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From Gabriel's pen...

the darkness within her

the never-believers

the darkest side of heaven

your glittering gift of glistening aplitude


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Dierdre's daily missives.










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When does love become an image?



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Don't feel like going through the blog lists piece by piece? Here's our handy-dandy guide to understanding nine inch nails's new opus, [With_Teeth].

all the love in the world

you know what you are?

the collector

the hand that feeds

love is not enough

every day is exactly the same

special edition episodes

not so pretty now

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It is a period of civil war.
Snarky rebel space ships, striking from their hidden base, end up striking multiple victories against the Evil GALACTIC EMPIRES. During the battle, Rebel spies are accused of not only being 100% serious, but even manage to gain control of the Empire's ultimate weapon, the EMOTIONALLY DETACHED NINTERNET SARCASM STAR, a method of acting like you don't give a shit when you really really do, that enables any flamewar attack against you utterly powerless. Pursued by the sinister agents of shame and embarassment, the Empire removes all evidence of their falling for the the Rebel ruse from their own website, but not the records contained herein, which can save our people, and restore freedom to the Ninternet galaxy...

Things I Hate: Meathead

Christmas Comes to Chainsville

With_Questions: Feedback Edition

Dear Meathead: I'm Sorry

From Miller to Meat: Apology Accepted

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