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[Remote_Concert_Review: KROQ_Almost_Acoustic_Christmas Totally_Slays_Dierdre_Keating]

So, as most of you know, I am currently in London, and have been in Europe since July. As a result, I have been suffering some serious-ass deprivation while my paramour, Sparklepants Reznor, rocks his fine ass all over North America. Let me assure you that the torture has been acute, but tonight, thanks to the technology of the interweb, I got to watch the KROQ stream of Nine Inch Delicious Nails at KROQ's "Almost Acoustic Christmas" (which as Los Angelenos know, is not at all acoustic), and I must say, while no little box in my computer, even if Trent is in it, can actually assuage my ache, it sure is nice to get a nice hot injection of my vitamin T.

Here's what happened: first, they kicked off with "Pinion", "Wish", "Terrible Lie", "Sin", and "March of the Pigs", with Trent tearing that shit up with a total scorched earth policy. As usual, I was fucking UNDONE by his sheer, unbelievable commitment. That is some beautiful shit. I remembered the way I used to feel watching him, back in the crazy days, when I couldn't help but imagine what it must feel like to carry on like he does -- the way it used to tear me up and make me feel like my heart would explode from a combination of breathless admiration and concern for his mental health. I'm glad those days are over, but the way Trent gives himself wholly to every single word and note of his performance is just fucking unparalleled. Sometimes I question the decision to play all those old numbers -- I mean, is the authentic emotion still there in them? Can it possibly be? -- but every goddamned time I actually see him perform them, I have to remind myself to shut the fuck up.

Following that, there was a beautiful performance of "Something I Can Never Have" striking its perfect balance between a whimper and a roar, that featured an orgasm-inducing extended close-up of his gloriously meaty, sweaty paws, and his fingers clasping and unclasping around his microphone in a way that was hotter than any porn, along with glimpses of teeth. Jesus Fucking Christ, I so felt his pain about wanting something I can never have... IN MY PANTS. Again, a totally convincing performance in every respect, and can we just take one minute to acknowledge what a fucking archetypally beautiful song that is? There are some things about which Trent's genius simply cannot be denied and that number is truly, madly and deeply one of them.

I suffered a little bit of coitus interruptus during "Closer" as my stream kept cutting out exactly when Trent was prepping to fuck me like an animal, which I don't doubt for one minute was as compelling a notion as it always is. I did catch the bit where he said "I am the honey inside your hive", and I could not fucking deny that he was right, but I must own that, overall, it was a mostly frustrating experience, alas.

Next up, a fucking kickass drum intro to "You Know What You Are". Not that I can be arsed about "the band", but I think this Josh Freese thing is going to be a good deal. Plus, thank God he's blonde. More importantly, though, I don't know how, in the midst of all that yelling, screaming and heavy metal thunder, with all its big, noisy hardassery, Trent can sing a line like "with every beat of my heart, I have tried to believe in it" and manage to touch you in some quiet place in the back of your mind, where you can totally see a man with his commitment and passions making an effort of that nature. "Remember where you came from, remember what you are" absolutely cracked me. How lucky are the rest of us that Trent remembered? Trent, honey, I love you. Really. Your record is so beautiful I could die.

Now, I know some of you are "Burn" haters, but you are just fucking WRONG. Here's what I love: that first restrained "burn", and the way you can totally feel the way it's all about to fucking bust wide open in just a fucking minute. I also think the bit that goes "I am your saviour/I am corruption/I am the angel of your destruction/I am perversion/secret desire/I am your future/swallow down all this fire" is some of his best writing EVER. Every single goddamned time I hear him break out that last line, I get chills, and shout "FUCK YES!" my hands involuntary forming rock firegod worship horns.

It hit me, this time, the way that song sounds different on his lips now than it did back in the day, when he was a little more on the side of perversion and destruction. I love that song, because it's always been so clear that Trent's heart is packed with all the best things, and a bone deep love of truth. That song is about hating things that totally deserve to be hated, and then going one fucking step too far, such that your tough love good intentions pave the way to hell. All I can add to that is that I love Trent. Have I mentioned that? Yeah. I love him. So, so much.

After that, I gave some consideration to the way "The Hand That Feeds" has stood the test of time and gazillions of repetitions with a staying power I never imagined when I first heard it, and realized that I may have to relent and admit that I love the pure sonic pleasure of "Starfuckers, Inc.". That song has a bitchin' ass guitar bit, and every time he says "asskisser" I laugh. Then, I suffered from more horribly ill-timed collapse of my web stream, and managed to get that shit back on line to catch the last bits of "Head Like A Hole", during which I marveled at the way Trent's energy was totally unflagging throughout his no holds barred, simultaneously totally emotionally committed and perfectly controlled performance.

Then, I would not be exaggerating if I told you that he actually bounded offstage, perhaps with the buoyant lightfootedness of a man who knows that he can fully be proud of a job well done. GODDAMN, dudes, he is such a pro. There is no one else giving it up like that in rock music today, and with more sheer, surprising POSITIVITY. I am so inspired by him, and yeah, THE LOVE.

HUGE. Seriously.

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ya. it was fucking awesome!

Posted by: Lolly | Dec 11, 2005 12:05:39 AM

There is no exaggerating...

..seeing him grasp Aaron's shoulders on his way off the stage was really endearing.

Posted by: greatbigfatbitch | Dec 11, 2005 12:09:52 AM

Dierdre is absolutely right about this, you guys. Lucky for all you slackers, some kind soul on ETS has made this little slice of absolute heaven available for download via Mega-upload. If you missed it, and you know what's good for you...

Right! Off you go!

Posted by: Jane | Dec 11, 2005 12:26:42 AM

Yeah I'm still up at this crazy hour downloading the vid. Christ it takes forever! Know it will be well worth it though. Woo hoo we're at 60% complete and a fucking hour left to go.

Posted by: Iris | Dec 11, 2005 12:40:02 AM

I'm in this midst of downloading. Last night I caught the very end and the Aaron North shoulder grab, which I enjoyed greatly.

I so cannot wait for february.

Posted by: Nicole | Dec 11, 2005 8:56:09 AM

Dear old Trent. I hope he has a lovely Christmas and a good break from the road. He's had a brilliant year. I can't wait for more.

Posted by: Dierdre | Dec 11, 2005 9:26:03 AM

Argh, Megaupload is so slow. :( But make no mistake, I'm downloading that thing no matter what. Hah.

Posted by: Kim | Dec 11, 2005 9:26:53 AM

Argh, I'm positively frazzled today with errands.

So...if you've seen the New Orleans concert on VH-1, is the KROQ concert better, worse, or the same? I'm trying to decide whether I should put my computer through all the labor...

Posted by: maise | Dec 11, 2005 11:35:42 AM

The KROQ one was better -- but the Saul Williams thing in New Orleans, where Trent rocks his back up rap makes it totally essential viewing, too.

You know me, Maise. I gotta see it all.

Posted by: Dierdre | Dec 11, 2005 12:04:03 PM

All I can say... hot. Very nice. Awesome. Loved it.

Posted by: Kim | Dec 11, 2005 4:46:09 PM

I just finished watching it. So much energy! During terrible lie, i could see veins pooping out of his head, which i am not going to lie, frightened me.

Still, fantastic energy.

I havnt seen the saul williams performance can you find it anywhere online?

Posted by: Nicole | Dec 11, 2005 9:48:49 PM

Here is what footage I could find of NIN playing the Voodoo Music Fest with Saul Williams. There are two videos here. The first one is about 35 minutes long and the second one is like 45 minutes and contains the performance with Mr. Williams. Very interesting mix of music but it totally works. Kinda funny listening to Trent singing back up “where my n****z at?”, but still a nifty song. Wish there was someway to download the videos cause I know they won’t be on there forever…but I’m not technically inclined. Anyhow enjoy!

Posted by: Iris | Dec 12, 2005 8:22:30 PM

Saul Williams is kickass.

Posted by: Jane | Dec 12, 2005 10:04:58 PM

I agree 100% His self-titled album is solid all the way through...

Posted by: maise | Dec 13, 2005 6:47:43 AM

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