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[A_NINmas_Carol: Chapter_5]

by Mimi Jones-Taylor

            Trent buried his face in his hands and screamed. The room around him was suddenly silenced. He looked up, and was in the rehearsal hall. He looked at the clock on the wall. It read 6:40. Trent ran out of the studio and out into the street. The sun was just starting to rise in the east.
            “I didn’t miss it! I didn’t miss it! I… oh no, it’s nearly 7AM!”
            Trent ran into his car, and sped down the road. Reaching his house, he tore out of the car and ran to his computer. Checking his IM client, he saw that Jeordie, Aaron and Josh had already signed on. Trent typed in an IM message and broadcast it to all three of them.
            Sorry, change of plans. Go back to the hall. Now. TR.
            “Hee hee hee,” Trent giggled as he hit. Next, he picked up the phone and dialed.
            “Pronto,” said a very tired Alessandro at the other end.
            “Buon Natale!” cried Trent. “Dude, go get some sleep. Spend some time with your family. Fuck the session.”
            “Perdono? Who is this?”
            “It’s me! It’s Trent.”
            “Yeah, it’s me. I know, I was being a real prick, and I’m so sorry. Dude, your family is way more important than any stupid rehearsal session. We’ll worry about it when you get back. And take your time, okay? You wanna be off for three weeks, go for it. No worries. Oh and if you ever manage a band that performs my songs, you’d better teach them the history of it because I’m not becoming a game show host.”
            Trent hung up the phone and dashed to his car.
            Back at the rehearsal hall, Jeordie sat, holding his bass, yawning into his latte.
            “What the fuck? Dude makes us come all the way here and he’s not even in the fucking room. I say we go.”
            “Yeah, I hear that,” said Josh.
            “Give him five more minutes,” said Aaron. “We can do that.”
            Suddenly the door of the studio burst open, and Trent came in, his hands loaded with paper bags.
            “Hey guys,” he said, “I brought you some coffee and some rum cake.”
            “Rum cake?” Josh’s eyes perked up. “Wait… what’s the catch?”
            “The catch is, I’ve been a real jerkoff, and I’m sorry,” said Trent as he put down the bags. “You guys have been the greatest, putting up with my shit, hell, even sacrificing your well-being for the band and the damn stage show. And I keep pushing and pushing you til you break. That’s not fair, to put it mildly. So you know what? We’re gonna have some coffees, and you’re gonna have rum cake and I’m gonna just have this bagel, and we’re just gonna hang, and then we’ll go home.”
            “But dude, aren’t you paying overtime for the hall?” said Jeordie. “Shouldn’t we be playing?”
            “Bah,” said Trent. “It’s only money. Let’s just have a good time, shooting the shit. It’s Christmas!”
            Trent handed out the coffees, and gave out the cake. Aaron smiled, and bit into a piece.
            “Wow, this is awesome cake,” said Josh. “Thanks Trent.”
            “You’re welcome,” said Trent. “It’s great to have good friends at Christmas.”
            “Yeah,” said Jeordie, “Especially with good rum cake.”
            “For sure,” Aaron raised his paper coffee cup.  “God bless us, every one!”


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Is it just me, or is "Josh" a weird name for a full-grown man?

Mimi, you have outdone yourself. I hope all of you, even Bex, have a lovely Christmas.

Posted by: Jane | Dec 24, 2005 9:57:11 AM

You know, it's too bad that Jerome had to up and quit like that, because otherwise he would have been a shoe-in for the role of Tiny Tim.

Posted by: maise | Dec 24, 2005 4:22:17 PM

Heh heh, that should probably be "shoo-in."

Posted by: maise | Dec 24, 2005 4:23:35 PM

Merci tout le monde! I hope you are all snug in your beds awaiting le Pere Noel. Joyeux Noel everyone! Grosses Bises xxxxxxx

Posted by: Mimi | Dec 24, 2005 4:44:52 PM

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Posted by: maise | Dec 24, 2005 4:57:16 PM

Merry Christmas. I hope everyone has a better time with their families than I did.

Posted by: Kim | Dec 24, 2005 7:20:35 PM

Well, Kim, as a survivor of some very tense and awkward family holiday dinners, I can tell you that EVERYTHING improves when all the participants are old enough for a glass of wine at the outset of the event.

Posted by: maise | Dec 24, 2005 7:28:22 PM

Half of my family wasn't even there. And they would all rather spend time with their other half of the family, not the half that I'm a part of. Something I can't do, because my other half of the family hasn't spoken to us in over 6 years. Eight of my ten cousins, who mean the world to me, were not there. One cousin, the oldest, doesn't share the same sentiments towards me, because he hates his Mom's side of the family, and I happen to fall in that category. And alcohol of any kind + my family is a recipe for an even bigger disaster than normal.

But ignore me. I'm just a bitter teenager who's turning 18 in six days, who cares too much about this and that, and who puts a little too much worth into the meaning of "family".

I really do hope you guys have a much better Christmas than I did.

Posted by: Kim | Dec 24, 2005 7:48:43 PM

Hey, it's okay. For the unlucky masses, holidays kinda suck...you're either too busy and frazzled to really enjoy it, or if things aren't going all that well, they just seem to mock you.

But it's important to try to see the best in things, even when life really gets you down. You're not in school at least! And if your cousins weren't there this year, hopefully they'll get in touch with you or maybe see you soon. Try, if you can, to spend a little time with your friends. I come from a family that, well, I don't know if you'd call us dysfunctional, per se, but we have certainly had our rocky moments. And holidays weren't fun for a very long time because a lot of times they would devolve into Pink Floyd-esque dark sarcasm and screaming matches. But things did eventually improve, or at least everyone learned to chill out, and when we all loosen up, it's almost fun nowadays! So after all that, I've learned to lean a lot on my friends because at least I get to choose them.

This Christmas is going well so far, but things this year have had the tendency to wildly change for the worse in a really unexpected way, so I'm somewhat guarded. I can't *wait* to kiss 2005 goodbye! And thank GOD I've got some time off of work!

Posted by: maise | Dec 24, 2005 9:02:39 PM

I wish Trent would give me some awesome cake.

Posted by: Dierdre | Dec 25, 2005 12:07:55 AM

Hey Kim,

At least you weren't alone at Christmas. I'm sitting here, just me, Trentina and the dog. Everyone, including my own mother, got really sick this year, like puking sick. So I'm spending this 25 December doing laundry and watching possibly the worst movie ever made - Alexander. And now Colin Farrell has gone into rehab...

Oops, time to go put in the fabric softener...

Posted by: Buttercup | Dec 25, 2005 8:56:01 AM

Well, I'm there with you in spirit. And if everyone's sick, maybe it was something they all ate... I would be glad you haven't seen them. Being puking sick and pregnant at the same time wouldn't be much fun, I'm pretty sure. Yeck.

Speaking of laundry. I need to do some. Argh.

Posted by: Kim | Dec 25, 2005 11:06:08 AM

I always knew Trent was a good little Jew at heart. Viva la bagel!

Merry Christmas folks -- and dope photoshopping, Dierdre -- are you getting psyched for "Love Bites" yet?????????

Posted by: Gabriel | Dec 25, 2005 3:49:50 PM

I'm psyched... KINDA...

Posted by: Dierdre | Dec 26, 2005 11:27:18 PM

You simply need more beers and/or cigarettes.

It BLEEDS! Bringing you to your KNEES!

Posted by: Gabriel | Dec 27, 2005 1:50:12 AM

It LIVES, it DIES... It's no surprise...

Posted by: Dierdre | Dec 27, 2005 1:59:29 AM

All right, kids, share it with the whole class...

Love BEGS, love PLEADS
It's what I need?

Posted by: maise | Dec 27, 2005 7:34:28 AM

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