my crabbed-out husband in the seat next to me, the prospect of this very concert was the only thing keeping me from deliberately driving off the road to certain doom. By the time my friend Sam and I finally arrived at the venue, I had had three hours of sleep in 36 hours.

Iris: This time there was no freezing rain to hold us up so we got there plenty early, but a M&G just isn’t in the stars for me. The radio show apparently went the exclusive route for contest winners only. We were actually inside the venue during the time it should have been airing, but the Q101 booth playing their station showed no sign of it.

Maise: The Q101 thing was strange...by the time Sam and I got out of the car at 6:40 or so, they still hadn't played it. If any lurkers happened to be at any of these radio performances, you should all dish the dirt!

The Venue

Iris: Snagged a pretty awesome spot about three people from the rail in what would become halfway between Trent and Jeordie later.

Maise: Sam and I were in the pavilion seats, where we were safe from being trampled and molested, but unfortunately we were very, very far away and kind of at a weird angle, so that we couldn't even see the big screens terribly well. Have I ever told you how I hate this venue?

As an example, my view during Bauhaus vs. Iris's view during Bauhaus:

Myview2 Bauhaus1

We'll stick with Iris's pics from hereon, m'kay?


Iris: Anyhoo, on with Peaches. Don’t really know her songs so I can’t say what was played, but it was at least entertaining. Peaches got up on the rail in front of us several times and walked back and forth. She eventually ditched the little leather ensemble and crowd surfed in a pink bra and hot pants. And WTCers, I’m afraid I got caught up in the moment, and I grabbed her ass when she came overhead. Yeah.

Maise: I know that I have dissed Peaches in the past. I must say that now that she's over her "gangsta rap/Andy Warhol film" phase, her work is much more enjoyable. She's definitely got an '80s power rock parody style going on, and her band plays the part--with keytars, no less! You can't argue with her "Impeach Bush" sentiments, and when she's crowd-surfing and climbing up on tall amps, her sense of fun is infectious. I'm not entirely sure why she has to get naked, though.



Iris: Bauhaus was up next, and that performance is going to transform me into a fan. On its own, the music makes me giggle, but watching it be performed by Mr. Murphy is great. Did you know the motherfucker can moonwalk?!?! Two or three tunes into the set, Peter tossed a couple roses out into the crowd. I came incredibly close to one but didn’t catch it. When he had first unbuttoned his shirt, I can’t say I was real impressed with what looked to be a man girdle, but it turns out it serves another purpose, which was to hold his mic and all the rose petals that he used to “bleed” during the next song. Marvelous performers.

Maise: Er...ha ha. Bauhaus is a bit of a blur for me, for reasons explained above. I second Iris's opinion that they are marvelous performers, and I love that Peter Murphy is still slinking sexily onstage and filling up an entire monstrous outdoor venue with that gorgeous voice of his. The one quibble I had was that I feel that they were put onstage too early--not that I needed to stay awake any longer that night, but the not-quite-setting sun really detracted from their stage show. There's something about Peter Murphy and sunlight that seems to clash.

Nine Inch Someone or Other...

Iris: Trent and Co. came out and kicked it off with “Somewhat Damaged." (See setlist here) I was pretty caught up in the crush, especially during “March of the Pigs” when Trent threw the mic out into the audience. There were a few times throughout I thought I should bail or risk passing out, but then I would think of you guys who weren’t able to attend and would kill to be there so I took a deep breath and held on. The security guards were pretty cool and would either throw some water or pass cups back. In any other situation, communal water cups would be disgusting, but there it was completely necessary for survival.

Maise: I don't know if I can speak for Sam, but I couldn't see shit for this entire show. Every possible obstacle stood between me and Trent--enormous columns, eight-foot-tall men with mullets and trucker caps, soccer parents reliving their college days and grabbing each other's asses during "Closer." This was an almost entirely aural experience for me. Although if you can't see the performers, it's important to find enjoyment in your immediate surroundings--like the hot black guy with the well-toned arms a couple of rows in front of me who was dancing to every song. Yum! However, I did see that for a good portion of the show, Trent hid himself behind what looked like the front of my chinchilla's cage. I guess that's better than the gauzy curtain, although I'm not sure why he won't let us get a good look at him for such long stretches. Maybe it's because he knows that too much exposure to his Trent-ness could be deadly, especially for the poor souls up front.

Iris: During “Closer,” just one of the metal curtain sections came down. Trent used that thing to its full and unknown potential. He hung from it, pulled it around, and shoved his bulgy arm through it. And the best part of the ENTIRE FUCKING SHOW was when he came around front and danced like the filthiest go-go dancer you’ve ever seen (which was the absolute clincher for me that TRENT READS WTC). I shit you not! Hands all over himself, he posed and gyrated against the grate and worked that ass for all it’s worth! Ladies, this image will be forever burned in my fucking brain! Seriously, swoon bitches!


Iris: And then there was that guitar-holding thing during the beginning of “Burn” that I love. It’s all about balance with Trent. Just when I thought my head would explode from checking out his guns wrapped lovingly around that guitar as he seethes into the microphone about rejection and revenge, my flame was put out with a totally mood-killing giggle as my eyes ventured to the man-capris that he's now fond of wearing. Don’t get me wrong, girls, I love this look, and I don’t think many other men could pull it off, but just as you’re getting ready to hit that spot, think man-capris and see what that does for ya.

Maise: A couple of notes:

1) Trent, I invite you to think of me as a friend of sorts. You don't really know me and would probably go out of your way to avoid me in real life, but I want you to know that I'm always cheering for you, and I want the best for you. And just as a real friend tells you when you have something stuck in your teeth, I will tell you this: LOSE THE MAN-PRIS.

2) "Burn" is like miso soup to me. Every time I go to a Japanese restaurant, I'm served unsolicited miso soup, and I try to eat it and enjoy it, hoping that some day I will develop a taste for it, and I'm sure it's very good for me, and everyone else just loves it, but in the end, I really don't like miso soup. I have to be honest, folks.

3) But lest you think I didn't enjoy myself or am just an incorrigible whiny bitch, I just want to point out that this performance elicited feelings of pure joy for me, and I sang along like a dork to every word of every fucking song. And I was very pleased to hear "Something I Can Never Have" live for the first time as well as "La Mer" and "The Big Comedown."

Iris: Jeordie does the strangest vacant staring thing up on stage that he did for most of the show. It made me want to do rude gestures just to see if he would grin. At some point he busted a move and danced, but I think it was just to let us know he was still alive. After all the cooing I’ve done over Alessandro, I didn’t get to see him for most of the show. The winds were not in my favor and kept him shrouded in fog/smoke.

Maise: Non ho visto Alessandro. Non ho visto niente.

Iris: I got some video too, which turned out to not be too bad. First clip is “Down In It,” and I was stunned as hell they played it. After watching that, don’t think that the irony was lost on me that I was being tipped over when he sings “but now I’m down in it.” I may have been falling, but I was laughing on the way down.

Iris: The other two clips are from the surprise guest appearance of Peter Murphy singing “Final Solution” alongside Mr. Reznor. First clip is just after Trent announced Peter would be joining and the first few seconds of the song. The second one is part way into the song during the refrain. Absolutely brilliant performance.

Maise: You know, Trent and Peter Murphy seem awfully besotted with each other, which is ADORABLE, but does Saul Williams know about this? Just asking.

Iris: After the last song the brand came out. I think Trent devised this little lighting ploy just as bragging rights. You know, kind of like a “bitches you just got pwned by NIN,” which shows his inner-gamer maturity.

Maise: Actually, it reminded me of a Lite-Brite picture.

Iris: Met up with Maise after the show, swapped stories, and gushed, much to my husband’s dismay, about Mr. Reznor’s hotness.

Maise: Sam and I said "Oooooh" in unison when we saw this one:


Iris: Who knew the hotel we stayed at would let a dog in the lobby? **shrugs** This was such an amazing weekend that I’m battling some serious depression (tears and all) knowing that it’s over. D, we gotta find some way to get you over here for the next round.

Maise: And Sam and I had a blast too! You never quite know if online friendships will translate well in the real world, but Iris and her husband are a lot of fun. This concert was definitely the best part of last weekend, except for the moment when I finally got to go to sleep.

By the way, you can see the rest of Iris's fabulous pictures here.

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