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So you're probably noticing a few new things around here. "Why haven't you updated in the past few days, guys?", "Why are there three columns on your layout all of a sudden?" and "How is it possible that your new URL makes WTC even more powerful?" are probably just a few of the questions you are asking.

Well, long story short, after seeing nine_inch_nails live: with teeth [san diego] v1.0 and 2.0 Dierdre and I realized that just as Trent has grown lately, so must we.

Without further adieu, we would both like to welcome you to the new official home of Wearing These Chains. Please update your bookmarks so you don't miss an exciting installment! And if you have any questions, feel free to email either Dierdre or me, Gabriel. We think you'll find this transition smooth and bump free (well, assuming you get to the site that is. I'm can't quite figure out how this whole DNS thing works, so assuming you can read this, it'll be bump free. If not -- you might be fucked for a while).

And please keep checking back -- Rory and I have just finished work on a new recording by L'orangerie Stank that I think everyone here will enjoy.


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