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[Things_I_Hate: Our_Readers]

Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you. You glib fuckers, that sit back on your high holy beach chairs of untouchable elitism, talking smack about my art, my words, and even my motherfucking face. You think you're so goddamned clever, with your anonymous faceless posts, you motherfucking cowards?

And then you spend a week bitching about how much you miss your supposed "friend" Dierdre -- "OH NO DIERDRE, DON'T LEAVE US, THE SITE WILL BLOW WITHOUT YOU" -- and not a single motherfucking one of you leaves. Sure, maybe you SAY you leave, and make a dramatic farewell post, but you don't really leave, you just keep reading and post under incredibly unclever names like motherfucking "GLAAD" and "anonymous".

Then, when this person you claimed you loved so much DOES fucking post, because she's about to make the biggest mistake of her fucked up dysfunctional crazy bitch of a life, what to you fucking ASSHOLES do?

You post about your cunting concert reviews.


You make me sick. You wouldn't know a friend if they pulled your hair out of your face while you puked up your pathetic fucking lying lie of a life. FUCK YOU.

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Oh dear Lord. Someone call the Oscar voters!

Look, when Dierdre was posting her farewells, did I or did I not attempt to persuade her to take the middle road? Have a healthy relationship but stay in our fun, bizzaro community? I probably wrote about 5,000 words and was unsuccessful. I can accept that. Sometimes people don't want to be persuaded. Sometimes you have to let them do their own thing. So I'm glad that she posted to let us know she hadn't been set on fire, and I wished her well. I think the majority of us have left the door open for her to return, if she so chooses.

You, on the other hand...well, I already detailed the ways in which you've hurt her over the past few weeks. How about *you* be a friend? If you want to "save" her, then try to fucking save her. Hop on a plane, and when the priest says, "Does anyone have any objections...?" you say, "Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!" Or call her on the fucking phone. Or send her a PERSONAL (i.e. not posted on the Internet) email.

Or maybe--JUST MAYBE--contact her to say, "You know, Dierdre, if you want advice, I'll give you advice, but at the end of the day, I trust you to make the best decisions for your own life. I'll always be here for you no matter what." But that would require *compromise* and *emotional maturity*.

You know, it's your website, but you're not the only person here. It's not all about YOU. That's why I've stayed.

So fuck you too.


Posted by: maise | Nov 11, 2005 12:07:26 PM

Mon cher, I am so sorry if these people have been absolument horrible to you. They truly do not comprehend your genius. And they are too afraid to write to you with their real names. Charognes!

Et ma soeur? I will not apologize for her selfishness. She has always regretted the day that I came into her life and she was then no longer an only child and had to share. She never did learn to be truly sympathetique. (And the real reason why I did not return her texts from the show last night - mon cher, did you receive mine?)

Posted by: Mimi | Nov 11, 2005 12:09:42 PM

Oh, oh, WAIT, WAIT just one second!

So after Dierdre's post...how did Gabriel respond?

His next post was the following:

"Call me morbid, call me pale, I've spent six months on your trail. And by 'on your trail' I mean 'rocking all your asses with my dope-ass website.

"Oh, and GLAAD, it's so nice to hear from you! I thought you'd said your goodbyes. What was your parting shot again? 'Depressing. DEPRESSING' I believe? But yet here you are again. BECAUSE I FUCKING RULE."

Yeah, you're really torn up about the whole thing.

What. The. Fuck. Ever.

Posted by: maise | Nov 11, 2005 12:14:56 PM

So apparently I can't have reactions that GROW AND CHANGE over time? I can't start to fume about how fucking LAME AND SHITTY AND NON-SUPPORTIVE everyone is being when I start thinking that my former friend is throwing her life away fucking tomorrow?????

Sorry for offending your sensibilites, Maise. Yes I do fucking Rule. That is why you've stay. And fuck you yes too.

Posted by: Gabriel | Nov 11, 2005 12:40:00 PM

What, you want me to fly to France and fucking kidnap her to prevent her from marrying this guy?

Please, Gabriel. She's getting married, not executed. If it is a mistake, then it *can* be rectified. It's not really my place to declare her marriage a mistake, considering I only know her through online conversations and have never actually met her or her fiance. But if she does make a mistake and you want to help, that would mean that you would have to BE THERE for her. But you can't be there or help her because you have pushed her away. All because you always have to stand by your fucking "principles." You'd rather be right than have a friend.

You are fuming at the 11th hour because you do really care about her. So stop bitching at me and talk to her.

Posted by: maise | Nov 11, 2005 12:48:44 PM

Gab, I'm going to excuse you for bashing everyone like this right now, as I'm sure you are in a lot of turmoil today as it's the eve of D.'s wedding which you do not support. I'm really sorry everything is turning out so shitty. I'm not going to bash her if this is what she wants to do. Everyone makes their own decisions, and a true friend will be supportive of them, and also there if things fall apart. That's what most of us have offered. We may not think it's the best decision, but it's not ours to make.

We'd do the same for you. Offer the advice, if you went forth, support you, if it didn't work, be there for you.

Everyone try and have a good weekend.


Posted by: bex | Nov 11, 2005 12:54:12 PM

Cunting? CUNTING? That's a pretty big word for an illiterate FUCK like yourself. Did you bother to read the rest of that paragraph, or were words like

"I mean, if this marriage thing is really what you want to do, and it's where your heart lies, then there is nothing else that anyone can say or do to change your mind, no matter how wrong we may think it is. As your friends, we will stand by your decision, just waiting to say "we told you so" when things don't work out...”

too big for you to understand? You and my sister totally deserve each other, since neither of you can read English very well. At least she has an excuse, being French and all…

Posted by: Buttercup | Nov 11, 2005 1:17:25 PM

Fuck you Buttercup. Your sister doesn't deserve your shit, and you certainly don't deserve her.

And there's not an execution happening at 4 o'clock tomorrow, Maise? What do you call the termination of someone's self and identity? The uprooting and subsequent discarding of the most basic tenants of a personality? What is that? Self-help? Or is it so Trentian and maudlin that you all secretly support it in the name of one day meeting your fucking idol?

Fucking idol worship was what got her here in the first place. And supporting somebody ruining their life is NOT friendship -- it's cowardice and cruelty.

Posted by: Gabriel | Nov 11, 2005 1:34:16 PM

Oh, and speaking of not knowing friends when they bite you in the ass, haven't you noticed, Gabriel, that Mimi has been the biggest supporter of Dierdre's marriage of any of us? Why do you think that is?

And what in the holy hell are you talking about here?

"And there's not an execution happening at 4 o'clock tomorrow, Maise? What do you call the termination of someone's self and identity? The uprooting and subsequent discarding of the most basic tenants of a personality? What is that? Self-help? Or is it so Trentian and maudlin that you all secretly support it in the name of one day meeting your fucking idol?"

You have crossed the bridge into utter incomprehensiblity.

Once again, I say, stop bitching at me and talk to her...but wait until you've calmed down. You're not persuading people of shit talking like a fucking lunatic.

Posted by: maise | Nov 11, 2005 1:43:21 PM

Like Maise said... we all told her what we thought when she was posting her farewells, whether we were for or against her marrying Michel. I think we all agree that she'll do what she wants to do, whether we all tell her it's the biggest mistake she'll ever make or not.

I'm also not faceless, bitch, you've seen three different pictures of me because I was showing off my senior pictures. I'm also not hiding behind a pseudonym... my name IS Kim, and half of you probably know my FULL name, because it's not like I'm scared to throw it out there.

KIMBERLY ANN HORNE, by the way, for the half that don't know.

Want my address too?

And if by some chance you weren't including me in "our readers", then you need to be more specific. I like you Gabe, even if you are being an ASSHAT at the moment.

Posted by: Kim | Nov 11, 2005 2:47:17 PM

gabriel, you took what i wrote too personally.

you're just plain mean.

Posted by: not GLADD or denise | Nov 11, 2005 4:31:30 PM

Gabe, I am so disappointed.

Posted by: Nicole | Nov 11, 2005 4:49:51 PM

"You wouldn't know a friend if they pulled your hair out of your face while you puked up your pathetic fucking lie of a life."

I like that.

Anyway, I like you people... you're all totally mad of course, but I still like you.

Posted by: loveyourdream | Nov 12, 2005 5:25:52 AM

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