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[With_Questions: The_Chainsers_Talk_Back]

Dierdre still hasn’t been back to the apartment (though I did notice that she’s been posting on ETS today), but given the questions we’ve been getting from everyone I felt it was time to go ahead with a new update, and yes, even MORE powerful, a new feature that she and I had been discussing. Welcome to the first installment of: [With_Questions].

Obviously, we get a lot of email here at WTC. You yourself may even have been one of the many people asking, “Hey, Gabriel of WTC,” or perhaps, “Hola, Dierdre of WTC,” or even, as our far-reaching fans from abroad say, “Aloha, WTC NetMasters!” Our email boxes here are filled with questions, and the unfortunate truth is, here at WTC, we just don’t have enough time to answer everyone’s question in the one-on-one, personal manner we’d prefer.

You know. Just like M.T. Reznor doesn't.

Hence, we present a better, more efficient way for you, the readers of Wearing These Chains (or WTC, as our homeboy Jadezuki likes to call us), to get answers to the questions you really care about.

Our first installment comes to us courtesy of reader Buttercup.


I’m very sorry to say that unfortunately the conflict betwixt Dierdre and I is very real; I haven’t spoken to her since my post yesterday. The only contact has been through intermediaries (my supposed friend and bandmate, Rory) or on the ETS forums.

With regards to my lyrical intervention, the lonely room, all I can say is that it was meant to be neither cruel nor harmful. It was only meant to penetrate a wall that I feel has been building steadily around D these past few weeks, and that it expressed the frustration and rage I have felt within as of late with regards to her actions.


It’s hard to explain to everyone that what happened a few days ago wasn’t a simple reaction to Dierdre getting into a shouting match with Jesus – it goes far beyond that. For a long time Dierdre has purported to be about honesty, truth, and expression – namely in her idolatory of Trent. While I once felt we shared the same passion – the music of M.T. Reznor – I have noticed with growing concern over the past months that she seems to care very little for his art, nor any of the larger issues it raises.

Nay; these issues -- the spiral, his recent set lists, etc. – do not concern her because I feel Dierdre has turned her back on the true power of Trent in pursuit of the base glorification of his physical personage.

I won’t deny the power inherent within – I mean, come on, I saw the “closer” video like everybody else, and yes, the leather pants and little doily shirt thing he is wearing there is AWESOME, but it was all there to support the music. I feel D has lost her path. Coinciding with this, her attitude on ETS has been growing more and more hostile; now I don’t expect her to be friends with all the “shitfucks” there. I don’t think it’s possible. But I would hope she would embrace as many shits and fucks as she possibly could, in order to not only articulate what she claims is her point, but also bring people into the warm bath of inclusion that is WTC. And her angry ranting at Jesus was just the final straw.

That said, I think all the Saturday Night Live fans have nothing to worry about. Since SNL probably pays their artists to perform it’s just a matter of time before we’ll see Horatio Sanz introduce nine inch nail$ – probably with Trent joining Amy Poehler in some stupid sketch about lesbian wrestlers or something.


Witness the damage that Dierdre hath wrought.

Buttercup, we’ve never met, so you’ve no way of knowing what a virile heterosexual male I truly am – nor would I expect you to. This is just the ninternet, after all. But with Dierdre’s constant sniping and snarking, I now have to contend with some inexplicable perception that I myself am gay.

(Once again – not that there’s anything wrong with that. “Kinda I Want To” is the best song on pretty hate machine, no questions asked.)

But regardless, if Dierdre really was about love and truth, and cared about supporting her roommate the way so many have said I should do her, wouldn’t she do something as basic as support my basic definition of who I am? Because at the end of the day, I think I know a whole lot more about what’s hiding backwards inside of me than Dierdre.

Well that’s all for now – I hope this has quieted some of the questions in your minds! Thanks so much to Buttercup -- your words of encouragement and support have really been exciting to receive. As for everyone else, feel free to write to me, Gabriel or for the moment, I suppose, still Dierdre, with more thoughts, questions, and insights. Maybe next time you’ll end up on [With_Questions]!!


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Ok. This knitted Trent is pretty much the most brilliant thing EVER:

This work of sheer, unbelievable genius is by sooz and more awesome pictures of it are available on Flickr.

I love his huge muscles and green eyes! OMG! I WANT ONE! I would sleep with him every night.

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Somedays, you really wish you'd gone out and gotten shitfaced instead of coming home from class.

As most of you know, Dierdre and I are active over on the Echoing the Sound forums. We catch some shit from time to time, from the occasional hypocrite or misguided carnivore, but mostly the people there are good, intelligent people who are there to celebrate the work of M.T. Reznor (no matter how misguided he may be acting lately).

Well after Advanced Photolab I came home today to catch up on some work here on the site, only to find out that Dierdre, with no classes until the afternoon, had spent all fucking day long stirring up trouble on the boards with some guy claiming to be Jesus Christ (the link above is for one of the members-only forums; my apologies. If you're not registered, I recommend it despite the bumpy road it can be).

As she's known to do, D fired up Jesus, a couple other folks, and was acting like a total obnoxious, hateful woman on a warparth. To top it all off, it then seemed that one of the moderators put a Filter on the name of our site on the boards.

What does this mean? Well it basically meant that if you typed "Wearing These Chains" on echoing the sound and published a post, you wouldn't see "Wearing These Chains"; you would see "Dumbfucks From Behind The Orange Curtain". Fortunately, it seems this filter was short-lived and has since been removed, but readers of both Wearing These Chains and ETS may have already noted that this is the second filter Dierdre has instigated; the first was a few weeks ago: if you type in her name "Dierdre" it is instantly changed to "buttplug" -- and this one IS still in effect.

EDIT: It seems the powers-that-be at ETS are WTC readers; in response to this post The Dierdre Filter™ has been updated to now change her name to "cervixlump" rather than "buttplug". While they get a +2 for inventiveness, invoking cancer earns them a -6 on the Clever Scale, netting this new filter a total score of -4. Better luck next time, Mods, and Thanks For Reading Wearing These Chains!

Yes, granted, buttplug is a pretty lame name-calling choice, and I really wish they'd tried a bit harder (at least a minor-league "fucktard", c'mon, but "buttplug"? What's next, "poopy pants"?), but that's not the fucking point! The point is that when we started Wearing These Chains, I thought it was to spread a love and appreciation for the majesty and genius of one man: Michael Trent Reznor. It was not meant as a place for hate (though I guess I may be in the minority of NIN fans there), and it was not meant as a place for grandstanding bullshit. (I mean seriously Dierdre; that whole "I am impervious" nonsense you put into your Christ exchange? What the hell was that about, anyway?)

I don't know why you're doing what you're doing, and I don't understand it. I don't know who you even are anymore... and now my own apartment feels like some place I'm not supposed to be, and I'm seeing things I really shouldn't see.

I don't know what to do, Dier, I really don't. And even if you were home, I wouldn't be talking to you about it, because you'd just be in your room listening to "Physical" for the ten thousandth time. On the computer. Making more people hate you.

Maybe it's because you really hate yourself.


the lonely room

echoing the sound
the sounds of crucifixtion
that you have brought upon us
why do you stand so proud?
so strong
so (in)tolerable
you are the hate you breathe
(and breathe the hate you want to be)

i remember a dewy dawn
of sanctified perfection
insurrection to injustice
all for the love of purity

but you've burned it all away
you've burned it all away
your fist and your fight
and you make me want to hate again
this road can be so hard
when the traveller grows weary
but when I saw your face every day
it makes me want to scream hell's fury

don't you fucking know?
not what you are
but what you've become?
so hateful
such rage
I hold myself in temper's cage
so i don't strike out
to erase the one you have become

you can blacken the sky
with the poison of your mind's eye
but it won't get you any further
further from your deepest dark inside
but you've pushed so hard away
with your jokes and your lies and your
pithy innuendo
all i know for sure
is that i won't be there
on the day that we all
have to say

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[Soundscapes_of_Pain: Something_I_Can_Never_Have]

Well it's been about 10 hours straight of computer time logged mixing today, fueled only by Taco Bell and the bottle of absinthe I smuggled back from Spain when I went abroad during my undergrad collegiate years... but I'm happy to say that the end to your tormented wait has come: Wearing These Chains is happy to present: something i can never have (origin).

As some of our fans already know, this track represent a departure from the nine inch nails covers that L'orangerie Stank has done thus far, in that it features a new mouth consuming the Chalice of Reznor: my roommate Dierdre herself felt compelled to sing on this track (given her teethal obsession with M.T. Reznor as of late, I'm not suprised she felt the need to lend her talents here). And thus we find ourselves, with Dierdre on lead vocals, Gabriel -- mine own self -- on backing vocals and rhythm guitar, and as always, Rory Gabler on lead. We hope you enjoy; in my estimation, lending a female voice to the erotic draw of M.T. Reznor's lyrics makes the song EVEN MORE powerful!

As with gave up (persistence), I've also added a higher quality version of the track for your listening pleasure. Dierdre and I look forward to hearing your comments.

(Oh, and with regards to the members of ETS that, for some strange reason, thought Dierdre and I were the same person, I hope this puts your feverish minds to rest. Because seriously; we're friends and we live together and all, but that chick is crazy.)


EDIT: Dierdre wants to feel special, apparently, and wants a picture of her singing a song with my band into my microphone that M.T. Reznor personally gave to fucking me up on the site. Given that I'm a low drama guy and don't want to deal with the histrionics of ignoring her, here's Dierdre doing what both she and her mom do best.

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Trent updated us on some of the thoughts in his head today over at nin.com, and while I can't help thinking that they probably weren't the most interesting thoughts in his head, I did laugh, and there are a couple I can't help but mention.

Firstly, regarding the fan club: YEAH, BITCHES! WHAT HE SAID! The math is pretty simple, really: you don't like it, DON'T JOIN IT. Plus, he just released "Only" on Garageband for free, so that I can, like, isolate the vocal and listen to how breathy and silly he sounds without funky dicso beats n' shit. How can you bitch when we get to have fun like that without paying a dime? Seriously, some people (GABRIEL) are never fucking satisfied.

I, on the other hand, want something I can never have, so that's why I'm unsatisfied, and looking very seriously into a course on lucid dreaming so that I can get back to the produce section, and finish what Trent and I started. Don't you wish there was really such a thing as, like, the holo-deck on Star Trek, where you could order up some kind of scenario like, for instance, a sexy hair having, FULL-SERVICE Trent Reznor pouring his little heart out in a recording studio and needing a nice rough fuck in the worst way whenever you needed a little satisfaction? Oh man. That would RULE. I would put that little bitch TO WORK.

Yeah, yeah... I understand you, Trent, now LAY DOWN.

But, back to the Q & A. I would like to mention that I have FULLY seen Trent Reznor smiling ALL THE WAY THROUGH a performance of "Hurt", so I'd like to point out that his answer that included saying that he never does is easily the funniest on the page. But, really, how silly is it to think that every time he sings that song (5 million times) he's going to be fully feeling the pain? All I'm saying is that I'd rather he smiled sometimes, because as much as "Hurt" totally made me weep the first time it hit me like a ton of bricks, it is pretty goddamned melodramatic. I can't say it's ever made me laugh, but it doesn't quite hit me where I live every damned time, either.

Here's what does: "Right Where It Belongs". Just a suggestion, Trent.

As for the MTV thing, I think that topic is pretty played-out by now, and the way I look at it, we narrowly dodged the bullet of seeing him whore himself on MTV after being introduced by Mini Me, with or without the presidential backdrop, so I'm grateful that MTV sucks ass. That was a sticky wicket, and I'm glad Trenty-poo got out of it.

One thing I really like about these little peek-a-boos into the mind of The Rez is the way there always has to be a little spice of crassness, this time, with regard to taking a shit on your smashed TV and sending it to MTV. Seriously, Trent: like that would help AT ALL? Please. I think everyone should have jacked-off over a picture of His Majesty and sent their cum-stained glossy magazine pages to MTV along with a little note saying that no one gets us off like Trent "fuck you like an animal" Reznor, and now that he's not going to be on the MTV Movie Awards, we won't fucking watch it, ever! Instead, we're just going to watch "Closure" over and over again until we can't walk anymore (GABRIEL), while remembering the days of yore when MTV played Rage Against The Machine, and Trent Reznor hadn't sold out yet.

As for that final letter about the health problems, all I can say is that I'm glad there's someone crazier than me out there. I laughed my ass off.

Trent: I'm glad to hear that you're having such a great time in Germany! I love you, you sexy motherfucker. Rock on.

Sorry about this post, dear readers. I'm in a wierd mood.

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You know what I've always loved about Trent? Those thin, cruel lips he has, like a little bow, that frame his sharp, scary teeth. I LOVE Trent Reznor's teeth. Those teeth were meant for dirty, dirty business, and everytime I see them, I actually ACHE. You know: DOWN THERE.

Remember that article where he told us five words that come to mind when he thinks about sex? I think they were: "taste, sweat, lick, come and bite." Seriously, that quote just makes me fucking shudder. Is it hot in here? Suffice it to say that I'm a biter and a taster, too. Trent and I totally have something in common, SEXUALLY and ORALLY speaking. OMG, I am about to die the little death right now just thinking about it. Just the THOUGHT of Trent's mouth makes my skin burn from the inside out.

Let's have a look at Trent's FUCKING HOT teeth, shall we?


This picture features his cruel lips and just a HINT of teeth. Oh man, it's so hot! It's kinda like how, sometimes, just a HINT of flesh is sexier than a naked body? This hint of teeth makes me want to part those lips with my tongue, and as soon as I start thinking about how that mouth would taste, I can barely keep typing, so I think I better stop thinking about that. Yeah. Right fucking now.


Even back in the slightly jocky, spikey hair days, Trent had those crazy, intense eyes, and more importantly, THOSE TEETH. I love the way he bares them, his non-existant upper lip pulled up in that dirty snarl. Jesus fucking Christ, what a hottie. Is it legal for a guy to be Trent Reznor?

Seriously. I'm asking.


I think we can all agree when I say that this picture of Trent at work, doing the very thing he does best in all the world, while rocking his sexxxiest hairstyle ever, his teeth looking fully ready to BITE, is one of the hottest pictures ever taken of His Majesty.

I really can't think of anything sexier than having Trent leave the studio after this picture was taken and let me pull his hair while he uses that same mouth from which so much genius issues to rock me even harder than he did that microphone. I would INSIST that he use his teeth. When I see this picture, the first thing that comes to mind is the bruises those teeth would leave on my tender thighs, and then, right after that, I start hoping he's singing "Please" or some other dirty little desperate number all about FLESH and SIN.

As Trent himself is so fond of saying: Oh, God.


Of course, Trent's teeth aren't always pure, scary sex. Sometimes he bares them charmingly with smiles, and as much as I love to see him smile, I don't let it fool me...


Those are teeth that are just MADE to do terrible things to you... IN BED. Or, anywhere else, for that matter. Terribly WONDERFUL, that is! Just look at these sharp, gnashing weapons of sexual mass destruction. He could tear so much shit up with those teeth that it just boggles my mind.

Sweet Jesus. I have to go touch myself now. Dierdre OUT.

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One of the great things about the NIN community is that no matter what foolish choices MT Reznor may make in his career, the fans are always in support of one another.

As such, there are always bootlegs out there, floating in the electronic ether. WTC is not a place to disseminate such works (nor is the likes of eBay -- live music should live to be free, not sold for paltry profit). Suffice to say, however, that today I obtained a copy of a live recording of the first of the two nights I saw NIN perform in San Diego, as detailed in my previous entry, [Reborn_In_Sin_Diego]. Long time readers will know that it was this night that I received the Chalice of Reznor itself.

Listening to the bootleg of "Closer", the song during which MT Reznor jumped into our grabbing hands, one hears the crowd roar with approval at 2:12 seconds in as he makes his leap. An impassioned voice then sings along with MT Reznor, "I want to feel you from the inside."

This voice may sound familiar to certain readers, listeners, or fans of L'orangerie Stank. It continues to sing along with MT Reznor, "I want to fuck you like an animal, yeah motherfucker..."

And this new voice, reaching out from the sonic textures of a live nine inch nails performance, then says one more thing at 2 minutes and 27 seconds into the track. This voice simply says, "Wearing These Chains."

This voice you hear is mine own; the Voice of Gabriel.

For those who'd like a sample, here you go:
Gabriel Miller: live_with_nine_inch_ nails.

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Ok. I can no longer be silent. There are two things I want everyone to know RIGHT NOW.

First: There is nothing whatsoever wrong with Trent's fan club master plan. All you haters -- and ESPECIALLY YOU, Gabriel -- can suck my hog, and no doubt, Trent's too. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM dusting off the bucks to become a card-carrying Nine Inch Nails fan. If Trent wants to laugh all the way to the bank, it's fine with me, goddammit. He's earned it with years of darkness and suffering for his art, and nothing can change that fact.

More to the point, if there's any rockstar on the face of the earth who will make my 60 bucks worth every penny, it's Trent Reznor. I mean, yeah, I wish it bought me a front row seat to his jock, but I understand that there are some things that are just too much to ask. I mean, while I'm sure Trent would remember me from San Diego, since he looked right into my eyes and touched me in my secret place with his mojo, obviously, I have to wait until he falls in love with me and we have a magically beautiful relationship to peel the sweaty clothes off his tiny little muscular body one by one, and give him the tongue bath he's begging for and so richly deserves.

I can wait.

Which brings me to my second point: Trent Reznor is SO GODDAMNED HOTT.

Do I have to spell it out for you?

None of this really matters. Trent is TRENT! I mean, Gabriel, get a hold of yourself! One minute you're drinking Trent's jizz from the chalice, after seeing light stream down from heaven in San Diego, and the next, you're hating harder than the most dedicated ETS blowhard. Please. Like you wouldn't PAY Trent Reznor to fist fuck you?! OF COURSE YOU WOULD.

Get a grip, for the love of God!

And, Trent? Just realize that even if Gabriel is a jackass, I am still your destiny.


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[Words_of_Misery: the_day_the_gothemo_died]

I still cannot believe the tragedy that has befallen the nine inch nails community these past few days. The horror of the spiral fan club does not abate with time, and it's impact does not lessen.

Trent, I know you are listening, out there on the waves of the cyber-ethos. I hope this poem reaches you.

words by Gabriel

always so strong
the darkened connector of feelings
within you
upon us all

somehow you knew
yes, you knew it all along
you would steak your claim
against the rotten meat of corruption
and the purity was all
that the flesh could maintain

until today
this is the day the gothemo died

how could you have done this
and thrown it all away?
your everything
was my everything
was our everything
like yawning desolation's future

my will is blind
and the words you say are now
is this your wish?
because you're broken now

you've thrown it all away
they never did betray
all along it was you

revealed today
this is the day the gothemo died

but don't let it
this hatefuck
go undone
don't take all the everything
into yourself and run
things can change
they're not always the same
but you must believe
you must believe

in yourself

so if this is all
that's meant to be
i say goodbye to my past
(goodbye to my everything)
farewell, adieu
mon cheri

never forget today
the day the gothemo died

never forget today
this is the day

the day the gothemo died

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Dear Trent,

Gabriel is all mad about this fan club thing, but I want you to know that I think he's full of shit, and I love you the same as ever. Anyway, who cares about all that? All I care about is the sweet, sweet thought of your hot jock -- that, and your bitchin' numbers. I hope you're rocking both as hard as ever for the Euros, but I can't wait for you to get your smokin' ass back over here so I can once again taste the gorgeous elixir of your proximity.

I miss you, sparklepants, and I burn for you night and day.

The main thing I wanted to tell you, sweetness, is that I dreamt of you again last night! yeah! Lucky me, right? Well, kinda: I dreamt that you were the bag boy at my supermarket, and I couldn't take my eyes off you. You asked me if I wanted paper or plastic, and I asked you if you wanted to fuck. You did, so we made plans to make it so -- like animals -- in the produce section, after the store had closed for the night.

When I snuck in through the delivery entrance, you were waiting next to the root vegetables wearing nothing but the most adorable apron with your name embroidered on the left breast. You were growling and panting like a bitch in heat, and when you kissed me, your tongue rough and insistent, your hard... er... muscles pressed urgently against me, I'm not kidding when I tell you that molten fire shot through my loins.

Unfortunately, that's when I woke up.

Jesus. You really know how to leave a girl on the brink and DYING for more. I fucking love you.

Now, what was that about a fan club? Seriously, Gabriel needs to get some cock. He's taking everything WAY too seriously, if you ask me.


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