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So, my northern English boytoy is leaving town for good. Of course, I'm a little sad, on account of what a truly excellent ride he was, but at the same time, I'm not abject or broken-hearted, because as all of you know full well, he isn't exactly the LOVE OF MY LIFE .

You know what though? I'm going to miss him, and I want him to know that I totally care, so I'm doing something really, really cheesey as a gesture of my affection: I'm making him a mixtape. And, before you ask, yes: he has a positively medieval, tape-playing Walkman.

It's always a sly game, making a mixtape for someone you want to tell some special thing to, isn't it? It's using someone else's words to say what you mean, probably because you're too chicken to use your own, and that's certainly the case here, because I just can't go there with this guy. Still, I do want him to know that I am going to remember him fondly, if somewhat snidely; and really, how often do our favorite artists say just that thing that's in our hearts, but for which we hadn't found the right words? It happens all the time, right?

So, here's my hypothetical scenario for you today: your psychic powers have informed you that Trent is listening to the radio. It's the only cool radio station in the world, and it plays music that cool people like us want to listen to, rather than hours of pure, unadulterated, stultifyingly awful drivel recorded by idiots and retarded beer commercials, and it doesn't have any DJ's whose voices are about as pleasant as being poked in the face with a sharp stick (thanks, Ghost World). If you call right now, you can dedicate a song to our dear Sparklepants that will tell him just what you most want him to know...

What's it gonna be?

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[Oh_My_Giddy_Aunt: Orgasmic_Multimedia_Bounty]

I know that other post about how Trent is so hot isn't even cold yet, but people, pretty much the biggest bonanza (i.e. a situation or event that creates a sudden increase in wealth and good fortune) of scrumptious deliciousness EVER (or at least since [With_Teeth] leaked to the internets) has been posted to nin.com, and it deserves its own post.

What's the rumpus? It's multi-media files of Trent & company's recent radio performances, with more to come than is currently posted there; a link I will be clicking 749 times per day to check for updates until that promise is made good.

Yes: now you can watch Trent sing "Bela Lugosi is Dead" while Peter Murphy showers him in red rose petals, and smokes a fag, which is exactly what I felt like doing, in veritable post-coital satisfaction, when I was done watching it, and I don't even smoke. Also available, for our viewing pleasure, are films of those guys backing TV on the Radio's incredibly beautiful song "Dreams" and that crew of total rock stars showing us what it means to be cool while belting out Pere Ubu's "Final Solution".

It also includes pictures that, if you have actual human blood flowing through your veins, and if you go that way, will make you feel a little funny in your girl parts, like this one:


Is it me, or does Sparklepants just CEASELESSLY come up with brilliant little plots to make Nine Inch Nails the best "band" in the world to love the fucking HELL out of?

Seriously, why doesn't he just KILL ME, already?

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[Pictures_of_You_#_23: I'm_Really_Sorry,_But...]

With all the poetry smackdowns, concert reviews, bookclub proposals, moviegoing, and kvetching about posters we've been getting up to, It's been awhile since we've had a good old fashioned PERV-OUT here at WTC, hasn't it?

Well, let me just show you a little something that one of my extremely kind readers sent me, because ladies and gents? I think it's time we took a moment to remember something about Trent:



Please tell me I'm not the only one who literally cannot stop thinking about licking that staggeringly sexy, sweaty, hairy chest. Please tell me that I'm not alone in feeling that there is very little on planet earth that is more beautiful than the veins on Trent Reznor's scrumptious, meaty forearms, and people, is it just me about those teeth of his? Goddamn!

I've got more questions, too. Don't you LOVE IT when he does that thing he's doing with his right arm and hand? How gorgeous, on a scale from 1 to 10, are those freckles on his shoulder? Does that crease in the center of his forehead drive you wild, too? How about that that hairline, or that fist of his, wrapped around the microphone like that? Does that make you think very, very naughty thoughts? Are you literally SHIVERING WITH DESIRE, or am I all alone in my own private Idaho, here?

Can we also bear in mind the fact that, at the moment when this picture was taken, Sparklepants was engaged in singing one of his fucking beautiful songs? Who cares which one! Fucking hell! How is someone THIS DELICIOUS allowed to roam the earth? Please just take a moment of silence, gentle readers, and imagine being made love to by THAT MAN. You know, the one who wrote both "Suck" and "Right Where It Belongs", and who has THOSE HANDS.

Are you dying? Yeah. Me too.

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[Inside_Dierdre: Nightmares!]

So, I don't know how many of all y'all read Buddyhead's gossip page, but the latest post, now quite old really, features this alarming description of Sparklepants's behavior at this year's Coachella as one of the so-called "highlights":

...Watching Trent Reznor completely lose his mind while Madonna played, pinch his own nipples, pull his shirt off, and wave it in a circle around his head when she broke into “Ray of Light”.

Now, I read that a long time ago, and I don't know if it's just the image of Trent, unleashing the awesome destructive power of his half-nakedness with such reckless abandon -- in public, no less, where it might be seen by some government agent, who might try to harness it and use it for evil -- or the "pinching his own nipples" thing -- which immediately calls to mind the image of Austin Powers's nemesis Fat Bastard eating chicken in bed with Felicity Shagwell -- or, if it's just the fact that we're talking about MADONNA here, who, while she was once a total fucking genius with her black Jesus, buring crosses, stigmata, and fabulous bouncy tits, now looks like a piece of beef jerky in a cheesey disco costume, and is officially all about working the bullshit retread as hard as she possibly can, but I am DISTURBED.

Seriously! Just look at the convoluted sentence I just wrote!! I don't even know if I totally fucked off the grammaticalization! And all these exclamation points!!!! GET READY FOR A LOT OF CAPS LOCK! Also, know that I am typing drunk.

Now, I know Buddyhead is all about the sarcasm and irony, and fuck them for that, even if they are hilariously obssessed with cock and epithets like "asspro." I can never get over the feeling that if Buddyhead co-founder Aaron North weren't actually trying to look all fierce, night after night, as Nine Inch Nails's guitar player du jour, Trent would be exactly the guy Buddyhead would be mocking ceaselessly, for his dead fucking serious aspirations, inexorable earnestness, and overwrought melodrama. Don't get me wrong: those fine qualities are EXACTLY WHY I LOVE TRENT SO MUCH I COULD PUKE, but it's not the kind of thing that generally gets a pass from hip, scenester bitches like the Buddyhead boys.


Still, I can't help wondering: ARE THESE BITCHES FOR REAL? I can't actually imagine that our Trent really and truly got the twins out and did a striptease, but could it be that notre amour REALLY thinks Madonna is hot? Does he really like "Ray of Light"? Because fuck, man, it's been downhill for Madonna since "Express Yourself", hasn't it? All I'm saying to you, my dear readers, is this: for some reason, this is an image that just makes me shudder. It keeps me up at night and haunts my nightmares, and I don't even know why.

Maybe it's just that they said "nipples", and "Trent Reznor" in the same sentence, and that makes my brain go all haywire?

Yeah. Maybe.

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[WTC_Bookclub: Saul_Williams's_She]

Guess what, kids! My copy of She has arrived. Who's in, who's ready to read, and how long do you guys think it will take you to be ready to rumble on a book thread?

A quick look over tells me that we're in for a treat. In fact, here's a sample that I especially liked:

they say
that i am a poet

i wonder what
they would say
if they saw me
from the inside

i bottle
and place them
into the sea
for others
to unbottle
on distant shores

i am unsure
as to whether
they ever reach
and for that matter
as to whether
i ever get
my point

or my love

Yeah, Saul. I know what you mean, man.

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Dear Trent,

I'm not sure I can do it, but I wanted to try to tell you what it's like for me, a longtime follower of your doings, to see you look like this at the end of a tour:


I mean, I just keep thinking back to last time, and to the end of the Self Destruct tour, remembering the vaguely evasive look in your eyes, and the sense of scratchy vulnerability just beneath the skin. Then I look at this.

Seeing you looking so well? Glowing with physical and creative vitality, engaged in stemming the boredom of endless touring with totally brilliant little plots like working with Saul WIlliams, or these beautiful radio performances, and writing your own new record? Surrounded by people you obviously respect?  Shit, man. Words fail me.

A long time ago, you told me a devastating and beautiful story. You had a kind of rare courage, and a near inability to be untruthful, and you inspired me to be bold; to let my own truth have its voice.  I've said before that you and your work were like a compass for me -- a true north -- and that's absolutely true. I'm not going to tell you the whole story of my life, or anything. Suffice it to say that I, personally, did not spiral downward into a deadly narcotic and alcoholic abyss, but I did say "No" like you did, to lots of things that it would have been much easier and safer to say "Yes" to. When your trajectory took you so far south (and I don't mean to New Orleans, I mean to the gaping maw of hell, where hell = stupid rock star death), I thought... maybe it's better to learn how to say "Yes" to those fucking things.

I'm still not sure I know the answer. Like you, I guess, I'm just trying to live my life, and do the things I should do. I can't say I always succeed as spectacularly as you do in your work, Sparklepants, but I just wanted to say that seeing you there, with your good skin and fresh shave, your eyes closed to sing, your grip tight on that microphone -- in other words, IN YOUR MOTHERFUCKING ELEMENT -- fills me with the feeling that good things are possible; that there is hope, and that human beings can be beautiful, resplendent creatures.

Thank you, Trent. I needed that.


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[WTC_Field_Report: Houston,_06_04_06]

By Melissa

Just so you know where I'm coming from, my first-ever NIN concert was on 3_20_06, in Pensacola, FL.  Houston was my second. There were some significant differences between these 2 shows, so I can't help making comparisons.

I had reserved seats on the left side of the stage, about 3 rows behind the pit in Houston.  The seats were great for a close-up view of Trent, but I had a big stack of amps blocking my view every once in a while.

TV on the Radio came out promptly at 7:00.  I thought their performance was good, but the crowd wasn't really into them.  Their set lasted about 30 minutes. Bauhaus came out shortly after that.  They were really fucking great, and "older, British, and better looking" (according to Peter Murphy himself).  Peter even came over to our side of the stage, and looked me straight in the eyes... which totally made me a bigger Bauhaus fan.

Thirty minutes after the Bauhaus set, this big metal grate was lowered. It was like a curtain of metal bars divided into 5 or 6 free-standing segments. I didn't realize until later in the show that these bars lit up.

Nine Inch Nails entered the stage from behind the metal bars on the right side while the house lights were still on, so we could watch them walking on - very fucking cool.  They opened with "Somewhat Damaged".  My viewpoint was at an angle, so I couldn't see Trent very clearly through the bars (I mean, I could see him, but not as clearly as if I had a straight-forward view).  But, then he started shoving his big arms in between the bars and grabbing on to them, screaming "too fucked up to care anymore!"  It was INCREDIBLY hot. It just tapped into some little, tiny bondage-type relation in my mind.  Plus, it totally reminded me of the Wish video. The other guys were pushing and knocking against the bars too, so each segment would swing out, and I could catch brief views of Trent completely unobstructed by the metal.

Near the beginning of the show... I know it's hard to see
but that's Trent, screaming into the mic!

Later on during the performance (I don't remember which song), only the middle segment of bars was lowered behind Trent.  For the first time, the bars light up - little red lights running all over the bars in a pattern that looked like rain right over Trent's head.

Trent was wearing the black t-shirt with the red military stripes on the sleeves, black shorts, & boots.  His hair has grown out a bit; it's not completely shaved anymore, thank god.  Josh started out the show with a bushy white mustache and eyebrows, but they were gone by the second or third song.

Overall this performance seemed more aggressive, compared to Pensacola.  Trent didn't say much to us that night, just "Thank you" and "Goodnight."  He also had very little interaction (i.e. touching) with the crowd.  Last time I saw him, he was making speeches between songs and getting down into the crowd during Piggy (which they didn't play in Houston). I'm not really complaining; he looked and sounded fucking incredible, so I was happy.

Another very clear picture of trent!

They ended the show with "Head Like a Hole", waved goodbye, and exited the stage. No encore, of course. 

The highlight of the night for me was hearing "Get Down Make Love" and "The Big Come Down", especially "Get Down Make Love".  Not only does that song sound about 100 times better live, but I really wasn't expecting to hear it. I hadn't read any setlists from previous shows, and had no idea there was a chance he would be performing it.  It was incredible, and there was something so satisfying about hearing the words "make love" coming out of Trent's mouth while he is only a few feet away.  It sounded so nice inside my head.

Also, (and this is just the sexual obsession showing itself here) Trent did that water bottle thing.  You know, how he puts a bottle of water between his thighs and squeezes it? That image has stayed with me for several days now, because I just LOVE it when he does that.  Like I said, his performance seemed very aggressive that night - there was no chit chat, no audience hand-holding, no bullshitting around - just pure aggression.  Sex and aggression - good stuff.

At the very end of the show, the full curtain of bars was lowered again with "NIN" in lights (see my last camera phone pic). The complete set lasted about 1 1/2 hours and every minute of it fucking rocked.  I need to see them again!


I really hope everyone has a chance to see this - it's hard to describe, and extremely cool. I've been to tons of concerts and I always leave the show with a feeling of satisfaction mixed with sadness, because it's over so fast.  That feeling was magnified about 10 times after seeing Nine Inch Nails.  My ears were pulsating from being so close to the amps.  I was most excited about hearing so many songs from The Fragile -- "The Big Comedown"! -- and my head was buzzing with everything I had just heard. Plus, I had that image of Trent with his water bottle burned into my brain.

Walking back to my car, the first thing my friend said was, "God, he's perfect,"  and the conversation pretty much continued along that topic for a while.  We made a lot of comparisons between the Houston & Pensacola shows - Trent really was much sweeter in Florida, and angrier and more aggressive in Houston.

Of course, angry and sexy isn't a bad thing...

Here's the complete setlist:

Somewhat Damaged
Know What You Are?
Terrible Lie
March Of The Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Help Me I Am I Hell
La Mer
Into The Void
The Big Come Down
Get Down Make Love
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

I have to see them again!

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[Pictures_of_You_#_22: OMFGIJustCame]

Sweet Jesus Holy Fucking Christ, I'm so not kidding.

Have you checked out that latest scrummy goodness in the current photo department of nin.com? No? Well, lemme help you out with that:


People, this picture is not only NUCLEAR WEAPONS GRADE HOT, and a rare actual picture of Trent Reznor, but goddammit, I hope you all know that Peter Murphy is the fucking nazz, man. Apparently, this picture is from a live radio set performed by these two total rockstars, and there will be more of them, as detailed in the newest textual entry on nin.com's current page. I hope I don't have to tell you that that is CRAZY cool.

Last year, when that turncoat bitch Gabriel and I went to Coachella to see a certain someone for the first time in what seemed like FOREVER, we saw Peter Murphy and Bauhaus rock and vamp through the best fucking set on the mainstage the entire weekend. I, Dierdre Keating, include Nine Inch Nails in that assessment, and place them firmly in the category of bands that could not touch Bauhaus that weekend.

Yes, that's right.

Not only did Bauhaus deliver a tight, knock-out set, chock-loaded with total classics of the night, like the magnificent unflinching Gothfathers they are, but Murphy performed the entirity of "Bela Lugosi is Dead" HANGING UPSIDE DOWN LIKE A BAT. I cannot overstate to you how much that guy kicks motherfucking ass.

Sparklepants, You've come a long way, baby, haven't you? Additionally: YOU ARE DELICIOUS.

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[Maise_Goes_to_the_Movies: An_Inconvenient_Truth]

So one of my very best friends, Sam (who occasionally drops by here), suggested seeing An Inconvenient Truth, and I thought, "Oh goody, now I can take Trent up on his advice and avoid the veritable maelstrom that is my unpacked and messy apartment." I was a little apprehensive that this film would leave me feeling very dire and phobic, but that wasn't the case at all. In fact, I'm glad that we have so many readers here because there's one thing that I want to say about this movie to a larger audience:

Everyone must see this movie.

Okay, "must" probably sounds a little bossy. But, trust me, when Al Gore lays it all out for you during his presentation, you will not be able to escape the realization that something must be done. Or we, the entire planet, are soooooooo fucked. Seriously. From drowning polar bears to disappearing glaciers to intense hurricanes and tornadoes to the very real prospect of a part of Greenland melting and raising sea levels 20 feet, global warming is here, and it is seriously threatening each and every one of us. And, if you're in the United States, like me, you're one of the worst offenders. As I recall from the various charts and graphs, the United States contributes around 30 percent of greenhouse gases released every year (but don't quote me on that).

The best thing about Al in this movie is that he is very passionate and educated on this topic, and he's got more than enough scientific evidence on hand to refute the naysayers, and he very firmly conveys the fact that we don't have time to screw around on this issue any longer, but he's not overwhelming or full of despair. He points out that we currently have every tool we need to solve the climate crisis...we just need the political will. And in the best line of the film, he states, "And political will is a renewable resource." The film itself is very interesting, there's some humor thrown in, and I feel fairly sure that you will not leave the theater unmotivated.

There's an air of sorrow about An Inconvenient Truth, not just because of the urgent nature of this crisis and for what we have already lost, but because it makes you really miss having a President who thinks and speaks in complete sentences and who cares about science as opposed to thwarting or manipulating it. Talk about And All That Could Have Been.

I supported Al Gore in 2000, but I did feel a little angry at him for having lost (allegedly). But I'm really feeling the Gore love right now because this is a man who is trying to get the word out about this problem all around the world in a positive and "can do" way. Shit, if he wanted to give it another go in 2008, I wouldn't be opposed. Throw in a little Obama as VP, and I'm sold.

So yes, Chains boys and girls, please, please, please go see this movie. Go see this movie and then help do something about the problem. Not only are there things that you can do right now to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions, but we really need to get on our elected leaders about this issue. As Gore says in the movie, and I'm paraphrasing here, "If an issue isn't on the tips of the tongues of constituents, lawmakers tend to put things off until tomorrow." Folks, there aren't very many more tomorrows for us procrastinators. We're brewing some climate changes that will make Hurricane Katrina look like a gentle April rain.

I know we've been taking Trent to task lately for some aspects of the presentation of his political ideas (although never the message behind the presentation), but in recommending An Inconvenient Truth, the guy is spot-on.

And remember, American Chainsters, it's 2006, which means that we can start to take back our fucking country now.

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[Call_&_Response_#_14: Who's_Wearing_Chains?]

Greetings, Chainsers.

Roth's post earlier today about how fast we come up in google searches having to to with notre amour had me taking a closer look at our site stats than I have in a long time, and I gotta tell you, the info is pretty interesting. My dears, I thought you might be interested to know that WTC's readership is larger than I imagined, and growing steadily.

Who knew that when that flatulent blowhard whore Gabriel Miller and I launched WTC we would carve out such a solid niche in the small pond known as the NINternet! I was surprised to see that even though we had a quiet patch during my computer debacle, traffic did not slow down a bit. In fact, throughout our short and storied tenure, our numbers have grown steadily, and show no sign of slowing down at all!


You can click on the graph above for a larger version, and on it, you can see our quarterly growth in page loads, unique visitors, and repeat visitors from inception to the first quarter of 2006. I'll only add that numbers for the current quarter are on track to continue the trend. Amazing, no? I mean it's not like we're pulling in the MILLIONS that some sites no doubt boast, but I'd say we can honestly report that 100's of people read WTC everyday; WAY MORE than we ever expected.

Unsurprisingly, the bulk of our readership is American, but we also have regular readers with hundreds of visits logged from places like Italy, Germany, Spain, The Czech Republic, France, Great Britian, Switzerland, and Estonia (?!). We have regular and repeat visitors from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, and Japan.

Our readers arrive at WTC in a variety of ways. We get your requisite perverts, and etc., but revealingly, the number one search term that brings surfers to WTC is some variation on "Red Robe Pic", which is funny, because that picture, though linked to from WTC, is not actually hosted by this website. We also get loads of people searching for info about Trent Reznor's girlfriend, though, funnily enough, that is the only topic that is banned from any discussion whatsoever on this website, and we don't show up that high in the google results. I guess those folks who are out for that kind of info are willing to do a little digging. Whatevs.

Diggers? We got NOTHIN' for you here.

We get the occasional link-overs from places where better, cleverer men than we are roundly excoriating our sorry asses -- places like ETS and The Spiral, as well as the occasional blog link, too; but one of the coolest little tidbits of info our stats reveal is that the majority of people arrive at WTC by typing the URL into their browsers on purpose. Awesome.

Anyway, my question for you today, people, is WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? We've got a handful of regular commenters, but obviously, there are LOADS of lurkers. Here's what I hope: this one time only, even if you are a lurker, and don't want to join into our wacky discussions of all things Trent Reznor, please just drop us a little message to tell us where you are! It's not necessary to enter anything into the e-mail and web address lines of our comment feature, so feel free to be anonymous, but dudes! Where are you? How long have you been reading WTC?

What's the haps?!

And, hey, everyone? Thanks for reading and commenting. I know the haters are out there, and that Gabriel is an asshole, but I think we rule.

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