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Dear Trent,

I can only imagine how awesome it must be to attempt to present your work to an abjectly retarded throng of teeming rabble who throw shit at you, night after night for the better part of two years, but experiences on the NINternet have taught me that more than, say, 85% of your fans are as dumb as bags of hair, and can't even string together a coherent sentence. In light of the facts, I guess it's not that big a surprise that one of the chowderheads in the audience would say, "Uh... YEAH! NINE INCH FUCKING NAILS! WHOOOOOO!" and then decide that the best way to express his (or her) love would be to THROW SHIT AT YOUR FACE, but yeah... fuck those stupid motherfuckers.

All I can say, Trent, is that not only would I have returned your glittering gift of glistening amplitude (or, "microphone," whatever) that one time when Gabriel snagged it and shoved it into his underpants, but I think I can speak for all of us here at WTC when I say that we would never throw anything at you, EVER. I might blow you kisses or something, and yeah, I know I write this website, but really, not all of us are that fucking retarded.

I don't know what else to say, except that we love you, Sparklepants. Thank you for everything you do. I can't wait until it's over either.



Dear Cocksmack Idiot In Grand Rapids Who Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Throw A Lighter At Trent's Face In The Middle Of His Performance,

Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Seriously.

Totally Reviling You,

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NOT THE FACE, right girls? You make me sick.

Trent is a big fucking unprofessional, SACKLESS prima donna pussy to walk off stage just because some little shit hit him in the face. It's a rock concert, for Christ's sake. Shit happens.

Posted by: Dom | Feb 21, 2006 6:26:06 AM

that person is lucky TR didn't wait around..let security bring the person back stage and TR open a can of "whoop ass" on him (assuming it was a guy that did it)!

Posted by: bex | Feb 21, 2006 6:37:53 AM

Who's up for Target Practice with Dom? He apparently doesn't mind getting beaned in the face with lighters, so everyone--bring out your Zippos! I don't know if my husband's old Zippo lights anymore, but we do have a creme brulee torch that could do the trick. If he's got the balls for that sort of thing, that is.

Posted by: maise | Feb 21, 2006 6:59:34 AM

Goddamn, what I wouldn't pay to be a fly on the wall in the fortress of solitude.

Posted by: Jane | Feb 21, 2006 7:15:28 AM

Perhaps it was the Fortress of Wreckage by the time he left.

Or maybe he had to go lie down and watch Lord of the Rings on DVD. I know I would.

Posted by: maise | Feb 21, 2006 7:27:49 AM

Lord of the Rings will totally cure what ails you. I kinda feel that way about Closure, too.

Posted by: Dierdre | Feb 21, 2006 8:04:47 AM

There's word on the street that he's got a black eye.

Honestly, who raised these people? It's all fun and games til someone LOSES AN EYE.

Posted by: maise | Feb 21, 2006 8:38:56 AM

If Trent wouldn't be a target to get sued..I'm sure he'd like to have beaten the crap out of that person..but sounds like the fans did that for him.

I hope nothing like this happens at my shows, but I gotta say, where I live....the redneck population is staggering. Then again, the 2 times Brain Warner played Richmond, other than some protesters, it was without incident.

Posted by: bex | Feb 21, 2006 9:41:47 AM

A BLACK EYE? Fuckers.

Posted by: Dierdre | Feb 21, 2006 1:49:05 PM

I know, sucks.
I wonder what he'll say to his next audience?

Anyone hits me again, they die!

poor guy...I don't blame him for walking off..I'd done worse.

Posted by: bex | Feb 21, 2006 8:41:44 PM

It's come to this, has it? Trent gets something thrown at him in the middle of his torch song and stalks off in a huff, and his fans support that prissy bullshit?

Hey Trent, you've come a long way, baby.

Posted by: | Feb 21, 2006 9:05:34 PM

Ooh, I'm all for games! Who can this be...? We've already heard from Dom, so I'm going to guess "C," since she doesn't seem to support the public catharsis of emotion so much.

Posted by: maise | Feb 21, 2006 9:47:24 PM

So, I guess Trent's not playing "Hurt" now. He ditched it in Toledo...

Posted by: Jane | Feb 22, 2006 6:41:39 AM

I'm sorry, but does anyone else giggle a little at the fact that Trent got physically hurt while playing a song named "Hurt"? Even just a little? Maise, I'm looking in your direction...

Posted by: Ezra | Feb 22, 2006 6:55:20 AM

Not that I want him hurt, of course, but sometimes life is just too entertaining.

Posted by: Ezra | Feb 22, 2006 6:56:43 AM

Maise, I'm looking in your direction...

Wha...? What did I do? I didn't do anything. I was at home the whole time. I wasn't even *in* the state of Colorado. I don't even *have* a gun license. I think I'm being framed. Maybe I should talk to my lawyer.

Posted by: maise | Feb 22, 2006 7:09:00 AM

OMFG, you BITCH! How can anyone laugh about Trent getting a black eye because someone threw a LIGHTER at his face? He could have been seriously injured. I don't care what song he was singing!

And, mystery caller, the Trent of yore might have cussed the guy out, and then dove headfirst into even more violent self-abuse, but I am glad he's come a long way, baby. He doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

Posted by: Dierdre | Feb 22, 2006 7:10:12 AM

Actually, I think it's sad that he got hurt during "Hurt." Concert audiences don't deserve that song. No one knows how to act while it's playing. Hitting Trent with dangerous projectiles not only constitutes "battery," but it tops the list of Inappropriate Hurt Behavior.

Posted by: maise | Feb 22, 2006 7:18:38 AM

"Ooh, I'm all for games! Who can this be...? We've already heard from Dom, so I'm going to guess "C," since she doesn't seem to support the public catharsis of emotion so much."

Actually, I would've walked out, too. Maybe if it had been early in the concert there would've been a good argument for plowing through. But I've been hit in the face with various objects (insert joke... NOW!) and it is the suckiest. Black eyes blow, too. I've never understood the urge to throw stuff at shows, much less at the stage.

So, I guess you could say I CAN support the public catharsis of emotion, at least when it's not shown in the form of a flying object.

Posted by: C | Feb 22, 2006 8:43:51 AM

Hmmm, I still support the humor of it, even though the song does indeed kick too much ass for most of the drunk hicks in the audience to ever really appriciate, and he did get hurt. Perhaps because Trent wasn't actually seriously injured we can all give a relived little giggle. It's much like how we can all laugh at the Dick Cheny shooting a 78 year old man in the face issue- he wasn't seriously hurt, which is good, and when you take a step back and look at it, it really does have a humorous ring to it(especially after you've been watching the Daily Show for the past couple days).

Also, Maise, you just seemed to have a more liberal sense of humor, was alls I was sayin'.

Posted by: Ezra | Feb 22, 2006 9:13:55 AM

Hey, my lovely and wonderful bitches. I went to the show last night in Toledo, and I could tell somehow that something was off.

I mean, I'm glad I got "Something I Can Never Have," (insert joke here as well) which I had never before seen performed live. Ditto "Dead Souls." But no "Reptile"? No "Suck"? For fuck's sake, no "Mr. Self Destruct," the song I'd wanted to hear most? Far be it from me to say that I've ever been let down by an NIN show, but I can't help but feel just the tiniest bit disappointed somehow.

All he said to Toledo was "thank you" throughout the night. I don't quite know what to make of that, but I'd be a little wary of what I said, too, if it I knew it would cause someone to throw things at me. I'm not saying that I know exactly what caused the asshat in Grand Rapids to throw a lighter at our man Reznor, as I wasn't at that show. But I did see someone in Toledo throw a lit cigarette into the crowd from the back of the floor for no apparent reason. It's not the band I hate, it's their fans; so said Sloan.

But, as for not being disappointed, I got to spend the evening with one of my closest friends, upon whom I got to dump all of the worries, fears and concerns that have been piling up these past few weeks. I also got to let some of that out while screaming along--I got really emotional during "The Wretched," for some reason, though I'm not surprised that "Gave Up" rendered a similar reaction from me. I think I might need to start bringing Broken into work.

I also got crappy camera phone pictures, because I'd forgotten my camera. Even if I had brought my camera, I don't think those pics would have turned out any better.

So, yeah, that's all I got, kids. If my beloved prince really does have a shiner, I'm sure he'll find a way to work it.

Posted by: emerald527 | Feb 22, 2006 12:50:03 PM

YOUR beloved prince, Emerald?! STEP OFF MY MAN, BITCH.

(just kidding. Thanks for the review!)

Posted by: Dierdre | Feb 22, 2006 1:00:24 PM

Thanks for the review, Em! Maybe we'll have to establish a gallery of shitty camera phone pictures! ;)

Oh, and don't worry, Chicago totally got the terse "thank you" treatment in October. I suspect that's just his stressed-out mode. But hey, as long as he rocks out, no complaints!

Posted by: maise | Feb 22, 2006 2:07:43 PM

i thought it was quite nice to hear mr. reznor tell the audience [at the lezington show] that he was happy to know that people still wanted to see him live, can still get into his music, etc. & that he no longer is contemplating suicide, & that music has always been a saving constant in his life, & he was glad to share it with us.

trent, i want to hug you.

Posted by: b. | Mar 3, 2006 12:46:18 AM


Posted by: Muskles | Mar 3, 2006 6:38:16 AM

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